The face that ruined an American sporting tradition

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That’s Jennifer Hudson. She was on American Idol. She was in a Sex & the City movie. She also recorded a new version of “One Shining Moment.”

And that is when everything went terribly wrong. Because it was not enough for Hudson (or, perhaps, Hudson’s handlers) for her to sing the song that Luther Vandross and Teddy Pendergrass made the fitting culmination of March Madness.

No, we had to see her face. And again. And again. Five times total.

Good Scoop friend Matthew LaWell (Indiana connection — his parents met as students here) points us to this research done by Sporting News’ blogger Chris Littman and the voice of Bismark Bobcats, Paul Teeple.

In all, 33 of the 65 teams were not in the One Shining Moment montage.

Lehigh, UNLV, New Mexico State, Houston, San Diego State, Georgetown, Ohio, Oklahoma State, Georgia Tech, UC Santa Barbara, Syracuse, Vermont, Gonzaga, Florida State, UTEP, Minnesota, Pittsburgh, Oakland, BYU, Florida, North Texas, East Tennessee State, Marquette, Washington, New Mexico, Montana, Ark-PB, Winthrop, Utah State, Siena, Notre Dame, Old Dominion, Richmond or Robert Morris.

That Xavier-Kansas State thriller? No mention. Ohio knocking off Georgetown? No mention. No Evan Turner, either. Only shot of Kentucky was John Wall clapping.

A travesty. A travesty, I say.

Here it is.


  1. Boy, I could not agree more. That “One Shining Moment” was a hack job.

    Not only did they omit lots of amazing memories from that tournament, but Hudson’s version of OSM was… ugh. Terrible.

    I know he’s dead, but bring back the Luther Vandross version. Or the Teddy Pendergrass. But please, please God, don’t show that again.

  2. Don’t get mad at Jennifer Hudson. Be mad at CBS. She’s got a great voice. She’s not in charge of editing.

  3. No slam on Jennifer Hudson at all, but at the end of the video I thought, “hey, is this Jennifer Hudson’s newest VH1 release or is it supposed to be a tribute to the 65 teams that fought the good fight in the NCAA toournament????? BAH – HUMBUG!!!

  4. Vic,

    Things like things are often negotiated into contracts. Maybe Hudson asked for it herself. Maybe her handlers (agent, manager) did. But I would bet this was not CBS deciding to go away for what has worked for more than two decades.

  5. The OSM that has been played on all the previous championship nights is the version little kids grow up dreaming of hearing and seeing their stories tied to. CBS once again has showed what a sorry network they are. Bring back the old version.

  6. I’ve probably watched an hour in total of the tourney the last two years. I’ll complain about One Shining Moment when we are back in the dance.

  7. I agree totally. One shining moment is something i really enjoy and look forward to every year. I absolutely hated that new version of it. I almost turned it off. In the span of 1 year the NCAA and CBS has has taken 65 teams and Luther Vandross and turned it into 96 teams and Jennifer Hudson. No thank you!!

  8. The one from the 90’s is the best. I was able to download it from Itunes. I cannot remember if it is Vandross though.

  9. Brandon, what’s your problem with Wayne Chism? If you want to barf at players, how about Kentucky’s flotilla of one-and-done mercenaries? Wayne Chism was a 4-year player who never did anything to garner such animosity. He actually had to stay eligibile for 4 years, as opposed to 1 term for Kentucky’s transients.

  10. Seriously…if they were going to bring someone new in, they should have brought in Steve Alford!!1!1! He would have lead ‘One Shining Moment’ back to the promise land!

  11. I did not watch it last night in protest. After seeing it now I’m glad I decided to skip it. The original version was the best and some day when IU wins the National Championship again I’m hoping they use that original version.

  12. Let’s pick up a good juco big man, have him and Bawa bulk up, train their arses off, and be ready to bank around in the and rebound, get 25 lbs. each on Wat and VJIII, get Mo and Roth healhy, Derrick and Bobby competing hard for playing time, and then sing along next spring to the original OMT version with the other IU faithful. How about it?

