1. I see a tentative, Tom Pritchardy-type player with a big, pencil-like body and a stork-like run. Wish I could have seen him shoot a jumper.

    I admit I am pretty ignorant about the X’s and O’s of the game; he may be doing wondrous things in the video that I didn’t pick up on. But my first reaction was, “I can’t wait to see Oladipo in an IU uniform.”

  2. Who is that blue team? That has to be the worst looking AAU team of all-time. It’s like 5 Ollies from Hoosiers were on the court. haha.

  3. Cody’s tall.

    Was that Etherington wearing #23? If so, he looks like he’s bulked up a little bit. Hard to tell though, he had such baggy clothes on and a t-shirt to boot.

  4. Engel,

    It was the reserves from the Indy catholic schools. I am not even joking. They are actually wearing Brebeuf practice jerseys.
    Yeah, that was Etherington. I have videos of him and Jeremiah Davis coming. Putting out one a day all week.

  5. In that video at least he did not look to be a program maker. Is that what you were referring to HT?

  6. Zeller is a big recruit, but I don’t see him as a difference maker like some are hoping. I know he is projected to be a better player than his brothers, but there is no better litmus test than how the two older Zellers have turned out. Granted Tyler’s career is still young, he hasn’t lived up to the hype just yet. I want Cody to be a Hoosier, but he isn’t going to turn our program around single handedly.

  7. I judge him in the same way you do PARPP, by his brothers. They have potential with height but are not there yet.

  8. I feel the only realy reason he is such an “important recruit” at all is because he’s hyped and from Indiana. If anything it would just reassure others in the state that IU still has a heartbeat and some relevance… And that may register more with alumni and boosters than with other potential in-state recruits. I think his contribution there may top anything he ever does on the court. So is he really worth all the attention? I’d gladly watch CTC recruit over him, if there’s other talent out there to be had. Definitely not sold on this kid, but he does still have a year to develop before college ball.

  9. I’m pretty much in agreement with PARPP and HoosEyes. Zeller is a good get, but not somebody who’s going to carry a team. He’s important symbolically as a notable Indiana kid who we covet. Getting him would then be a message to others that they can come without worrying about who they are going to be playing with.

    On the floor I think he will probably be a kid who gets better every year and finds ways to contribute. He should be able to block shots from the weak side, run the court, create match-up problems for the other team and rebound a bit. I don’t see him ever being a back-to-the-basket offensive player or somebody who can defend the other teams’ post.

    At the end of the day, if somebody said we could have Dawsen or Zeller, I would say Dawsen. It would be way cool to get both.

  10. If Zeller ends up being half as good as Mike Tisdale, I would be shocked and surprised. If that makes him “the single most important recruit of the Crean era,” then I am worried about the expectations of some of our fans.

  11. half as good as mike tisdale? so you would be “shocked and surprised” if Zeller ends up averaging 6 pts and 3 rebounds. You are in the minority.

  12. I think he’ll be a good player, but not fantastic. I think the perception of getting him is more important than what he will produce.

  13. Brandon Dawson heading for Purdue and dork-on-stilts merely glancing at IU…?…Hmm? Perceptions through and through…

  14. Chill- Sweet pic. Maybe Zeller could try out for the golf team.

    Here’s a shot of him and Daniel Moore playing together as kids.

    4guards: yes, I would be shocked. And judging from the lukewarm sentiment from other bloggers on this topic, I think I am not in the minority.

  15. HT, he is as his brothers, worthy of a scholarship playing a role and being support but most likely not the champion of the team. Let’s hope he is part of the program.

  16. Mic–The injury occurred after Creek had played too many games to get a redshirt, so no he won’t get one.

  17. Husky-

    Great pic as well..I once was fortunate enough to see the Zeller brothers in a weekend practice session at the old Washington gym.

    In all fairness to Zeller, I watched the Washington vs. Gary Wallace game and the kid exhibited a surprisingly good shooting touch from the perimeter…He played extremely hard through the entire game and subsequent overtime..It’s not often you see a seven-footer dive on the floor for loose balls in late stages of a hard-fought game. I would much rather we be in the running for Dawson(a guy with tons of basketball upside and solid frame), but Zeller may have considerable more potential than the Crean projects of late. 4guards once claimed on this blog that Crean would be replaced in 2 years..Under his very constrained definition of “Crean era”, I tend to believe our short-lived coach has already landed his “most important” recruit in Maurice Creek.

