1. OK. I bet I am a little behind here, but who is the 7’1″ kid coming in for a visit? I am reading a Juco transfer? Please help me out here?

  2. Everyone is concerned about banking scholarships for 2011 and 2012, but are complaining about getting better right now. You really can’t have it both ways. If you have the opportunity to get a guy that can help your program now, then you have to do it. Wins will take care of the rest. Scholarship situations usually take care of themselves with transfers. If you can get a 4 star big man or an impact JC transfer now, don’t you have to take him?

  3. Stick It,
    The kid is another foreign project who averaged 7 pts a game in JUCO.
    Lets get Noreen and Offutt as a walk on and call it a class.

  4. I could be wrong it could be michel but from what is on jucojunction.com it looks like Ajou is the one.

  5. There is no such thing as a “project,” in my opinion. As I’ve said before, the word “project” implies “completion,” whereas, in reality, so-called “projects” remain forever crappy and incomplete.

    “Project” is the ultimate euphemism for “big, awkward uncoordinated oaf who missed his chance to be good long ago.”

  6. 4guards: even though Noreen is 6’10”, rivals has him down as a “small forward” and only 217 pounds … so would that make him *another* forward on our team that lacks strength? 6’10” should mean he’s the C on our team (unless Bawa has the best offseason ever), but it looks like he’d be a tall wing player (we already have Watford)… and he doesn’t have the bulk of a Cappo or Elston or Pritchard. Even though Negedu is only 6’7″, his strength means we could put him down low and he could hold his own, where it looks like Noreen would get pushed around rather easily.

  7. He is 6’10 and yes he needs some time in the weight room. Isn’t that what the strength coach is for? The talent is undeniable.

  8. I like Noreen. He needs to add some weight, but what 6’10” kid doesn’t. Saw him play in AAU and he has offensive skills that Bawa and Pritchard don’t have. We can’t keep saying that a player won’t help us this year. Most freshmen dont help significantly, especially big men. Take him if you can get him.

  9. A class of VO, Sheehey, Offutt, Negedu, and Noreen would be a good class (and a big turnaround from where we were a week ago), but even with Offutt as a walk on, we’d be hurting in the scholarship department (and we’ll need those offers for 2011). I’m not saying I don’t want Noreen, it’s just that I like Negedu a bit more… I don’t know if we can have both.

  10. In terms of who can help the most right now, I think that’s Negedu and Offutt. Adding those two guys to VO and Sheehey finishes the 2010 class in fine style. It would be a very athletic group with real basketball skills and no projects.

  11. I just can’t understand why any IU fan would want Negedu to come here. First off, he is not any good. Less than 2 pts and 2 rbs a game. He flat out was not good enough to play at TN. More importantly however, if something happens to the kid, Indiana basketball as we know it is over….

  12. 4 gaurds you are correct ———Multiple sources confirm to Peegs.com that Indiana will receive a visit this weekend from a 7-foot-1 junior college player ( Guy-Marc Michel) with an imposing 7-foot-6 wingspan. Can the Hoosiers find some late help for next season’s interior defense?

  13. Peegs confirms that Guy-March Michel is supposed to visit this weekend. He has offers from Gonzaga and, surprise, surprise, Colorado. Played at Northern Idaho junior college. Supposed to be good defensively, raw offensively.

    Cheir Ajou has an offer from New Mexico. He is H.S. class of 2011. He is also listed as having interest in IU.

  14. Negedu sat behind a starting lineup of 4 seniors and 1 junior and as a result didn’t see much PT. That accounts for the stats, not his ability.

    Noreen seems like another Zeller type player with the same general height, weight and game. Not a post player. I don’t think we need two of those type players. Negedu has a game that, at least physically, is like Dawson’s.

    I’m with Husky in that we don’t need another project.

  15. No more projects! We already have one–Bawa–and there’s no sense spending a scholarship on something we already have.

    I’m basing my preference for Negedu over Noreen on raw athletic talent, ability to make an immediate impact, and experience on a winning team. If I’m going to take a skinny tall kid, I’d rather have Zeller; if we take Noreen, we’ll take ourselves out of the running for Zeller (which, as I realize, is not a sure thing in the least, but I’d like for us to have a chance).

    Chris & Duston: thanks for fielding my questions.

  16. I find it kind of interesting we were wondering about how “many” players were going to transfer, no “if any”….

    I also think that the Indiana fan base is getting nervous about the scholarship situation….which will have to be resolved, but it will be.

  17. Jubilee, I think it is funny too and I remember every posters name that said this kid or that would transfer.

  18. I just find it hard to believe someone is going to transfer now….schools are starting to fill up their scholarships……if they were going to do it, they would make sure they went somewhere that still had 1 available.

  19. Some kids prefer to wait until after the semester. Maybe Crean is planning on having a talk with an individual or 2 after the semester? Ben Allen waited all the way up until August.

  20. But but but let me throw more lies out there in hopes that something becomes true. 4guards just cant wait for something negative to happen to the program and IU, so you can use the Scoop as your mouthpiece to attack Crean. I am disgusted that the Scoop condones this.

  21. PARPP- at least one Scooper staff member not only condones it, but delights in it and agrees with it… quite sad.

    PhoToe- If I was fat, I might actually look like that guy. Luckily I don’t have that problem. By the way, I hope you have taken the time to actually enjoy some pho lately. Up there in Chicago it shouldn’t be too hard to find.

  22. How am I throwing out lies? I said I don’t know if there are going to be transfers or not, but there is still plenty of time for that to happen.

  23. 4barfs: Wow, there could still be transfers? Thanks for letting me in on that. Why don’t you also let us know that a meteor might hit the earth tomorrow, that we might die in plane crashes, or that we might get pancreatic cancer?

    It’s just like the rest have said; you are so hell-bent on hoping negative things happen to the program that only you would continue to remind us of the potential doom looming in the future.

  24. I have pancreas problems and you don’t want it!! So 4 negative guards you have a lot to be thankful for. Husky is right you are hell bent on being negative. My Mom use to say “if you can’t say something nice don’t say anything at all” you need to start practicing this for real! Life is to short to go thru it negatively and
    sometimes you have valid good ideas and concerns that all of us at some point have seen but because you are negative about everything you have no credibility. You have become the punching bag everyone wants to hit including me. You can change and IU Basketball is going to get better. Hang in there

  25. I really am not negative all the time. I just say how I really feel about topics. For example I am very positive on Noreen and Offutt. I was very positive on the recruitment of Moses A. Some people want to make everything out to be positive, but I am a realist and just call it as I see it. I want this program back more than anybody.

  26. Since we got rid of Coach Ro how about we prove we can develop somebody i.e bawa since it could not be done w/Tijan before we take anymore “projects”

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