Willis out for rest of spring

Indiana sophomore tailback Darius Willis, who has been out since the April 3 scrimmage with a rib injury, will miss the rest of spring practice to have ankle surgery.

Willis suffered through the injury for most of the fall, sitting out three games and having his carries limited in several others. He is expected to fine by fall camp, however.

Senior linebacker Tyler Replogle also missed Tuesday’s practice with a head injury. He is expected to return either Thursday or in the Cream and Crimson game on Saturday.


  1. Anxious to peep the Hoosiers this Saturday.

    On a completely unrelated note- Best. Poll. Question. Ever. (with the slim exception of any poll where Tijan was the obvious answer)

    Couldn’t help but find the irony in it after having read the following article yesterday:

  2. is Willis another Bob Sanders? I was/am so pumped about this kid but will he stay healthy? If the ankle bothered him in the fall…why did he wait this long for surgery? Odd…

  3. Unfortunately, it’s always something w/ this kid. The whole thing seems like it’s been handled questionably at best by the coaches and training staff…he’s been out w/ a rib injury, so now is the time to fix the ankle that’s been hurt since last fall?? Huh??? I know Lynch hates to play true freshmen, but maybe Willis’ history will help open the door for Perez if he performs well enough.

  4. Obviously the teams medical folks after the season ended last Fall made the decision to rest the problem ankle to see if it would respond positively. In doing so they must have felt if it did not clear up by Spring practice surgery would be needed with still enough time to heal by the start of the season. I heard (through no official capacity) it is bone spur(s), something relatively common with ankle or foot injuries.

  5. Clarion,
    Official capacity or not, you are probably correct. People sometimes forget that there are trainers and doctors all over the athletic department.
    The injury bug is troublesome.

  6. Millport,
    …and the other thing to think about is he has 3 years eligibility left…maybe this eliminates his lost game injuries(big hope)…

  7. Millport, I know they have great trainers and docs. After all the injuries last season I am skeptical and it is just my opinion that if the ankle hampered him all season which it did…why did he not have surgery after season? So what they did in the long run did not work. I hope this does not put him behind. Love this kid on the field!

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