There’s much to discuss

The Final Four has ended, and it was a classic.

Indiana is still looking for an assistant coach, and a few players for the 2010 class.

Victor Oladipo comes to Louisville this weekend, as does Moses Abraham.

Recruits galore will be playing in Indy, too.

Spring football is chugging along.

Yes, there’s much to discuss.

Hope to see you on our usual 11 a.m. live discussion over on HTO.


  1. Korman- you might want to add Kentucky to the list of intriguing topics. Calipari’s almost entire vaunted recruiting class of’09 out the door to the NBA?

    I think it brings of the interesting question of whether or not you want that kind of program. The same thing is bound to happen next year, too, for Kentucky.

  2. Are there any big men left for Crean to try to recruit for next year?? If so Who are they?

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