Teague to announce decison on April 22

Evan Daniels of Scout.com is reporting on his Twitter account that Pike guard Marquis Teague will announce his college decision at a press conference on April 22. The location has not yet been determined. Teague, ranked the No. 2 player in the class of 2011 by Rivals.com, is choosing among Kentucky, Louisville, Cincinnati, Indiana, Ohio State and Purdue.

Hopefully we’ll have more on this later.


  1. I dont think its UK, simply based on the recent 5 star recruits that WWW, I mean Calipari has landed.

  2. Thanks for the info but who really cares? Demling Blog is saying it’s either Kentucky or Louisville. Since there isnt a school in Indiana good enough for this kid let him hold his press conference in the state he wants to play! I know it sounds harsh but its the way I feel?

  3. The dominoes are falling into place. With their recent signings Teague may be thinking that pUKe doesn’t have the minutes Teague probably wants. I think he will be looking elsewhere. I wish it was IU, but its probably going to be Louisville. IMO.

  4. Teague is extremely talented but is not a good fit for IU. He plays when he wants to. The last thing we need in the rebuilding process is another player with an “attitude”. Not a team player, not a leader. Good example of a player that would be better off going directly to the NBA.

  5. Good Luck at U of L Marquis!

    Given the fact that Pitino just signed a contract extension and how long Louisville’s been recruiting him, I say the Cards are the team he chooses.

  6. Luke72…

    Teague would look awesome in an IU uniform, although I think Louisville will be where he goes.

    As much as IU is lacking at the cneter spot, we are just as lacking at the point guard position.
    Teague would fit he bill perfectly.

    As for attitude, maybe we need some. Attitude can go a long way in terms of toughness and success.

    As for the NBA, he can’t go directly there.

  7. How long has it been since IU was realistically in the running for Teague (if ever)? This seems like much ado about nothing.

  8. I am with you Luke72. I always thought he was going to KY but with their signings I think he will go somewhere else. With E. Moore at Puke going to the NBA and Kramer gone he may surprise us and go to PU, but Louisville might get him. I remember a couple of games that Pike played against Bloomington South and Hulls ate him up as a freshman and the next year Hulls did the same thing in the first half but after about 30 seconds into the 2nd half his coach benched him. I was close enough to see the Pike coach talking to him about wanting to win. He was a different player the rest of the game. So Luke72 is right he plays when he wants to but when he wants to he is very good!

  9. Teague’s dad really likes IU so I think IU had a shot. If IU didn’t have a shot they would have been eliminated a long time ago.

    I believe there was mutual interest.

  10. I agree with Luke, but dont disagree with bevil either. IU would definitely take Teague if he wanted to commit just to appease the fans, but he doesnt fit into what Crean is trying to build right now. Kyrie was a stud, Teague is not a stud. I dont know, for the life of me, where all this buzz around this kid comes from. Is it just his cousins before him? Just because he was marginally better than Jeff at this stage in high school? I just dont get it. There are kids in this state that are dominant. Zeller 26 rebounds. Dawson with some of the numbers he put up this year in a decent conference. Didnt Teague average like 15 pts, 5 rbs, 5 assts per game? I cant find his stats anywhere, but its not much better than that if at all.

    If IU could land Dawson (prolly not, hes a PU lean right?) and Ferrell (serious shot there) then I would be ectstatic for 2011/2012.

    Realistically, I think we are looking at a Zeller, Davis, Etherington class for 2011. That will be a top 10 class probably. If they could get Dawson in there it would be top 3. 2011 is the class we need to score big on.

  11. I thought Teague had narrowed his choices 2 weeks ago to UL, UK and Cincy. Has that changed?

  12. Caleb…

    Teague would fit into what any coach wants to do. And he’s a major stud. If he weren’t a stud why are all the top schools recruiting him? Do their coaches care about his stats?

    But I do think we may be better off with guys like Zeller, Davis, Etherington, etc, like you said. Those guys are a fine nucleus to build around.