  18. I said he would be fired after next season. I never said in 2 years. I have said he SHOULD be fired.

  19. Chill- that’s a fair assessment of Zeller. I’m a stubborn guy, and it’s not easy for me to shake off my inherent mistrust of overly fertile white Christian families with multiple athletes. I blame it on the Huard football family at UW. However, I’ve heard enough on this thread, including your observations, to be modestly pleased if he decides to sign. If not, I will curse his holier-than-Indiana attitude till the cows come home.

    And yes, I do agree about MC as well. I can tell I am not the only one excited as hell at the prospect of a fully healthy Creek next season (knock on wood)…it’s like adding a 5 star player to the lineup. Instant offense. Can’t wait.

  20. By the way, I find it fishy that shortly after L’accent disappears on his repentance mission, Engel suddenly reappears on the blog. Clark Kent and Superman, anyone? Bruce Wayne and Batman?

    What a coinkydink…

  21. Just a little reminder to some people on here…Cody just had a 20+ rebound game in the state title game just a few weeks ago. Kid can play. Will he come in average a double double as a freshman? Probably not, but he’s far and away better than Luke and no worse than Tyler, who would put up some decent numbers if he got any playing time amongst those 12 McD’s AA’s. If we add Davis and Zeller I’d be happy.

  22. Since Indiana did bastardize the state high school tournament so identifiable with the uniqueness a one-class system once our claim to Hoosier hoops fame, I do think you should put the number “3” and the letter “A” in front of “state title game” before you too brightly illuminate Cody’s name in Hollywood lights.


    You’re not that stubborn and I have many the same inherent mistrusts. I would not consider this to be a blemish on Tom Crean’s recruiting ability if the kid doesn’t come to Indiana. I would much rather land a decent point guard to share the role with Hulls than a family of Zellers. A pity it would be if Crean is going outside his chemistry set for building a competitive team in order to appease an old entrenched fan base with a certain imagined Hoosier ideal that isn’t true to his own heart. I think having a revolving door of guards and a select number of guys in the paint that are quick and athletic is a nice formula for change..Rebounding is more speed and positioning than height..I don’t want to see the same shoes from a 1970’s Hoosier closet.

  23. In the last three weeks I’ve read some spot-on viewpoints and assessments, such as Chet’s anti-4tards work, Rob’s use of an imagined future Oladipo dunk to humiliate 4tards, Casey’s usual good material, JPat’s fantastic piece on the dangers of calling IU “our” program, and more.

    Chill, I’d like to acknowledge your work in that last post as some of the finest. I think that your comment about Crean doing his thing and not going “outside his chemistry” could serve as part of a broader Manifesto for the devoted fan base of how to move this program forward instead of trying to bring it “back.”

    It takes me back to what you said earlier about 4tards being a positive presence because he has rallied and strengthened the overwhelmingly supportive pro-Crean fans. You couldn’t be more right. People have really come together in the face of opposition.

  24. I can’t help but feel that Cody doesn’t want to come to IU, because he can’t live up to the expectations. If he goes to Butler, and they do well, fanastic for him. If he comes to IU, and he doesn’t turn the program around like 4g thinks he can, then he’s looked at as a failure. Butler had a great run this year, but they have far less expectations than the IU program and a fraction of the fan base to deal with. Maybe Cody wants to come to IU because it’s Indiana, but he doesn’t want such lofty expectations placed on him as well. I wouldn’t mind him coming in and letting him develop over 2-3 years and really contribute by his Junior and Senior years.

  25. Thanks for you comments and compliments, Tom.

    I’m tired of fighting. Clarion knocked some truth into my thick skull..I’m tired of pretending I give a sh** about this garbage..I’m tired of putting on..I used to love sports..I used to enjoy just casually following the Hoosiers and cheering for a team I felt some sort of small bond..I don’t feel it anymore. Most discussions on this blog have set me on a course I don’t like…The place is far better without me..Korman should have kept me banned from his blog..He had the right instincts to lock me out..I’m tired of clinging to whatever small good feelings I had left about Indiana University and the basketball team I was once proud to cheer for…I’ll never be able to accept Tom Crean as coach..I am far worse than 4guards..I have a true distaste for the man. I have true distaste for discussions that find no room for forgiveness and second chances of kids that made mistakes. Sorry for being such a fake..You deserved a better fan and better man than the fraud you met on Basketblog. The only thing I’ve been true to is the friendship I felt for you.

    Sorry I let you down..I’ve never been much of a fighter. Never much believed in myself.

  26. Chill,

    Tom Crean doesn’t want you to accept him….you dont’ have the fight that he is looking for.

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