Hoosier Afternoon

Hugh is on vacation this week, so I suppose I’m taking over. I also suppose this means I have to start working on this earlier. Hopefully, that happens.


Indiana freshmen Victor Oladipo and Will Sheehey arrive in Bloomington for summer session this week, I wrote.

Indiana baseball coach Tracy Smith will coach high school players in a baseball camp in the Dominican Republic, I wrote.


USA Today’s college basketball and football bloggers linked to Tom Crean’s YouTube dismissal of any interest in the Michigan State job, should it open.


A camper at Tom Izzo’s basketball camp asked him if he was going to take the Cleveland Cavaliers’ job, according to the Detroit Free Press. Izzo decided not to answer that one.

Izzo told the Free Press Sunday afternoon that he’s still gathering information.

Michigan State fans are posting “We Love Izzo” signs all over the place, the Free Press reports.

A source tells the Cleveland Plain Dealer that LeBron James is 100 percent behind Cleveland hiring Izzo.


Not sure if this is a pay-only story or not, but Chip Brown of Orangebloods.com is reporting that the remaining schools in the Big 12 are trying to save the league.

Pete Thamel of the New York Times reports the same.

ESPN’s Adam Rittenburg cobbled together the statements of several Big Ten luminaries on the addition of Nebraska to the conference.

The Big Ten is trying to figure out how to divide the 12-team league, AnnArbor.com’s Dave Birkett reports.

Indianapolis Star columnist Bob Kravitz discusses expansion’s effect on the student athlete with Indiana athletic director Fred Glass.


The Cedar Rapids Gazette obtained a copy of the Iowa-Iowa State football contract, explaining what would have to happen for either team to opt out because of expansion.

Ohio State is stacking up on defensive linemen for the 2011 class, says Tim May of the Columbus Dispatch.

Brett Bielema has contacted the Big Ten office about making Nebraska Wisconsin’s end of the year rivalry game, Madison.com reports.

Penn State held a women-only football camp, the Associated Press reports.


Michael Rothstein discusses the change that has come to Michigan on AnnArbor.com

Wisconsin landed commitments from Traevon Jackson and Frank Kaminski over the weekend, the Wisconsin State Journal reports.


I know Hugh has been bombarding everyone with Gaslight Anthem recently. However, with the new album officially hitting the stores tomorrow, I feel the need to do the same because I’m more than a little obsessed with them. It’s starting to get concerning, really. Here is lead singer Brian Fallon at an acoustic show playing a song that, for reasons I can’t fathom, didn’t make the album.


  1. First of all, can’t believe no one’s left a single comment yet…

    Anyway, I’d just like to say that at this point, the criticism that Crean isn’t seeking out in-state players is absurd. That argument holds no water whatsoever, and anyone who makes it is making it clearly apparent that he or she has no credibility.

    We’ve now offered at least three Indiana kids from the 2013 class, and are in the top schools being considered by the majority of the top in-state talent still available in the 2011 and 2012 classes.

    Granted, Crean needs to land some of these recruits, but the argument that he’s not paying enough attention to in-state talent is ridiculous.

    I support Crean, and I love all three of his most recent offers: Smotherman, Irvin and Davis.

  2. Great article by Kravitz on Indystar.com today talking about Crean needing to land in-state talent. I would consider it a must read.

  3. I actually thought it was a terrible acticle. Kravitz made it sound like Teague was still available, and that this year’s purdue class is the 2nd coming of their big 3.

    I guess if 4g had his way, we would ship off Creek & Watford.

    Also, AJ Guyton, Keith Smart, and Scott May to name a few. Add in DJ White Jeff Newton.

  4. Article by Krapitz are so typical of the modern day reporter. The paper it is written on is by far more valuable if burned for warmth on a hot and muggy day than for supporting his inability to provide insight on anything. He could not diagnose or investigate a case of dandruff. Which is typical with most of present day journalists. Poor journalism sires, equals and parallels the declining circulation rates of today. I quit reading him and all like him long ago.

  5. Phew! For a short while my imagination was getting the best of me…Thought 4guards had become the Jimmy Hoffa of Scoop….Smack in the middle of a game in which we were destroying Purdue, I saw security surrounding Crean and escorting him out of Assembly in Todd Leary fashion.

    Some kids fishing at Lake Monroe had snagged some cans of Orange Tang filled with cement.

  6. No, I wouldn’t ship off Creek or Watford. We need TOP out of state talent as well. I would ship out Bawa and Capo.
    Sounds as if Byrd may be back in play if Izzo leaves.

