1. I like adding Nebraska but it’s hard to see the Oklahoma/Nebraska rivalry come to an end. There was a time when that was the National Championship game on a regular basis. Overall, it’s a good fit.

  2. Wow, how does that stuff actually end up on the comments page? I thought there was someone who decided what gets through? Is there not? I’m deeply offended by those crude pictures.

  3. ^ That’s most certainly Husky posing as Offended Jerry above.

    Hey, Jerry: let’s not forget you started WWII.

    OK, buddy? I was deeply offended by that.

  4. Chet,

    Oklahoma & Nebraska rivalry is pretty much is over. They don’t play every year, in the last 8 years they have only played 5 times with Oklahoma dominating the series 5-0 by an average score of 31-13.

    They are not scheduled to play each other in 2010 either.

  5. Mike P is right about the annual Husker/Sooner rivalry. It ended when the Big8 merged with I believe the SW Conference to form the Big12. I think it then went to an every other year scheduled meeting. To bad it used to be a hell of a show that made a lot of reputations.

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