  13. Didn’t get a chance to see “One Shining Moment” last night..Thank goodness…Sure was kitschy…like placing a Thomas Kinkade painting next to a Renoir. Looked like the paint-by-number version of Luther Vandross..Would have likely tossed my cookies and beer..As if I wasn’t already severely nauseous from watching Duke win.

  14. Seriously, who gives a sh!!?? We are so bored that we are going to critique cbs on how the handle the post season tournament? I really wish we could get a big or someone to verbal so we would have something to talk about. Do you actually get paid for writing this crap??? You have got to be kidding me…

  15. I have never had a moment where my brain function has slowed to the point where I would watch American Idol or anything remotely associated with it. I know that it has something to do with a former Laker’s cheerleader.

  16. What a game!

    Both teams played the best basketball the way it should be played. Hard, intelligent, carefully….It showed the game is about
    playing each possession as a totally separate game from the rest, taking care of the ball, getting into position, rebounding off that position, working the ball to take the
    best shot possible and defensively trying to destroy the other teams possibility of playing for those situations. Talent is important, but
    so secondary to what both Duke and Butler had out there. That’s why these two teams were there and everyone else was not.

    This game may save the game of basketball from oblivion. As most of it is played today, basketball was becoming a social disease more than a game. If you don’t believe me
    watch the intro tapes into the CBS broadcast.

    We have to return IU to the days when playing
    like this was both the goal and the method and little to do with recruit rankings of 4,5,2 or any.

    One more point. What we saw in Indianapolis had everything to do with Bob Knight. Over the years since he arrived at Indiana (remember Don Nord at center), Knight’s philosophy of playing each possession as a separate game,
    fundamentals-fundamentals-fundamentals, defense pressure on the ball,
    shutting off the passing lanes, fighting through and below screens, denying the
    pass; and offense from the defense, movement without the ball and using the dribbling to improve angles for passing and shooting became ingrained in the culture kids in Indiana grew up in. Kids grew up doing these things; grade school and high school coaches coached to them and they
    simply became a part of being a Hoosier.

    It is not about recruiting 4s, 5s, 3s. It is about loving and respecting the game, as obviously Butler and Duke showed everyone last night.

    That is the culture that was learned by coach
    Kruczewski and the players and coaches at Butler. Every kid in Indiana would hear Coach Knight constantly teach about the game as taught by Claire Bee at Long Island University, Tex Winters at Kansas State, Hank Iba at Oklahoma State, Don Haskins at Texas Western (now UTEP) and, of course, the great Pete Newell, at Michigan State, San Francisco and the U. of California.

    Indiana University needs to remember and again immerse itself in that history and tradition, revive it with integrity as the most valid of Hoosier heritage. Thanks for reminding us Coack K., Coach Stevens, Duke and Butler players.

    What a game, what a tribute!

  17. Watch Coach Stevens accept millions from Oregon and leave Butler with their “One Shining Moment” runner-up banner and their empty Hinkle church of basketball puritanism. I’ll be a believer when he turns it down.

  18. I dislike any vocalist whose voice is technically altered and enhanced. Hell karaoke makes everybody sounds better. Vocalists and singer entertainers sing in supper clubs because they could sing.

  19. Eric … I would venture to guess that Brandon does not have a problem with Wayne Chism … just with the fact that Chism was on the screen so many times during such a short stretch. Spread the wealth … especially when more teams are excluded (33) than included (32). A bit much, no?

    RHF … a lot of people are upset. Get on Twitter. Get on Wikipedia. Talk with people who have watched the tournament at all during the last 25 years. This is not a critique of how CBS handled the tourney … just how it mishandled a quarter-century of tradition. (My alma mater, Ohio University, pulled off a rather large upset of Georgetown. I was looking forward to seeing a memory of that win, even for a second or two, as were a lot of my friends and former colleagues. And we were disappointed. So were fans of 32 other teams.)

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