  13. He’s one and done. But that one year will be when IU is ready to make a real move in the tourney. He would be a nice piece for that season.

  14. I would be very happy with a class of Etherington, Davis, and Zeller. This would be a top 25 class 2 of the last 3 years, and would give us some momentum for the 2012 class which I think we have an excellent chance again to get a top 25 class because of all of the 2012 in-state talent that Crean has been working on hard.

  15. I’m certain of one thing. There will be no announcement on 4/22. The trend these days is for more and more kids to string everyone along to get as much hype as possible. The egos of this kids, their families, their hanger on is so far out of reality they really believe the world revolves around them. No wonder the image of college sports is tanking. They’ve become just like the pros.

  16. This is the top rated recruit from Indiana whose dad happens to be an IU fan. Let me guess Crean did not have enough time…….only his 4th recruiting class

  17. You’ve been right all along 4guards, Crean just can’t handle the job. He should step down immediately and Pat Knight should fill in for him. Bobby will also come along as a package deal assistant.

  18. Another strawman from the king. When/where did Teague Sr. say he was an IU fan more than a fan of anybody else? Wait, let me guess. Some fan posted it and you decided to run with it because it can be twisted and used to support your agenda.

    The quotes I’ve read from senior have been very diplomatic and complimentary of all the schools involved, not just IU.

  19. I don’t really have anything to say, I just wanted to join in with the postings by Scott (Steve?) Eyl and Kreigh Smith. This is actually Eric. Maybe next I’ll post as Joe Hillman. This may be the first instance of a fake poster name being admitted in the one and only post under that fake name …………..

  20. And what exactly should fans make of the recent appearances of Shawn Teague at several recent games at Assembly Hall?
    “It means I like IU” “I like it. I like the atmosphere. I like everything about it”…. from ITH.
    The guy went to numerous IU games.

  21. Dumbest man in the world: 4guards.

    Second-dumbest man in the world: Husky Tom, for wasting so much of his recent life arguing with the dumbest man in the world.

  22. 4guards, youre a complete wasye of oxygen. You must be a troll..an IU fan is simply not this stupid.

  23. Husky,
    I have had 2 hemmorhoid operations, in my life. I will go for a third if our buddy will leave.
    By the way, my proctolgist was a MASH doctor he did not believe in pain killers, local or prescribed. So you know how serious I am about our buddy.

  24. I’m just posting this under Eric so my computer will stop thinking I’m Todd Jadlow. Gee that little joke backfired ……

  25. 4guards is like a little kid that keeps making a stupid noise with his mouth to get on your nerves.If you act like it bugs you he keeps doing it.If you ignore him he will stop.Trust me I have a five year old.

  26. I keep hearin Zeller mentioned, He is Butler bound its a done deal. Have you saw the webster dictionary definition of Indiana Hoosiers-Located at Bloomington IN. Largest party school and largest population of homosexuals than any campus in the nation, also known as racist by the way they chased off a nice man named Mike Davis. Its over folks parents don’t want their kids goin here.

  27. The only thing that was wrong about the way MD was chased out of town, it was done 4 damn years to late.

  28. doug, the race thing with Davis is worn out. I read many black media guys say it had nothing to do with race and only to do with Davis insecurity and thin skin. If Davis would have embraced the basketball culture and WON games he would still be here! Also, IU is not the largest party school nor is it the largest place for gays/lesbians…get your facts down!

  29. Millport- I may need to talk to you in the future about such operations. Not kidding- I think I may be in need.

  30. Husky with hemorrhoids? What’s up sled Dawg! I blame the Trader named “Joe”. You have previously admitted to falling in love with their fruit section.
    Ruff! Ruff! Too much Ruffage.

    If strictly a problem with logging off, then maybe the Butler did it.

  31. Amazing the things that can pop up on the blog in moments of vulnerability. I don’t reckon you will let me off the hook for that one for a long, long, time…

  32. I holeheartedly hope you get some relief..It could spiral-a-hole out of control-a-hole..I heard 4guards needs a completely New Castle-a-hole.

