Yeagley: “We’re still experimenting …”

Game 2 of the Todd Yeagley era, albeit spring, resulted in a 1-1 tie with Cincinnati Friday night at Armstrong Stadium. Not unlike the first game, a 2-1 comeback win over Louisville, the Hoosiers played a less than stellar first half followed by a strong second half.

But as you might expect with spring games, the emphasis is as much on figuring out how the pieces fit as what those pieces build.

“We’re still experimenting with a few players, and we know there are going to be some mistakes made, whether it’s positional mistakes or technical errors or whatever it might be,” Yeagley said. “We’re trying to be patient, however, we do want thing to happen a little bit quicker, and the first half, just the effort and attention to detail was not even close to what those players perform at every day.”

Some of those experiments included Alec Purdie spending some time in midfield, Chris Haffner starting in the back and freshman Jacob Bushue, who enrolled in January, seeing significant minutes.

“Certainly, Chris Haffner, who’s not played many minutes, was a night and day performance first to second half. We gave himspecific things that he went out and did,” Yeagley said. “I thought Jacob Bushue in particular came in and did a real nice job. Here’s a kid that would still be in his last semester of high school, came in and was confident, has bite to his game. (He) came in and gave us a lift.
“I thought he and Tyler McCarroll in the second part of the first half changed our momentum a little bit to the positive.”

Yeagley also praised center back Tommy Meyer as the Hoosiers’ most consistent player from start to finish and credited Bruin with “some great moments as he’s capable of.”


  1. Yeagley doesn’t know how to recruit soccer players! 3 star soccer players! Midfielders! Forwards! Defenders! Ugh! Not to mention Goalies! Ugh! Whatever! Fire Yeagley. Bring in Alford to run the soccer program. 7 National Championship guaranteed in 5 years. Alford4Life.

  2. That being said, I expect a final four trip from Yeagley this year and a national championship next year. I have expectations, unlike all you pathetic Crean apologists.

  3. Notable coaches who 4guards would have fired for not meeting his win now expectations:

    Doc Councilman: 10 years before first title
    Jerry Yeagley: 8 years before first title (not counting club status years)
    Dean Smith: 21 years before first title
    Jim Calhoun: 13 years before first title
    John Wooden: 16 years before first title

    It took me about 3 minutes to come up with this list. I’m sure there are many, many more examples of Hall of Fame coaches who were valued for more than just the trophies they brought home. These values allowed these coaches to remain in place, build and achieve over time. I’m sure their Presidents and ADs were glad they were patient.

  4. todd does not know how to coach…has to confer with daddy war bucks every second! Try watching him on the phone with the 75 year old man everyday. How many times is the old man in the ofice everyday trying to run the show!
    Word is, it me be geting a little too crowed with the old man butting in all the time! Get a life…stay at the culb and keep drinking and spinning tall stories to make you kid look good! HA!

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