  7. Clarion,

    Kravitz really isn’t a journalist at all, in the traditional sense of the word. He’s a columnist. He’s not objective and he doesn’t report stories. I wouldn’t use him as an example “today’s journalists.” I’d argue that in what is an increasingly narrow industry, there are some good journalists out there. The line has simply been blurred because they share the pages with guys like Kravitz. Furthermore, objective journalists who write stories for the daily paper now have blogs in which they’re not always objective. But that’s really what they have to do these days to survive in a technology driven word.

    All that aside, Kravitz is a borderline idiot who makes his living taking an emphatic, exaggerated, hard-line stance on every controversial local sports story. He’s Indy sports’ Bill O’Reilly. The occasional good points he makes are negated by his propensity for being ridiculous. It’s the nature of his niche profession, but in most cases, what he says should be taken with a huge grain of salt, and readers should understand that his articles are largely hypothetical and speculative.

    4guards, don’t go to the bank on what Kravitz says. He’s a watered down shock jockey with a computer.

  8. 4 guards, neither Creek (#59), Watford(#41), Bawa (#112), nor Capo would have come to IU after a 6-25 season if you were in charge!! Crean convinced them to join his “dream-team” and this year looks good. We have 13 good scholarship players and 2 very good walk-ons!

  9. I like what Crean has done with the walk-ons, but walk-ons aren’t going to win us many games.
    I believe you are wrong about us having 13 GOOD scholarship players. Out of those 13, only 2 are from Indiana. One of those 2 were brought in by Sampson. If we finish with a 3 man 2011 class of AE, JD, and Zeller I will be satisfied with that recruiting class. I am not holding my breath.

  10. 4guards,

    I don’t think all of our players are good either, but not being from Indiana is not a valid argument for why a player is good or not (See: Creek and Watford).

    A good argument would be something like “Jeremiah Rivers plays out of control and his weak shooting game lessens the threat he poses on the court.”

    Or “Tom Pritchard, though he apparently works hard in practice, sometimes seems apathetic and actually regressed last year.”

    Also, if Crean is to blame for not being able to retain Crawford, as some claim, then isn’t he also to be commended for convincing Elston to honor his commitment? I think that makes sense. You can’t put the Crawford situation all on his shoulders and then dismiss Elston’s place on the team as simply a result of Sampson’s recruiting.

  11. I never said Creek and Watford were not good. Actually I said just the opposite. We need top out of state talent to go with the Indiana kids. The problem is we don’t have many Indiana kids (2) or much top out of state talent (2).
    Even giving Crean credit for Elston, 2 out 13 is not even close to being enough.

  12. But don’t you see the fact that Crean is recruiting almost every available top in-state talent in the 2011, 2012 and now even 2013 classes as a reflection of the fact that Crean recognizes that disparity?

    He’s also publicly declared his desire to close the borders.

    Like I said, he needs to land some of these targets, but you can’t argue that his goal isn’t to get Indiana kids.

  13. I don’t know why the state thing makes that big of deal…..if they can play, they can play.

  14. Yes, I see that Crean is finally starting to take in-state talent seriously. I think he is starting to feel the heat. Problem is that he has failed miserably so far.
    He could recruit and offer every kid from Indiana, but if he can’t close on any of them , it doesn’t matter. Part of the problem is Crean himself, and part of the problem is the staff he selected. Nobody has significant ties to the state.

  15. Casey,
    I am sorry but Krapitz could never hope to develop a story using facts as O’Rielly, even as hard line as O’Rielly is. Because of that narrow industry they all wallow in, allows these print boys to all have the same identity when their goal is the same because they are unable to build relationships with the people they want to write about. So they disdainfully write about them and project sensational, irrelevant, non-details into something they hope will be topics of interest. Can you say manufacture a headline then the news to follow. It is easy to understand how the paparazzi developed. They are all the same. They are “exploiters” and “spoilers” and their narrow industry is getting narrower and suffering from within itself. The gain zero if you do read them and you damn sure miss nothing if you do not. AS I said earlier I quit ready him and all like him long ago.

  16. 4guards,

    You think part of the problem is Crean. I think most of the problem was Sampson and the unstable nature of IU basketball for the last decade.

    Crean is rebuilding a lot of relationships and having to catch up with Painter, Matta and Izzo, who had been and continue to recruit Indiana heavily before Crean was even our coach. Those relationships aren’t built overnight.

    On top of that, he’s recruiting against Calipari, which is an uphill battle for every college coach.

    Have a little patience and perspective. We’ll get some good news here soon.

  17. Casey,
    Do you think Crean would have been smart to hire at least one assistant coach with significant Indiana ties to help with this battle?

  18. 4guards,

    Yes, I think that would’ve been smart. I think hiring a younger assistant with Indiana ties would’ve been a great decision.

    That said, I also don’t mind Crean hiring someone who’s been a head coach to be his assistant, and I also think we should see how McClain’s time here pans out. If we see a significant jump in player development during his time here, maybe forgoing an “Indiana guy” for a tireless working coach was worth it.

