1. Wonder if Hugh was humming this tune while making the above clip? I believe it to be a good pep band song when T.J. comes into a game.

  2. There he is. I have been looking for you there, Chill. I had the Trojan Horse tenderloin sandwich for the first time this Saturday, just to see if the perfectly fried meat stuck out as far beyond the bun as you had claimed….

    …you were right. It was a delicacy, enjoyed along side some delicious onion rings and a tall microbrew…

  3. TJ was the biggest strongest kid playing in a HPER level game. Hard to draw any conclusions other than he has a good frame.

    Whenever I’m in Btown, and its not often, I go to the Trojan Horse for the gyros and beer batter mushrooms. The shrooms haven’t changed any since I was in school. Delicious.

  4. Tom-

    Glad the tenderloin was to your liking. Don’t forget to try the baklava à la mode(with the baklava ice cream).

    I’ve been enjoying your posts..It doesn’t seem I can find much to say these days. I refuse to battle against a blogger that I believe is conspiring with Scoop…Don’t you think 4guards has been planted on this site for the sole reason to create more interest/readers? It would seem a rather clever idea to create the ultimate Crean antagonist for such purpose. I’m beginning to think many blog sites may be adopting a similar strategy…Create their own blogging personalities to stir the pot..get more hits/posts/readers.
    Alternative Motivation: Could 4guards be playing the role to create a false positive defense of Crean?…Maybe the endless amounts of negativity thrown at our coach is a subversive plot to rally more bloggers to support Crean..Has he not destroyed the desire for any blogger to have room even slightest criticism coaching decisions for fear they be attached to his outlandish views? Quite the good strategy if he/she is a huge fan of Tom Crean. I’m still swaying toward the first theory…I think he’s the Kathie Lee Gifford of Scoop..Does anyone buy into anything that woman has to say? So why did the Today Show give her free reign to spew her conservative views on final hour their morning show? Because people love to hate her!..That’s why they watch.

    And now the bloggers flock to Scoop because they love to hate 4tards. Very unscrupulous, but very ingenious.

    Anyway, it was nice to hear from you.

  5. Chill,

    Yes, you’ve nailed it. Congrats. We’re getting super rich off all this increased traffic. Money is raining down on us. Hugh is fanning himself with it. Dustin prefers to fold his into origami (ohhhh, is that a dragon?) I place mine in envelopes, which I then tape in hidden locations under my desk.

  6. That is hilarious. Love the Hoosier Scoop Poll as well.
    Any news on the assistant coach front? Seems like we could use the help recruiting. Bring in Fife, and let the man get to work.

  7. I have a suggestion for the clever Scoopsters for a new poll:

    *Will the Scoop ever put words into action and take measures to implement a log in system?

    *Or no, they secretly enjoy, and even participate in, the childish banter so much, that they will merely pay lips service to the idea?

  8. I’m interested in the assistant coach search as well… Besides that Fife played here and is currently coaching in Indiana, what exactly would he bring to the table?

    I would think, given the backward step that Pritchard seemed to take this year and the questions surrounding Crean’s ability to develop post players, that hiring a coach to do just that might be a bit more important than any recruiting bonus that hiring a fairly unsuccessful coach at a small school who used to play here would bring. I always wonder if top tier recruits would really even know or care who Dane Fife is… In any case, I’d love to hear some news if there is any.

  9. On LiveChat sessions I’ve often noticed if you take away the sportswriters from IDS/Hoosier Hype, Inside the Hall, Scoop, and the numerous transplanted journalists of the three aforementioned major IU sports blogs(e.g. Engel, Dollinger, Osterman), there may be only a handful of others making comments…I often wonder if 9-out-of-10 comments are made by journalists using aliases.
    Why is it so absurd to think the same could be happening on the blog sites?
    Many have made suggestion that 4guards has nothing else to do except sit in “mom’s basement” by computer all day..And judging by the quick response, he rivals only Korman with such promptness a rebuttal..It does seem journalists are rarely very far from their keyboards (Evidenced by the speed Korman was able to put down his Ben Franklin origami creation and send off a comment in just 10 minutes).
    And who mentioned money? Why can’t blogs function as alternative avenue to push agendas and personal viewpoints held by the creators of the sites/newspapers? Egos often have far the hungrier appetite to feed than wallets. It was not I that first accused 4guards of being a journalist that once worked for the IDS. Why get so jumpy with Chill when all I’ve done is add a new twist to an inference already made?