  33. Mic, Hoosier Clarion, and Jpat I can tell its out dated by the way the top 25 recruits keep signing. We cant even get a top 100 from our own state. We have built new facilities and still cant get them. Got one of the hottest coaches in the country and still can’t get a top 100. Huh could I maybe be right? MD was responbible for bringing in Jeffers and the team that went to the national title game and he still got NO support. These young kids remember this stuff, and whether we are number one in party school and gays/lesbians I don’t know but we are year in year out ranked at the top. If you was a parent of one of these kids and read that would you push for IU? No you would not. Its over were not a top 50 program anymore and won’t be for a long time. I HOPE I AM WRONG!!!

  34. Good news, Doug. You’re wrong. You’re wrong about everything in your pathetic, right wing, homophobic little life. Do you really think in that tiny twisted little mind, that these kids are avoiding schools because there may be gays and lesbians on campus? Turn the dial and you might find the real America. It is that tolerant, intelligent country that the rest of us serve and live in. you’re just sad.

  35. Doug, Knight brought in Jeffries. I still remember the interview with Jeffries saying that it was a witch hunt with the Knight situation and Brand. Also, if IU could recruit back when this town was much more liberal than it is now I am sure they can recruit today. Also, you say IU is not top 50…After UNC, UK, Kansas, Duke, and UCLA…who would be next in your opinion? I tell you the recruits not coming here is due to negative recruiting by other schools! If you are that unhappy and think IU has NO chance, maybe become a PEEEU fan!

  36. The most friendly colleges to gays and lesbians as listed in gay publication, The Advocate: Duke, Penn, Cornell, Indiana, Princeton, North Carolina, Ohio State, Stanford, Michigan, UMass, UCLA, USC.

    The least friendly to gays and lesbians: Mississippi, UAB, Texas A&M, Mississippi State, Bob Jones University, Liberty, Arkansas, Kentucky, Purdue (lol), South Alabama, Tennessee.

    Another list for all these schools. I would send my kids to any of the schools on the first list (and they are in 2 out of 3) and there is no way I’d send my kids to the joke universities on the second list. But, dougie, you send you kids to any of those schools on the second list because (a) they’d probably fit right in and (b) the entrance requirement is, basically, a pulse.

  37. Great points J Pat. Chet I agree 100% with the idea kids should go to the type of school where they fit in and feel comfortable with.

  38. The schools on the ‘unfriendly’ list (also now known as ‘Doug’s List’) are so laughable it’s hard to imagine how they feel they can discriminate against anyone. Liberty has got to be the worst. When I was looking this stuff up I found that Liberty had a 97% acceptance rate, the least selective school in the country (Liberty’s own data BTW). As sorry as that sounds their data also showed that only 91% of their applicants had a high school degree or a GED which means that 6% of those accepted had neither passed high school or the GED exam. It’s exactly what I would have expected from a school run by Jerry Falwell’s cult.
    It’s all something to consider when we are recruiting against Kentucky, et al. What’s going on in the head of a kid that would go to one of these places? In all fairness, I think that it is just a single unfortunate aspect of Purdue. I can’t see lumping them in with this bunch of adult day care centers.
    FWIW my wife went to a state school on the ‘unfriendly’ list. She has no good feelings toward the school at all.

  39. Yeah, all but Purdue, which, as much as I loathe them, I don’t really understand. On the ‘friendly’ list the only southern schools are both in North Carolina, which has always had something of a love/hate relationship with its geographic history. Very few ‘Confederates’ (or slave owners) came out of western half of the state.
    Of course, along the same lines, even though apparently no one in the state is aware of it Kentucky was never part of the Confederacy.

  40. The 13th star on the Confederate flag was for Kentucky. Their gov’t sided with the north for economics reasons while the people sided with the south for personal reasons.

    As far as Teague goes, i’ll say UL.

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