Hoosier Afternoon

Honestly, I’m going to get up earlier sometime this week. I promise. Anyway, here it goes.


Indiana baseball coach Tracy Smith interviewed with Ohio State last week but opted to stay at Indiana, I wrote.


In a story that has already been commented on at length here, Indianapolis Star columnist Bob Kravitz points out that Indiana had zero players in the Indiana-Kentucky All-Star game and that IU coach Tom Crean has to get more in-state talent.

In Fort Wayne on Sunday night, Tom Crean reiterated to the Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette’s LaMond Pope that he isn’t looking to leave Indiana.

Indiana 2011 commitment Austin Etherington, who is playing in the NBPA Top 100 camp this week in Charlottesville, Va., reiterated his commitment to Indiana, according to Tom Davis of the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel.


Michigan State is setting no deadline for Izzo to make a decision, reports Eric Lacy of the Detroit News.

Michigan congressmen are urging Tom Izzo to stay at Michigan State, the Detroit Free-Press reports.

Missed this yesterday, but sources told Brian Windhorst of the Cleveland Plain-Dealer that LeBron James respects Izzo, but will not get involved in the coaching search. That apparently includes not taking Izzo’s calls.


Andy Katz reports that a number of influential people mobilized to save the Big 12.

USA Today’s Steve Wieberg says the same, and discusses the role TV money will play in keeping the conference afloat.

Illinois president Stanley Ikenberry says “12 is a good number” for the Big Ten, Teddy Greenstein and Jodi Cohen of the Chicago Tribune report.

Dirk Chatelain of the Omaha World-Herald discusses a plan for Big Ten divisions.

ESPN’s Adam Rittenburg talks about the Big Ten rivalries that should and should not be saved.

Chicago Sun-Times columnist Rick Telander reminds us that it’s all about the money.


Michigan is paying $1 million to San Diego State for a game in 2011, the San Diego Union Tribune reports.

Minnesota named its captains for 2010, including quarterback Adam Weber.

Several of Ohio State’s commitments for 2011 met this week at the school’s camp, reports Tim May of the Columbus Dispatch.

Purdue hired a quality control coach from Plant City, Fla., the Tampa Tribune reports.


A bit of a stretch, but Indiana State promoted Greg Lansing, a former Iowa assistant, to its head coaching position.



  1. I really couldn’t agree with the Kravitz article less. He has recruited In Indiana to the extent he needs.

    Crean did recruit Dumes in his first year and swallowed an elephant whole (a great class) in his second year of recruiting, including two more very highly ranked Indiana kids.

    This year his available scholarships limited his recruiting to one or two spots. If I recall, he had a good guard (commit)who changed his mind. Now, you may or may not agree with me, but the only other Indiana kid he should have pursued, the only one we needed, was the FT. Wayne luers kid, who chose OSU. We don’t need any of the othe Indiana All-Stars on this years team.

    Next year, unless we see several players leave, Etherington is a great pickup for IU. Zeller and Chandler are the only other likely Indiana All stars Crean should be trying for. (sorry) I’m not sure we need another SG like Davis, as much as we need a C; or, a Captain-type player like Zeller.

    Last, I think Crean is rebuilding the right way. You want to be proud of the team’s total achievements? Their community involvement, their scholarship, their leadership, their efforts on the court as well as their winning percentage and whether they make the 68? or is it 72? As far as I can see he has the foundation in place. Why don’t you detractors just shut up. (rhet) Next, we’ll here that he can’t recruit outside of Indiana either.

  2. If you are going to go outside of Indiana you don’t do it with 2 guys outside the top 140 and one guy who doesn’t make the top 60 JUCO’s.
    If you go outside the borders, at least bring in some top talent. That is all.

  3. You say we should recruit people for their community involvement, leadership, effort, etc. but yet you want Chandler? Makes no sense.

  4. One thing the Juco does solve is this:

    we have another ride for 2012

    One thing he could help:

    Winning, if he can defend the paint.

    The first one is a given, the 2nd one is TBD

  5. Guys outside the top 140….
    Gordon Hayward….

    Good logic 4guards, don’t recruit these guys at all Crean.

    Yeah…Travis Caroll is a stud athlete, he will NEVER start for your Purdue team 4guards. In fact I fully expect Will Sheehey or VO to posterize big travis in the near future.

  6. I agree Crean should never have recruited VO or Sheehey, who needs….

    + Kids who are both great athletes, far better than any PU recruit

    + Kids who are strong rebounders on the offensive glass for their position.

    + Three kids who are more known for their defense, one kid who is a solid shooter.

    See these are things IU does not need and we should follow 4guards logic….if you are going to recruit outside of the state they should be top 140 guys like ronald nored, dwayne wade, or in state studs like Gordon Hayward…OH Wait none of these guys were ranked…

    4guards logic will get you Purdue results….no championships, poor in state recruiting, can’t land their own states Mr. Basketball, and struggle with 5star players…..

  7. VO, Sheehey, and Guy havent played a minute at IU. give them a ——- chance!

    Like all this BS about how BAWA should leave. MORONIC!!! he was a freshman!! how many kids are great as freshman? not very many. we had a top ten recruiting class, and i’d say maybe one of them was great.

    Allow these kids to develop. No team of freshman (recruited legally and morally) accomplishes anything great. When Bawa is averaging 3 pts 3 rebounds as a Junior then tell me he should leave. otherwise no argument saying these recruits or players are WASTES holds any merit IMO.