  10. Chill-

    Well-stated, as always. You are needed in here. You have an oppositional consciousness that is well-schooled in the art of challenging hegemonic viewpoints.

    By the way I hope you aren’t pointing to me when you mention the person who accused 4tards of being Engel…Never once did I make such an insinuation.

    It is also true what you say about the LiveChat sessions. Somehow Engel, Osterman, Eline, and all the boys show up for that party; I find it hard to believe that they aren’t also toying around here on the Scoop.

    I did, however, accuse L’accent of being Engel (and also Korman and Eline).

  11. i agree chill. it doesnt matter whether 4tards is the HT or not because they condone his behavior. we are mostly adults and know how to police ourselves but we still get trolls like 4tards. disagreeing is fine, but being a troll and looking for jollies by constantly posting bs and antagonizing HT guests is screwed up. hes now moved to peegs and trying to get the same rise out of people but he gets shot down all the time. you can tell he is more cautious over there because he knows peegs will boot his butt in a heartbeat if he acted like he does here. the HT eggs 4tards on by giving him attention in their blog posts and refusing to moderate the forum to at least create meaningful discussions. in the last few days the best strategy against 4tards has been known which is to constantly post under his id in order to drown out his bs. only negative is that the ht blog will lose even more respect with the non stop 4tards posts. ht, make a choice. the 4tards show is played out

  12. I typically stop in Nick’s for a stromboli and some cheese sticks when I’m in town, but the Horse (Trojan and Crazy, actually) is a favorite as well. When I’m feeling Asian, I saunter into Siam House for any number of favorites. Gee, talking food is fun. This is so much better than debating all aspects of 4guards.

  13. Has anyone heard anything about Cody Larson,A big that Crean has his eye on? I know he has backed out from Iowa.

  14. Lala-

    I would like to commend your post. It is my favorite of the last week or two. What is funny is, I doubt anyone from the HT will respond to you; like 4tards, they often quiet down when confronted with too good of an argument.

    That being said, I feel a Korman Storm coming, where he will talk about how at least 4tards is posting about basketball and can’t we all get along etc. etc.

    By the way, for Bloomington food fans, I suggest you check out Mandalay Café sometime, and have the Pho vietnamese noodle soup. The pho is big-city good; go with the beef or the chicken.

  15. Trojan Horse used to have the best jalapeno poppers…I can never get an answer why they took them off the menu…I thoroughly enjoyed them..even more than the breaded dill pickle spears..I continually beg and give friendly harass to bring them back. Please support the cause.


    Please don’t infer that I think Korman is covering/protecting 4guards butt. Don’t take me too seriously…I’m only stating that none of us can prove against such relationships existing in the blog world..Only ethics be the guiding hand to not abuse the blog forum with such disguises that could be intertwined in deceit of purpose. For what it’s worth, I think 4guards distaste for Crean is disingenuous and harmless. Too many facts against…I’m forever leery of someone trying to sell me on only the negative facts.
    I’m merely giving food for thought to how easy it is for any blog site to unethically use friends/insiders/allegiances in the chat forum to construct false blogging personalities(be it genuinely supportive or purposefully antagonistic)to turn audiences toward their own views.

    Does even the most dedicated Hoosier basketball fan have the time to do hours and hours of research on every possible recruit across the nation? It’s obvious 4guards has inside channels to discussions with people tied into sports journalism. Of course, it may be readily available through dedicated internet searches(a flippant and easy-to-make claim 4gaurds has repeatedly used), but his/her information is too quickly offered into conversations to indicate there isn’t already a wide base of topical knowledge already at disposal.

    I heard an interesting comment made by a person phoning into the Mike & Mike Show this morning…A female caller was giving her differing opinions about Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson…She didn’t care what morally corrupt things Tiger had done off the golf course..She admitted to a bias with no attachment to recent events in the news..She still loved Tiger..She surprisingly claimed a strange and somewhat inexplicable dislike for the way Mickelson acted on the golf course..She thought Tiger exhibited passion for the game in a way that allowed her to enjoy and feel more attached to the sport…Why do I share this story? I guess that’s the way I feel about 4guards…He/she tries so damn hard to create logical and thoroughly researched arguments against Crean to the point it dampens the effectiveness. I think he/she is very aware of the counter effect created(more Tom Crean support)..Genuine arguments often avoid reason..We all have prejudices…We all have intuition and gut feelings. 4guards absence of such discredits a mountain of facts.

