1. Zeller is 2 times taller so he should be 2 times better. We have to focus on him let the others go. Crean has to lock up Indiana and get Tyler zeller to transfer or he has to be fired.

  2. AE is the type of player that not only gets up and down the court well but is good at being in the right position to maximize his skills.

  3. I actually agree that he is going to be a very solid player for us regardless of what my impersonator may think.

  4. …except….

    According to your vision, there is a chance Etherington won’t even be playing for us. Your plan to fire the coach, which means that kids like Austin and whoever else Crean signs will look elsewhere, opting out of their commitments. You are for the firesale approach which means suffering an even longer stretch of losing…

  5. He will never make it to Indiana for us to find out. What good player wants to play for a worthless coach. Now go on and attack me for my opinion.

  6. I would venture to guess Alford would have no problems convincing AE to stay on board.
    Peeping Tom… You are wrong once again. No surprise there.

  7. To big husky who and adam/neither one of u know basketball, and your not IU fans. Your both jerks/who just want try and ruin recruits who might come to IU. Keep your mouths shut, you don’t know what yout even saying IU will be back and Coach Crean will be ok.

  8. Alford would have 5 kids like carlino and we would be back where we should. Instead Crean has put the program into shambles.

  9. AE is coming. In the wake of the Carlino decommit he was asked and he said he was solid IU. He’s also trying to recruit Davis and Zeller to come with him. The only reason to question his commitment is to attack Crean.

    His game is ok, but it will probably take awhile to develop to the next level.

  10. I will not keep my mouth shut tough guy Crean is a joke and so are you. Looks like you know nothing about basketball or coaching. So you know where you can kiss it…. Dustin where are you now? See you have nothing to say about big bad Dan attacking people for commenting.

  11. You fellows are extremely poor talent evaluators if you can’t see the very good skill set Austin E has..shooting, passing, jumping,court awareness. He will be first team big ten before his career is over.

  12. I really enjoyed the video. This kid will do well at IU and his first step is quick for his size. He is a great shooter and will stretch the D. I am excited to have him and hopefully more good news is on the way.

  13. Wow this kid has a game! He will be an absolute joy to watch for 4 years! Way to go Crean – Great Pick up!

  14. Did anyone else crank the volume and hear Hugh unwrapping his candy bar at the 0:50 mark of clip? Funny.

    Etherington kid looks decent. Plays under control with good vision of the court. How tall is he? I know it can be looked up..I’m lazy.

  15. Not blown away by Etherington here–wish he had more speed–but it looks like he’s got a solid jump shot and I like his court vision… sounds like a [proto]typical Hoosier. Looking forward to seeing him at Assembly Hall.

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