1. The sudden appearance of “adam” on this blog has me thinking a few things. Either:

    1) He is an exasperated 4tards who is tired of the imitators and wants some breathing room. Like 4tards, adam hasn’t figured out capital letters yet, he speaks only in short bursts, and he has the exact same opinion, down to a tee.

    2) He is a disgruntled former basketball player. Maybe Brandon McGee. Maybe Eli Holman.

  2. I do not wate my time with correct punctuation on here as it is a simple comment board and people like you don’t deserve to see proper anything!

  3. HT I agree. I hope the imitators leave them alone and Adam and 4tards continue to frequently post. I don’t see any point in arguing with them but I do hope they post to their little hearts’ content.

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