  16. These guys provide us with such great content and do such a good job. It is really a low blow to accuse them of that crap.
    I am my own man and these guys have nothing to do with me.

  17. Eric, I too go to Nick’s for the strom’s. They haven’t changed much over the years and are top rate bar food. I also go to Mother Bears and although the pizza is good, its not the same. As I remember it, in the old days the topping on a sausage pizza was finely ground and non-greasy without cheese binding it all together. Yummy.

    I like Pho, I’ll have to try it next time I’m there.

    As far as 4guards is concerned, his is the Fox News approach. Load the statement/question with a value laden premise and then start an argument with that as the foundation. Such as: “Crean has a history of transfer problems at Marquette, when will they show up here.” Well the fact is 4guards has never established that Crean did have a transfer problem and he keeps trying to get the Scoopers to do the research to prove it.”

  18. Restaurant history. The Trojan Horse used to be a tiny little place called Zeus’ near Nicks. The Brigantine occupied what is now Trojan Horse. After Zeus’ burned downed they upgraded to a bigger location. The Brig ceased to exist and the Trojan Horse was born.

  19. …and now even conservatives are distancing themselves from Fox News, but at least they have 4tards as a loyal supporter still. I guess in the end, society always needs stubborn, recalcitrant loudmouths, to remind the rest of us how not to act.

    The best part about the Nick’s strombolis is the heaping pile of sweet pickle chips you get with them. I’ve never had the pizza there, but Mother Bear’s thin crust is top notch.

    There are some great dining options these days in Bloomington. Finch’s on Kirkwood is a casual but classy place that does outstanding personal pizzas of the gourmet variety for about ten bucks a piece. They have this one called the Parisian that has bacon, leeks, thin slices of roasted red potatoes, creme fraiche, and mozzarella. The crust is bubbly and thin, and like all great European style pizzas, it is baked in an 800 degree wood oven. On Wednesday there are beer specials where you can get pints of the good stuff for 2.50. Sit on the patio which overlooks Kirkwood on a warm spring night, sip a cold beer, munch a crispy, square-cut slice of gourmet pizza, watch the ladies stroll by…its a piece of heaven.

    Virginia supposedly has a good Pho scene.

  20. Chet-

    This is only a test…Do you remember a place on East 3rd named The Huddle? Do you remember what restaurant would later occupy their round building?


    Give me a break! You have quite the large something of nothing to do with them..You have used their wonderful site as platform to conduct a most hideous, mindless, and unfair assault like no other against an Indiana coach in only his second year at university. You have also given total disservice to other sport topics Scoop writes about by continually making attempts to take discussions back to your concocted road of hatred against Crean..It is a constant deluge..There is a big difference between having the occasional off-topic discussion and desiring pure dominance a world of negativity…You thus refuse Scoop’s right to be their own site(Korman the right to be his own man and run a blog that others new to Scoop believe to be based on fairness and sincerity of thought). Eventually, your actions become attached their good name.

  21. Forever the emptiness in stomach I can’t write like Husky Tom combined with instant hunger for a slice of that delicious pizza. Such torture.

  22. Chill- I’m glad the pizza tempted you but pleas don’t try to “out-inferior” me. You get on a roll, and you are Ernest Hemingway or John Steinbeck. I am no better than an editorial writer for the Idaho Tribune, and maybe worse. Let’s be real.

  23. i must say the strom at the pizzaria is quite good as well but the nicks one is sized for two. or one big fat 4tards

  24. Tom-

    Bull! I’m not worthy your crisp 800 degree oven of creativity…I’m having a Donatos pizza delivered tonight…pretty much analogous my soggy generic writing delivered in these boxes.


    That was funny.

  25. I use to managed the Trojan Horse for five years. Great food and almost everything there was home-made. Gyros, Span, and Hamburger was grounded up by themselves. I loved the Cheeseparer, Tenderloin w/ Jalapeno Mayo. I had a sandwich on the menu when I was there called the Calhoun. It was a roast beef sandwich cooked patty melt style w/red onions and side of jalapeno. Delicious!!!

    Bring it back Stalter and Buckeye.

  26. Korman – for the love of God, add a registration function for commenting so you can get rid of the creeps. Ask the losers at Inside the Hall to help. They added a registration function before their site turned into a cess pool like this place is becoming.

