Wilkins could be nearing decision

Indiana target John Wilkins is visiting Illinois State today, Southeastern (Iowa) Community College coach Terry Carroll said, and could be making his college decision soon.

According to Caroll, this is Wilkins’ third visit. The 6-foot-9, 215-pounder has also toured Indiana and Providence.

“By next week here, I think he’s going to be ready to make a decision,” Carroll said.

Carroll said there has been additional interest because of the recent coaching carousel but “I don’t know if he’s even interested.”

Wilkins visited Indiana two weeks ago. Carroll said it was positive, but said Wilkins didn’t go into a lot of detail.

“He said he really liked it,” Caroll said. “He’s the kind of guy that just tells it like it is. He said he really liked it, and that’s about all he said.”

Wilkins is the son of former NBA player Jeff Wilkins. He was born in Belgium and lived most of his life in Europe before coming to the United States in 2008 to be with his father who lives in Gary.  The younger Wilkins initially committed to Bradley, but was was not cleared by the NCAA initial eligibility center. He decided to go to Southeastern Community College, but was not allowed to play there because the National Junior College Athletic Association ruled him ineligible because he played in five games in a European professional league when he was 16.

For the past season, Wilkins has been able to practice with Southeastern but not play in games. He is expected to have three years of eligibility at whatever school he transfers to, but will likely have to serve a five-game suspension for playing professionally.

“His upside is huge because he’s 6-8, 6-9, he can really shoot and handle,” Carroll said. “The downside is he needs to work on his body and become stronger, He’s a good rebounder in his area, but it’s hard for him to get out of his area and get rebounds. He needs some work on defense. He gaps people up and stays in front of them, but he doesn’t understand the toughness and hardness you need and how much you need to get after it defensively.”

Weight training will be extremely important for Wilkins, Carroll said, because he is very much stuck in between small and power forward right now. Offensively, Carroll said, Wilkins has the skills to play the three. Defensively, he can’t guard the perimeter well enough to play small forward, and he gets pushed around inside too much to be effective as a power forward.

“He just hasn’t worked in the weight room that much until now,” Carroll said. “But he’s got a body build that he can put weight on.”

Carroll, however, expects him to be coachable and easy to push.

“He’s probably the nicest kid I’ve ever been around in 33 years of coaching,” Carroll said.


  1. I imagine this coach is giving as accurate a description of Wilkin’s talents and needs as we have yet heard. With a three year eligibility window is it enough time or even worth it to have him productive for two or maybe only one year. Probably a good move for maximizing the future scholarship grid.

  2. Based upon the coach’s seemingly straightforward comments, I would find Wilkins to be a poor match for our needs. I could, though, be wrong, but whatever his decision, I wish him the very best luck and a solid college career!

  3. He seems to remind me of Elston and Watford. Don’t get me wrong I love those guys but I think we need a true big ten bangin big man. Use the scholly elsewhere.

  4. It’s refreshing to read such honest comments from a coach.

    I have been intrigued by Wilkins but I’m not sure he’s the best fit either. I’d love to be wrong.

    Also, given our scholarship numbers it seems like a three-year player isn’t what IU would want. A two year juco player would free up a scholarship for that vaunted 2012 Indiana class (e.g. R. Ratliffe, not that he is interested ).

    Regardless, I hope it all works out for him.

  5. He sounds like the type of player who’d be a really solid pick up in a normal year.

    Obviously, the time’s aren’t normal.

    It’d seem that we’d just be overloading with this type of player, given Watford and Elston seem to fit a similar mold.

    But at the same time, there aren’t very many, if any, legitimate big men left to pick up. So I guess there’s an argument for picking up good players where we can, regardless of position right now.

    It’ll be interesting to see what happens.

  6. Totally unrelated…but the Courier Journal is reporting that Marquis Teague will be committing to UK.

  7. Better grab him, If we can even get him. Illinoise State, Bradley , Providence. Thats about our level now. We may lose out to them.

  8. Don’t want him. Get Brandon Young or just save it. No use in wasting a scholarship on someone who isn’t going to make an impact.

