Thursday chat, Final Four coverage

We’ll be hosting our regular Thursday discussion at the usual time (11 a.m.) today. Hope you join us.

I may be a bit late in providing answers because I will jump in Matt Dollinger’s freshly purchased mobile and ride with one of the H-T’s top 100 interns, all time (without a doubt), to the Final Four.

Dollinger and some of the other Indiana students you’ve come to know well — think DeAntae Prince, Zina Kumok, Greg Rosenstein, Sean Morrison, Stephanie Kuzydym, Nathan Hart, James Brosher (a current, and dominant, H-T photo intern) — will be working for a Student News Bureau being run by IU’s fledgling, but so-far-excellent sports journalism program. Find them here, and read often.

I’ll be providing coverage for, well, us. Should be interesting. Be sure to check in with me tomorrow, either here or on Twitter.


  1. Whoever posed as the ghost of 4guards on the chat…. immitation is the best form of flattery.

  2. 1. I didn’t do it.
    2. That was not flattery!
    3. It was mockery.
    4. You are so full of yourself.
    5. Rest and medication are prescribed.

  3. Didn’t think it was very nice to not let Dustin also cover the Final Four. Who gives a damn about football right now? Is Herald Times that cheap?

  4. Alas, Chill, the Final Four only granted my credential request. Not sure what happened with Dustin, but they get pretty strict this time of year.

  5. I’m sad to hear that. Guess I was naive to think more than one from HT could go..My apologies for taking the cheap shot claiming cheapness.
    Seems unfair to separate the Korman-Dopirak team from such a great basketball event. Put in a call to Tom Crean..Promise months of negative press and horrible photos if he doesn’t find Dustin…?..Dustin and Hugh! credentials.

    Why didn’t I mention Hugh earlier? I like Kellenberger..He did a great job on the video chat covering the Indiana State Finals..You should let him do more chats..Great photographer..Provider of breakthrough music tunes…You should all be able to go! A slap in the face to fine young men and highly skilled Hoosier journalists…Makes me anti-Butler.

    I’m taking West Virginia..

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