  8. S Hollingsworth,

    I, like Hammer believe your thoughts are pointed and hard to refute. I do not want my this to detract from your post, but every argument against 4tickturds is a winner. He simply is not an IU supporter.

  9. Dear 4guards:

    In reading between lines (here) I suspect that responding to you is some sort of mistake, but ..

    I may be wrong but weren’t the two players outside the top 140, as you call it, indeed in the top 140 when they were initially recruited/or when they committed.

    You seem to want Crean to be recruiting such top “athletes” earlier and earlier; and, when these guys commited early, as did Carlino, they were all 4-star recruits.So he did his job. The fact that they were re-graded downwards by the dominant “scouting” organizations cannot be blamed on Crean. So your argument doesn’t make any sense.

    Olidapo and Sheehey both seem like they fit the hurrying hoosier template. I can see both getting minutes as freshmen. The juco player fills a need that we had. He’ll be a bench player; and, may improve our interior defense and offensive rebounding when he is on the court. People like you judging him before we see him play, well … that justs illustrates your negativity towards Crean and IU.

    Further, I never said I wanted Crean to sign Chandler.I do not pretend to know anything about his character. While, I would really like Zeller to end up at IU. I was only saying that Zeller and Chandler are the only two top 2011 instate athletes that would seem to fill roster “needs”. I have no problem with Crean recruting a 4-star Center from anywhere in the USA. I can also wait on that until 2012.

    Hope that helps explain things for you.

  10. Hopkins and Johnson would immediately start for IU.

    And there were 2 or 3 forwards that would play including Fromm who looked like a future star on Saturday. Fromm is from South

  11. Hopkins a PG and Johnson a combo guard would not immediately start at IU….

    Who is hopkins going to replace in this lineup that will start next year…

    PG VJ3 – Teams leading scorer and best offensive player
    SG Mo Creek – enough said
    SG Christian Watford – Hopkins or Johnson ain’t playing here
    PF Elston….See above
    C Guy, Pritch, Capo

    Those two kids are nice players. Hopkins won’t even start at Butler yet, Nored is still there and Hopkins needs to show he can defend.

  12. Holingsworth,
    There were both in the 130’s before they fell. Not much better.
    I don’t want Crean recruiting top “athletes”. I want him recruiting top basketball players, a lot like the Duke and Butler programs last year.
    He didn’t do his job with Carlino, because he couldn’t hold onto him. We do agree in the fact that we both want Zeller here.
    Hotel Boy, Fromm would add more to our team his freshman year than Oldadipo or Sheehey and fill a bigger need. Same with Hopkins. Another blown assignment from Tan Cream.

  13. Dustin, future titles for you:
    1) Hoosier midafternoon
    2) Hoosier dusk
    3) Hoosier sunset
    4) Hoosier midnight

    Just kidding! Love your work.

  14. I like Tracey staying at IU. Now IU needs to show the program some love and build the stadium!

  15. Fromm will be irrelevant no matter what major he plays for his Freshman year. That is why Coach Crean did not recruit him, we got the ones to help us next season. Sorry about you poor evaluation skill.

  16. Ephraim, neither Johnson nor Hopkins would start for IU immediately. Johnson is good and might start in Jan-Feb (Rivals #51). Hopkins (#124) and Fromm (Not Ranked) would not play this year at all at IU. As for Fromm, Watford (#41) and Elston (#103) are light-years better and Capo and Pritchard are stronger and more experienced. Jeff Howard may be as good. He will be a good bench player for Butler. Hopkins is nowhere near the player Jones (#122 with 2 years experience) and Creek (#59) are. Hulls (#107) is less athletic but a much better basketball guard, with one year experience. Rivers is more athletic, weaker offensively, but with three years experience. Hopkins will do well at Butler. I think he has promise, but he is not significantly better than either Oladipo (#144)or Sheehey (#141). Thomas (#22), going to OH St, and Johnson, going to Purdue, are top recruits. No one else on the All-Star squad was a top recruit (i.e. top 150 Rivals). They actually lost to the Junior All-Stars, and won by only 3 away against a mediocre Kentucky squad (which had no one ranked in the top 150).

  17. Slojoe,
    Ha, we were starting to wonder how much later it was going to get. But I decided to use being a night owl to my advantage and finally put it together at a reasonable hour.

  18. I really like Howard as a walk-on but saying he may be as good as Fromm is beyond idiotic. Howard didn’t even make the all-star events that Fromm is putting up big numbers in.

  19. If Fromm is as good as 4tickturds believes, why was not every coach in the B10 wanting him. Are we to believe when Coach Crean did not want him the other B10 coaches followed suit?

  20. If 4 guards says I am “beyond idiotic” I know I am in the RIGHT place! I’ll stick with: “Fromm (Not Ranked) would not play this year at all at IU. As for Fromm, Watford (#41) and Elston (#103) are light-years better and Capo and Pritchard are stronger and more experienced. Jeff Howard may be as good. He will be a good bench player for Butler.” I don’t see Fromm taking playing time away from Butcher, 2 years experience in the Butler system, or Smith, 1 year experience plus 7′ tall. Fromm will be a good bench player at Butler this year. He is a good player and may start later on. Howard may really push Capo and Pritchard for PT at IU. His future potential is great. So when a TRUE idiot calls you idiotic, is that like a double negative??

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