    I think when it comes down to it, assistants are huge in helping a kid feel comfortable, but it’s really going to come down to whether a recruit likes Crean or not — not whether the assistant coach is “cool.”

  19. If you won’t listen to me, listen to your boy Kravitz:

    “Recruiting is about establishing long-term relationships, getting to kids and their families when players are in the eighth grade.

    Painter was able to do that because he arrived in 2004-05 and spent that first year on the recruiting trail as the head-coach-in-waiting. He built relationships right away, getting in early on the likes of Hale, Carroll and especially Johnson.

    Crean arrived in 2008. When Painter was wooing Hale, Carroll and Johnson, IU was being brought to its knees by Sampson (who is now an NBA head-coaching candidate, further proof there’s no justice).

    In the recruiting game, if you’re not in early, you’re not in at all.

    “Having been an assistant coach at Ball State and at Illinois State, I know how important it is just to be able to get that relationship started early,” said Indiana All-Star boys coach Ron Hecklinski, who coaches at Anderson. “They get to know you, you get to know them, that’s really important today.

    “Now, if you’d told me when I was coaching 15 years ago that we’d be recruiting eighth graders, I would have said you’re crazy. But that’s how it’s evolved. To be successful, you’ve got to play the game.”

    I sat with Crean during a high school game last year at the fieldhouse, and he wondered aloud if it would have made sense for him to spend his first year in the same manner as Painter: Act as the associate coach and spend the entire year establishing relationships and building a recruiting base.

    Of course, he didn’t have that luxury.

    That first year, he needed bodies, and was willing to take human beings regardless of their pedigree or location. He filled the roster with two Indiana kids, junior college transfer Devan Dumes and walk-on Daniel Moore.

    The second year, he brought in one the country’s higher-ranked freshman classes, including in-state players Derek Elston and Jordan Hulls.”

  20. I am not a huge fan of Kravitz, just thought it was a great article on a very relevant issue.

  21. Well, in order for this to be a “great article,” that would mean the content must be great. And considering what I posted above constitutes almost half of his article, do you feel that it’s a great insight into why this process has taken longer than people would like?

    …even though it’s only been two seasons — one of which was played by a team of walk-ons and rag tags.

  22. I deem it a great article because it is bringing to light the obvious, which most Crean Apologists try to bury. It makes me sick to look at the Indiana All-Star roster and see nobody headed to IU while Purdue gets 3 and Butler gets 2.
    A class of Fromm, Hopkins, and Hale would have been much better than what we got.

  23. Ridiculous.

    The article you praise provides a viable explanation for the situation you complain about. Half of this article you deem “great” serves to provide understanding for why the “obvious” has occurred.

    So, in summation — This article that spends 2/3 of its time touching upon the importance of recruiting players EARLY in their careers — and explains that Crean didn’t have that luxury — is “great” because the other third points out that we don’t have a lot of Indiana players on our team. Interesting…

    And since when does “bringing the obvious to light” constitute a “great” article. If I write an article about how hot the sun is, will you call it great?

  24. If half the people in Indiana didn’t think the sun was hot, then I would consider it a great article. As it stands, doubtful.

  25. So you’re ignoring the fact that Crean was behind on in-state recruiting to begin with because he came over from Marquette after Painter was already years-deep into recruiting Hale and Carroll?

  26. This was his 3rd recruiting class. When will the excuses stop? Look for Hopkins to do great things at Butler. Carlino was a huge loss. Fromm and Hale could have been had as well.

  27. Coach Crean has done admirably and will continue to do so with the rebuild over the nest 16-18 months. It is only 4tickturds whining showing he knows best using his vast knowledge gleaned from esteemed local paparazzi.
    Still waiting for a post of someone apologizing for Coach Crean. Patience, I am practicing patience though.

  28. This site has become the 4guards show. Casey, I used another name a few months back and I was trying to reason with this guy and you told me to stop feeding the troll! You can never reason with someone who is so bias and prejudice against a good coach like Tom Crean. Just say NOT! and go on because he is not worth
    the time you are putting in trying to reason with him. Everyone knows he is wrong so why comment? Maybe he will get his marbles gathered up and go home to mama if we stop feeding him.

  29. so you admit to using multiple usernames and have the courage to call me a troll? Wow.
    Casey, I am not ignoring that fact, but this was Crean’s 3rd class. That is ample time. He is now failing on his 4th which is more than ample time.
    In 2010, I am not complaining as much about Thomas and Johnson. I am complaining more about Fromm and Hopkins who were available and Crean never gave them the time of day even though he had plenty of time.

  30. I guess we’ll see whether that was truly a mistake or not. Crean’s certainly not immune to making them, but let’s wait until all these guys get a few games under their belt before we start declaring successes and failures.

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