Video: Michael Ramey

Here is a short video of 2012 prospect Michael Ramey. He is a 6-foot-5 guard out of Southport that has exploded. I remember seeing him as a freshman and he was probably 6-foot, tops. Had a great shot, but the size wasn’t there. Obviously, it is now (he told Peegs he had a 35-inch vertical). Tim Buckley has been up to Southport to watch Ramey and teammate Kellon Thomas.


  1. Does anyone else share my evolving view the AAU at least in basketball is feeding itself and not acting in the best interest of the their target group, the young players. I just sense a shift in attitude and direction from 4 or 5 years ago. I am not advancing poor scruples are involved but do they have the organization to screen people of poor scruples and keep them away. I fear with our state being so big in the promoting and advancement of amateur athletics that one negative incident originating anywhere and making national headlines could impact Indiana.

  2. Clarion,
    The AAU should be a real concern for everyone. It’s not just Indiana, it’s everywhere. AAU coaches command more attention than the high school coaches in the Chicago Public League. I don’t know the situation in Indiana but another problem in Illinois is non-teachers serving as head coaches. Illinois has a program, ASEP, where someone can be certified to coach. It requires three classes, which can be taken on line.
    The personal agendas of the AAU coaches should scare everyone.

  3. This kid will look great in Black and Gold. Unless we can bring the Diviner of Albuquerque in to town; then we might have a shot at bringing him to IU.

  4. Wow, I think ‘Albuquerque’ is even the right spelling. 4guards, at least you have good spellers impersonating you.

  5. Is Ramey #11 or #22? Isn’t that Bell wearing #42? I can’t keep all these kids straight after a while.

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