  27. I read this site (along with Inside The Hall) nearly everyday. Thank you to the authors!! I very rarely, however, move into the comment sections. When I do, I usually enjoy the banter when it is regarding the IU program and not mindless commentary. The two solutions (which should be used in conjunction) are: IGNORE the mindlessness; HT should institute stronger log-in procedures. If a post is merely to instigate off-the-subject banter, DON’T spend the next 40 posts discussing the ignorance of the poster…Just let it go. HT, please institute a system that will allow you to block these people from participating in otherwise meaningful and enjoyable conversations.

    I cannot and will not read or participate in these comment sessions if they continue the way they are…I have other things to do with my time. I imagine that others feel the same way.

    Just my two cents. Thanks.

  28. Chet, thanks for the restaurant history. That’s before my recollections of Bloomington, which go back to the late ’80s. Husky Tom and others, thanks for the suggestions. One of my favorite things about visiting B-town is eating (well, and drinking).

    I make it a point around Thanksgiving to come up for lunch at the Uptown Cafe and have persimmon pudding, which noone in Tennessee has any clue about unless they know me. I also like Casablanca Cafe for some Mediterranean cuisine. That used to be a slam-dunk first date place back in ‘the day,’ as they say!

  29. Eric- Uptown has a great Muffaletta sandwich for lunch. Big slices of fresh mozzarella sit atop a light ciabatta bread with a hearty, flavorful olive tapenade, which is made with green olives, kalamatas, roasted bell peppers, garlic, capers and olive oil. A few firm slices of tomato go on top of that, with a garlicy aioli. It’s one of those sandwiches that makes you think you could be a vegetarian, if push comes to shove.

    I sincerely hope that this great, energetic dialogue about Btown restaurants isn’t too offensive or “off-topic” for you purists out there.

  30. Husky Tom,
    I was in Btown from 1967 to 1972. Sully’s was the high class restaurant, so I went there when my parents came to visit. We ate a lot of stroms and pizza, not to mention macaroni&cheese.
    I had enough grease in body to last a long time!

  31. Millport-

    One can easily do that in Bloomington. Breakfast at Uptown, lunch at the TroHo, and dinner at Upland Brewery (have you been there?), and you will easily tally 6,000 calories for the day. Especially if you like the suds, like I do; a pitcher of Upland Wheat will add another thousand to the count.

    Luckily, there are so many darned parks and trails here, that you can get out there the next morning and run/roller/blade/tennis your way out of those calories, although at 33 years old calories seem harder and harder to shed.

    It is good that there are so many Asian restaurants taking root here. It’s the one thing I really miss about Seattle other than the sports teams. Asian food, as long as it isn’t Chinese buffet, feels a lot healthier.

  32. My mom once brought the most lovely sandwich down to my basement retreat..It was the freshest Wonder of spongy soft with two slices completely unique but perfectly married tastes..On one five inch square the slathering of a smooth and intense buttery spread made from nuts grown in soil of the renowned Skippy farms..She mixed up the textures and temperatures beautifully by applying to other slice a chilled jellied-fruit preserved substance bursting with the flavor of succulent grapes picked from Welch’s sweetest Concord producing vineyards. Mom brought this masterpiece on sparkling white plate with tall glass of cold milk and smile that grafts eternally deep upon recesses my brain…

  33. ^^^And he says he can’t write…

    Hate to tell you what they put in Wonder Bread, Skippy, and Welch’s these days…Hopefully you are now shopping at Trader Joes.

  34. I sometimes hate maneuvering around people with nothing better to do than stare at cheese all day. I used to buy frozen seafood at Trader Joes(I don’t trust grocery stores claiming to sell “fresh”). Unfortunately, I got tired of finding thick coating of freezer burn on Joes packaged jumbo shrimp that I like to use in a favorite stir-fry dish called Lover’s Shrimp…It’s a good place to buy small wedges of pricey Parmesan-Reggiano cheese(grocery stores like to run up your bill by only selling large chunks equivalently priced a thick steak)..I also find a nice diced prosciutto ham product(can’t remember the brand)that I like to use in a pasta dish made with baby peas, cream, splash of chicken stock, couple tablespoons finely chopped onion, and the famous Parmesan-Reggiano.

    You have to be a smart shopper..At the location nearest my home, they don’t always have good turnover of all their products.

    Wow..I must be careful when picking blogging names based on random memory of players from sports teams followed as kid..I did a quick search on Mel Hall..I didn’t realize the terrible acts he committed during his days in baseball.

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