  9. After he commits, everybody will be saying what a great pickup he is.
    I guess I should not assume we can beat out Illinois State and Providence at this point.
    I guess if he signs he will be our prized recruit of the 2010 class though.

  10. Off the subject, but on Maquis Teague, does anyone have any insight as to why this kid is leaving the state? Looks like he will head to Kentucky or Louisville. If he’s a “one and done”, makes sense for Kentucky.

  11. Brad,
    brandon young? another 3 star guard from the DC area? Not to mention he is still committed to Depaul.

  12. Just read where Oladipo at Kentucky event advanced in the dunk contest, he and his teammate were second in the 2 on 2 competition and the real puzzler is he advanced to tomorrows round of the 3 point shooting contest even without having the benefit of an outside shot. Something doesn’t jive about that per all we have been told about his lack of an any outside shooting skills by a well established, often quoted and highly paid evaluator of high school BB talent.

  13. 4guards,

    You are the most negative commenter I’ve ever encountered, by far.

    My simple question for you is, why do you even bother following IU? All it seems to do is put you in a bad mood. Have you considered taking a hiatus? Please say yes.

  14. actually oladipo was shooting with magnetic basketballs. thats why he advanced in the competition duh. and 3 star brandon young are you serious? the kid is nowhere near rated as highly as verdell jones or jordan crawford.

  15. @iual88….the deal with teague is and has been the following:
    + He has made it clear he is one and done

    + Has ties to L’ville with his dad, Ky came in late and the Rose, Evans, Wall thing is a strong sell

    + Crean has done all he can to recruit him, his family, and now he is more focused on recruiting the school as they are loaded with talent coming up.

    + In all honesty, Teague is a better fit for KY than IU, given he is one and done, and IU is in the long term mode. If Teague went to IU, he is NOT the type of player to make a team better. J.Davis is a better fit for IU in the long run and equally a good player.

  16. Hotel boy,
    according to allmetsports.com, Oladipo had 14 threes on the year in 36 games.
    Have you watched the video of his performance? Terrible shooter. He barely gets off the ground for as athletic as he is. It obviously didn’t take much to advance.
    Get your facts straight.

  17. IU needs help on the boards and defensively right now. Can Wilkins bring that? Not sure. It’s hard to get to excited about another project. And as much as I like the idea of him being a “nice kid” it seems to me Coach Crean has a lot of those already and could really use someone with more of a chip on their shoulder when it comes to basketball.

  18. coach4disreguards, against the best players at the Ky. event he is rising to the top. Maybe that video you have memorized was only an off day because this performance in Ky. sure puts it in a questionable light. If he does well today what spin will your bias produce?

  19. Hotel boy,
    One of the people who actually got eliminated in the 3 point shootout was Moses Abraham if that tells you anything.
    The video I am talking about is on the Kentucky event. Do you ever have a clue about anything?
    It is pretty hilarious.
    The video is everywhere , watch it for yourself

  20. Have watched 3 times. All your posted evaluations about him would lead everyone to believe he could not shoot the ball from beyond six feet. Certainly is not so. All DC Metro! Top performer in Kentucky! Has 3 point range! Very strong 2 on 2 performance! A defensive plus! Rebounds with zeal! Knows how to finish at the rim! Your implied career in evaluating BB talent was over the day you were born. Spin on to suit your bias.

  21. Does anyone know if IU is tracking any of Wake Forest’s new recruits for 2010? Their coach was fired after a 3 year run with a 61-31 record, he made the NCAA Tourney each year, in fact they were briefly ranked #1 in 2008-09 (when they destroyed IU in the ACC Challenge). One recruit, Rivals #85, F, Melvin Tabb 6’8/225, 4 star, of Raliegh, NC; another Rivals #87, C, Carson Desrosiers 6’10/210, 4 star, of Lawrence, MA. They might reopen with the coaching change.

  22. If you have watched it three times , what is your expert opinion on his form?
    He has absolutely no consistency beyond 6 feet. Face it , he is a terrible shooter.
    I will agree with you in the fact that he knows how to finish at the rim and do like that about his game. We just don’t need a shooting guard who can’t shoot the ball.

