Crean addresses Izzo situation, other issues

Tom Crean decided to answer the Michigan State questions before they could be asked.

In a YouTube video posted on his Twitter account Friday, the Indiana coach addressed several hot topics surrounding the program and the Big Ten, saying that he felt it was the best way to respond to numerous phone calls, text messages, e-mails and media requests. The first issue he addressed, of course, was Michigan State coach Tom Izzo’s discussions with the Cleveland Cavaliers and what it might mean for Crean if Izzo took the job.

“I don’t know what he’s going to do,” he said. “I talk to him a lot. I talked to him yesterday. I haven’t talked to him since he came back from Cleveland. As usual, those conversations are always private between the two of us and our families and I never share them. I hope it doesn’t offend anybody that I haven’t been able to talk about him, but I never choose to do that. I think he’ll do what he thinks is best for him, best for his family, best for his growth as a coach. I’m sure he’ll make the right decision.”

Crean, an assistant coach at Michigan State earlier in his career, then reiterated his commitment to Indiana.

“I’m at Indiana,” he said. “It doesn’t make any difference what job opens in the country. If you take a job like Indiana, you take it because it’s one of the great jobs in all of sports. You can take it out of the equation of just being a great college basketball job. This is one of those destination places that most people never even dream about getting. I was one of those people. Indiana is exactly the place that we’re going to continue to work and build, and it’s a hard job. It’s a hard challenge. You don’t take a job like this thinking that anything about it is going to be easy. You certainly don’t take it two years ago and think that it’s going to be as difficult as it has been, but it has been, and it’s a great, great thing to try to undertake day in and day out to get this thing back where it’s gotta be.”

Crean praised his players and the academic support staff at IU for the Hoosiers improved APR score. He said that he has already interviewed a potential replacement for departing strength training coach Jeff Watkinson, and said he supported Watkinson’s move to work full-time for Eric Gordon.

Crean also discussed conference realignment, but did so in what was in effect, a long no-comment.

“Most of you and most of us as coaches will know at the same time,” he said. “We’ll know when we read it, we’ll know when we hear it. I don’t have any inside information on anything, and frankly I don’t ask for it. I don’t look to find it. There’s so many things going on, I think it’s a lot of fun as a fan of sports to watch and see how it goes, but it doesn’t have anything to do with our daily job of trying to make this program better. We trust the people that are in the decision-making mode to make that happen. That’s kind of where it stands.”


  1. Great speech Coach! You are the man who will turn around this program. Cook Hall will make a difference and you couple it with a motivator like Crean along with the IU Bball family & history and the kids will come. He did a decent job last year with the freshman. Sure they were down toward the years end but those are the lessons one must go through when your that young and with that many young kids on the team, especially the mess he inheirted at IU. There will be a few to leave the current team and they will be replaced with better players. Crean is the type of coach that if you dont produce or play to your potential you will be sitting and then you wont be around. I like what he has done for the Bball’s team grade average and I believe he will get talented kids fighting for the scholarships that will be available. There is no need to bring up the mess Sampsom and Davis left at IU. Regardless of the past problems this man has turned the corner with the grades and this team will get better with additions. We are on our way back! You Go Tommy Boy

  2. These always crack me up no matter who they are about. I understand why he put it out, I also understand why its being reported here and in ESPN blogs. What I don’t understand is why people would take something this from ANY coach at face value.

    -Kelvin Sampson said he didn’t cheat

    -Saban said he would never coach at Alabama

    -Cal said he wasn’t leaving Memphis

    -Izzo said it would take at least another championship, and now it looks like hes leaving.

    This is nothing against Crean whatsoever, I just think that everything any coach says has to be taken with a grain of salt. I’ve heard to many stories like this from people to the media, then the next day its the opposite.

    This video and explanation mean absolutely nothing, good or bad.

  3. I would really prefer that we don’t put Crean in the same category as Saban, Sampson, and Calipari.

  4. I didn’t say he was leaving. I would agree hes staying here, but really, why do people trust these?

    You can prefer whatever you want, but nobody thought those negative things about those coaches until they left their schools. I bet Marquette liked Crean a lot while he was there. What do they say now?

    Kansas loved Roy Williams, until he left for UNC. I don’t think most people hate Roy or think hes a cheater like you could say about Cal. He went from a good program to his home, another good program. He said he wouldn’t leave, until he did. Its not unheard of. Again, I don’t think Crean would leave, but him making this ‘prophetic statement’ means nothing. NOTHING.

    If they offer, he would at least consider. Most likely wouldn’t take it, but he would consider.

  5. He could’ve just said that given the opportunity I will not consider the Michigan State job…

  6. good point JeremyK – its like a 6th grade test question. Which doesnt belong. Calipari, Saban, Crean, Sampson…

    I give Crean a lot of credit. All of us comment from the outside having no idea whatsoever what Crean has really had to deal with in his first two years. I would imagine it has been much more difficult than any could imagine. His character has been outstanding through it all and thats something we’ve not had in that position for years before he got there. And that a great start in my opinion towards returning to the top.

    He needs 5 years and if he hasnt succeeded after that then maybe its time to bitch. Until then, try to stay positive unless you are just a miserable person to begin with.

    Go IU, stay proud

  7. Read between the lines. With a 3 million dollar early buyout clause, his statement is more than prophetic.

  8. I can’t decide which is the more red–his face or his shirt. Come on coach, that much tanning is bad for you. I want you to live a long and healthy life while leading IU to championships (and I don’t mean NIT). Lay off the fake-n-bake.

  9. Out of curiosity I looked up a picture of CTC when he was a kid. It was from the 1983-84 high school basketball team he was on. It’s on the Indy Star website. He had a much, much darker complexion than all his teammates. He looked almost Hispanic, in fact. Unless you such a pitiful hater that you are convinced he was tanning himself, head to toe, in mid winter, in high school, in Michigan, you’re just gonna have to accept that he has, and always has had, a very dark complexion. Get over it.

  10. My sources tell me Coach Crean will be here for the next 25 years. When asked, he said, “It because I hate 4guards.”

  11. Surprised not to hear from ol’ what’s his name on this one. Must be away from his computer.

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