Yeguete commits to Florida

Florida Today, and everyone else for that matter, are reporting that Will Yeguete has committed to Florida. Indiana had been involved with Yeguete, a 6-foot-7, 210-pound guard from Florida Air Academy in Melbourne, Fla., since January, but Yeguete said last week he had eliminated the Hoosiers.


  1. In other recruiting news:

    Team 4tards signed another recruit today, bringing Tards’ total class to 5 signees. Here is the information on the newest member of the team:

    Adam *** PF (Petulant Foulmouth)

    An up-and-comer noticed recently by 4tards for his ability to create short, whiney bursts of senseless anti-Crean nonsense, with a particular knack for bad punctuation and a deft use of capital letters. His comments are effortless, as they take almost no mental activity to form and spew forth. Will fit in perfectly to Coach 4tards’ system>”

  2. I actually would have loved to have seen Will in candy stripes. I think this kid will end up being pretty good. He stated that he had always dreamed of playing for Florida U. Well, good for him….looks like his dreams came true. Oh well, guess it wasnt meant to be. But with possible good news coming Wednesday it should wash all these recruiting blues away.

  3. Sorry, 4t it’s not me. I’m not much of a fan of the hijack name thing and you sound silly enough all by yourself. I’m not a daily Scoop guy except some weekends.

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