  23. Has 3 point range, is in 3 point shooting final on raw shooting talent alone and showed very competitive 2 on 2 offensive skills and is a much better shooter and offensive threat than your BS has ever implied, I suspect he will be one of those prized players who can score from anywhere, spin your bias, nuff said.

  24. Do you notice that even the Crean Apologists aren’t coming out to back you on this?
    His form is terrible. He barely even gets off the ground. Some of those shots missed very badly.

  25. No one needs help when trying to have a discussion with you 4guards. There are no discussions, you make your negative comments and there is no discussion. People provide food for discussion to argue your point but that doesn’t work because you are correct and the everyone else is wrong.
    I saw this morning that your reputation is growing. ITH has some reasonable bloggers who don’t think a lot of your opinions. I wonder are they all apologists?
    Your attempt at humor, I hope that’s what is was,concerning the soccer team was a miserable failure. Face it, one or all of these blogs will eventually have enough of your games and sh.

  26. No one needs help when trying to have a discussion with you 4guards. There are no discussions, you make your negative comments and there is no discussion. People provide food for discussion to argue your point but that doesn’t work because you are correct and the everyone else is wrong.
    I saw this morning that your reputation is growing. ITH has some reasonable bloggers who don’t think a lot of your opinions. I wonder are they all apologists?
    Your attempt at humor, I hope that’s what is was,concerning the soccer team was a miserable failure. Face it, one or all of these blogs will eventually have enough of your games and shut you down.

  27. Millport,
    That wasn’t me commenting on the soccer article. I actually was thrilled with the Yeagley hire. Great choice and he will have us back where we belong.
    I don’t read the comments on ITH. There is a reason for that.
    Once again for you copy cats out there…. immitation is the best form of flattery.

  28. 4tards is denser than Grannys 25 year old fruit cake. Boy you just really are stupid huh? Go respond to Chet in the Stevens thread you coward.

  29. 4guards,
    In the past you have stated that the folks at ITH were not allowing you to post. I believe you insinuated that it was because your posts were negative.
    Yesterday someone stated that you were on a Purdue blog. You denied that.
    Today your have had to deny a soccer team blog and an ITH blog.
    Forget the immiation slant that you attempt to put on the situation. That’s your ego trip.
    You are not bery well liked or appreciated. I seriously feel sorry for you.

  30. So much for flattering yourself. Anyone on here imitating you is anything but flattery. You could not evaluate a case of dandruff let alone BB talent. When it comes to needing backing or support, I know of no one on here who needs support to handle you.

  31. Since when did you have to sky off the ground for a jump shot? Pure jump shooters with some size and length don’t need to and can be more consistent late into the game with their shot. I’ve never seen Oladipo shoot, but jumping high doesn’t make you a good shooter.

  32. Regarding Oladipo… It takes some form of skill to be able to hit enough 3’s to advance in any 3 pt shooting contest. Bad form can be corrected, if he is a hard enough worker (which by all accounts he is). And, interestingly enough, our coach has quite the reputation for developing guards. Not for sure that Vic will turn into anything special, but he sure has the athleticism and attitude.

    That thought led me to this one: Why does that slimeball down south get so much credit for developing point guards? Rose, Evans, Wall… I could sit on my ass and watch those guys play for a year before becoming a top pick in the draft too. I never really followed his career, so is there actually any legitimate reason for the reputation his sleaze has garnered him? It’s interesting to me because guys like Knight, Teague, etc. all claim to like how he puts point guards in the NBA.

  33. I think V.O. will do great.I cant see how people can knock the guy And he hasnt even put on an I.U. uniform.

  34. 4 Guards… You Talk all that smack about Vic but Im betting if Vic Knew you were talkin bout him he would probably jump over your dumb ass and rub his nuts on your head while he’s slammin the ball through the hoop. Then he would get up and knock your ass out. Well thats what I would do if I were Vic anyway. Why dont you become a pUKe fan. You remind me of one with all of the negativity.

  35. No need to read between the lines of a SSTRAUB post, or figure out who the target was.

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