Hoosier prospects Yogi Ferrell, Cody Zeller, Marshall Plumlee and Jeremiah Davis at adidas May Classic

TEAM SCORE: 17U Team Southern Indiana Red 68, Indiana Elite Team Indiana 64

HOOSIER PROSPECTS: Yogi Ferrell led the team with 19 points. Jeremiah Davis with 13, Cody Zeller with 9 and Marshall Plumlee with 4.

YOGI FERRELL: “(On his unofficial visit Wednesday) I came down and played with the guys. They showed me the new facility. It’s amazing. They just honor all the history. It’s kind of cool just looking back on the past and what they’ve done to make this place great.”

MY THOUGHTS: A really disappointing loss for Team Indiana in the quarterfinals. They were the favorite to win this thing, so falling to a group without a true high-major player on it is rough.

The team clearly missed Austin Etherington. His presence helps spacing on the floor. Without him, and with Spencer Turner cold (3 points), it was Ferrell and Davis driving with the big men in the post. TSI packed it in and came from behind to pull off the upset.

Ferrell said he was concerned with the amount of second-chance points


  1. Thanks guys from me as well.

    The stats for this game say it all. Ferrell and Davis lead the way with strong games. Meanwhile, Zeller and Plumblee struggle to keep up and continue to show that they are overrated.

    Davis and Ferrell should be our top focus. Smeller and Dumblee can take the high road to China, for all I am concerned.

  2. So you are bitter becuase their brothers opted not to play for our previous staff? Makes complete sense.

  3. Me? Bitter? My alma mater has a top-10 recruiting class. With IU, I call it as I see it, 4tards.

    Take off the dork-colored goggles and look at the facts: 9 and 4 points, respectively.

  4. Right. A blog post is an opinion, usually from a dumb, overly-obsessive armchair quarterback like myself or 4tards who has nothing better to do with their time then frequent these blogs and get involved with the minutiae of a basketball program.

    I am glad IU basketball is not being run by me. That being said, if it were, there certainly wouldn’t be a single recruiting call or visit made to the Zellers or the Dumblees.

  5. It sounds like you may have a spot on our current staff with your recruiting expertise. They would probably even send you to recruit somebody who is also considering Washington.

  6. Yogi Ferrell has Washington on his list, so sign me up. I could easily do as good of a job as Roshown Mcleod.

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