1. TRIVIA:

    1) This recruit recently ruled out Indiana before making his final decision.

    a) Selby
    b) Christmas
    c) Irving
    d) Yeguete
    e) All of the above
    f) None of the above
    g) I don’t care who it was; I am more interested in how 4tards will spin this into a national tragedy.

  2. I for one am happy Crean couldn’t land him. Just another 3 star out of state recruit. He is undersized for the 4 and couldn’t shoot the ball.

  3. Interesting. Well Dustin this is probably why his camp wasn’t returning one of your 2,000 calls. No worries, I say on to the next recruit. Or perhaps at this point IU should just save this scholarship for the 2011 class.


  4. I actually agree with 4guards. I hope Yeguete is going to FLA, since it will increase IU’s chances with Larson (I believe the FLA coaches are meeting with Larson in his home town this weekend).

  5. I have a question for the more knowledgeable minds out there.

    Are transfers “recruited” like high school players? In other words, when a kid decides to transfer, do coaches around the country from other schools call him, go after him, etc.?

    I was just taking a look at the list of Pac 10 transfers this year. Not only are there a lot of them, but there are some good ones in there:

    G Garland Judkins, sophomore
    F D.J. Shumpert, sophomore

    Arizona State
    F Taylor Rohde, sophomore
    G Brandon Thompson, freshman
    G Demetrius Walker, freshman

    G D.J. Seeley, sophomore

    F Drew Wiley, sophomore

    F Drew Gordon, sophomore
    C J’Mison Morgan, sophomore
    F Mike Moser, freshman

    F Leonard Washington, sophomore

    G Elston Turner, sophomore

    Washington State
    G Anthony Brown, freshman
    G Michael Harthun, sophomore
    G Xavier Thames, freshman

    Mike Moser is a Rivals 4-star who was recruited by Crean. Should Crean be contacting him?

  6. Let me repeat my question:

    Are transfers “recruited” like high school players? In other words, when a kid decides to transfer, do coaches around the country from other schools call him, go after him, etc.?

    Crean recruited Moser two years ago. There are also some interesting possibilities like the Fuller kid from Iowa.

    Is there a non-4tarded person out there who can tell me about how transfers are approached by other coaches?

  7. Husky Tom,
    It’s a valid question. Sorry I don’t really know the answer. I do know that a player granted release from Iowa received 30 offers the first day since he has yet to enroll that may make a difference.
    It’s very difficult to get any rational discussion here.

  8. Thanks Dustin and Millport. Seems like this might be a way for us to shore up some gaps over the next year or two.

  9. HT nothing wrong with Pac 10 talent. They would have a better experience in the B10 than most from the MW would. I am in agreement with Dustin. I do not know all the minutia in the rules but they can be recruited with vigor.

  10. A coach cannot initiate contact with a player regarding transfer if the player already listed on the roster of another team. I am not sure how it works once a player has committed to leave his current school.

  11. Transfers are often like hemorrhoids. A**holes with bleeding itch for attention. Though you try to bend over backwards, it’s often just too hard to really get a good honest look at them. Differing theories why some itch so much to go. Can anyone honestly put their finger on it? Maybe I’m just scratching the surface..Maybe some took a hard look in the mirror and found their status shrinking..Maybe some were problematic and facing removal? I will commend the effort, optimism, and amount of Preparation Husky Tom put into his hopefuls to one day gel on the Big Red McCracken. Good Job!

  12. You’ve been blowing a “hole” lot of wind on this subject, Terry. Maybe its time you probe your feelings a little and assk yourself why you are so easily entertained.

    Do we need any more of your blogging enema?

  13. k. d. lang has nearly achieved complete Wayne Newton metamorphosis. Proof I’m easily entertained.

    Now assk yourself if spending much of your day engaging a hemorrhoid named 4guards is adequate your entertainment? Can attempting to remove the growth on the Scoop bloghole actually be more inspiring than fixing your inflamed anus?

  14. Yeah, what is up with that? K.D. used to be quite the pretty Canadian lezzie lassie.

    Her voice is incredible, needless to say.

    I’ll tell you what, you are becoming more annoying than either 4guards or the occasional thrombosed vein in my rectum.

  15. No, those aren’t tweezers..Calling Dr. Hooper..Calling Dr. Hooper. We have patient on Scooper that needs to fix a pooper.

  16. Have you noticed how there is zero sense of humor on this blog? Arm 4guards with the ability to laugh at himself and he could own this place. If he so much as let out the tiniest fart of humility we may just all parish from the ancientness of such stagnant air. It’s an impossibility..Thus the reason why all dictators fail.

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