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Indiana coach Tom Crean. Chris Howell | Herald-Times






Gaslight Anthem’s “Boxer.”


  1. Duly noted.
    It’s definitely harder to illustrate Hoosier Morning during the offseason. I need to update the photos folder on my laptop so I have more options.

  2. Love the Yogi updates, and can’t wait to see Hardy play regularly. He is pretty much the only reason Bill Lynch has a job right now.

    As for the Plumlee and Zeller story, well, let’s just say that I’d rather watch Leave it to Beaver reruns than hear stuff like this…

    “During last year’s Tournament of Champions, the Plumlees and the Zellers went out together for pizza and learned just how much they had in common.”

    …or this:

    “[Plumblee] is a bit more of a free spirit than his brothers, particularly when it comes to enjoying the mountainous terrain around Arden, where he attends Christ School.”

  3. Husky Tom,

    I really like Tysiac. As I’ve mentioned here once or twice or a hundred times before, I used to cover the ACC. And Tysiac was absolutely the cream of the crop and someone I intently read and tried to learn from.
    That said, sometimes it really is Leave It To Beaver. I will say that Plumlee seems to really enjoy the mountain terrain in this classic video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YvjbMsg046o
    Perhaps Tysiac was merely referring to the great Greenie Hunt.

  4. Hugh- Wow, that came out of the blue. Plumlee playing an Aussie (he needs to work on the accent a bit more) in a goofy HS video. Would have never “thunk” it…

  5. Please quickly remove the above clip. For those that watched, I apologize for the content..I originally only watched the first few seconds(the “police state” reference) and didn’t realize it was pure filth. Korman has every right to give me the lifetime ban. Once again, I apologize. I didn’t think expect anything that despicable on YouTube.

  6. ^^^ Please don’t ban Terry for life; it was an honest mistake. If you do, please ban me as well, and also 4dodobirds.

  7. I can only speak for myself but I was very offended at the content in that video. I think banning Husky along with Cummings is a great idea. LMAO.

  8. ^^^JB was so offended that he had to watch it despite Terry’s extensive warning. LMAO and LJBAO too.

  9. It’s hard not to love the place. Christ School is about 3 miles from my cabin. Arden is a suburb, if there is such a thing here, of Asheville. It’s a nice campus. The football coach and I used to coach together. There are several private schools around here that recruit nationally as well as poaching the local talent for basketball. Oak Hill usually comes to town at least once a year. I’m in Fairview. Very eclectic area. Lots of people have “a place” here but many families go back generations. Roy Williams and Brad Daugherty have homes here but I don’t really know them. Brad actually lives nearby as does (drumroll) Gladys Knight (but no Pips). I don’t know her either. Roy is an Asheville native but just visits. Tiger is building his first course in the US, as well as his new abode, nearby. A tad bit fancier than my cabin but I like my view better. He’ll probably pester me night and day. We don’t have a Perkins.

  10. No Sheetz, but they have them scattered along I-40. Cracker Barrel and Denny’s for certain. I’ll never forget my first time in a Cracker Barrel. I looked at the breakfast menu and saw ‘liver mush’ as a breakfast choice. I thought it was a joke.

  11. Chet, when I was taking the kids on a trip to IU for a visit, we were are on our way home and stopped for dinner in a Cracker Barrel in eastern Ohio. One portion size could have fed all three of us.

    I’ll be in semi-close to Ashville this summer when I take one my kids to orientation at VA-Tech.

  12. In past posts many have talked about the “scholarship issue”. I just read about Univ of FL (in the Palm Beach Post Tues 5/25/2010). As you will recall they signed six new players: Center Patric Young, Swingman Casey Prather, forwards Will Yeguete and Cody Larson, and guards Scottie Wilbekin (an 11th grader like Carlino) and Mike Rosario (a transfer from Rutgers who must sit out 1 year). FL had 9 returning players so they ran off 2:”To get under the NCAA’s scholarship limit, Donovan said guards Adam Allen and Nimrod Tishman have given up their scholarships.” This, of course, is a LIE. The head coach withdrew their scholarship offer and gave it to a more promising player for next season. This is perfectly OK with the NCAA and is done all the time. It does, however, not completely pass the “stink” test.

  13. Tishman left to play professional ball in Israel.
    Allen qualified for an academic scholarship.

  14. Chet- Ugh. Before, I would naturally avoid a place like the Cracker Barrel out of principle. After reading your experience, I will make it an official lifetime boycott.

  15. BeatPurdue — great point. Don’t worry about 4guards, he’s an any-coach-other-than-Crean Apologist.

  16. I really don’t care what they do out in FL. Thought people might be interested in the facts though.

  17. How noble of you.

    Are you really that naive to think that players weren’t run off simply because they cite another reason for leaving?

    Have you ever heard a player say “I left because coach told me to?”

    Get real.

  18. Saw Coach Crean, Lynch, Jack at tailgate tour in South Bend today. I get the feeling that the new Guy will play a lot next season after hearing Coach say he’ll start the toughest, hardest worker at the 4 & 5 slot next season regardless of averages. I also feel that Pritchard is going nowhere unless he decides to as Coach made reference to guys who on their own come in after a game at midnight to work on their game after a loss. And this is what Coach wants and rewards. If I recall Pritchard did that last season. I maybe overanalyzing it, but it’s a hunch. Also, he mentioned some people may go somewhere else to play and that’s ok. He’s looking for the tough minded kids willing to do what it takes to win. On another point, Coach Jack is a class act. Enjoyed speaking with her and it looks like we’re in the mix for her to land a transfer from Boston College who played high school ball near South Bend. She has a great class coming in and the women are fun and exciting to watch. Go Hoosiers!!

  19. GFDave, my oldest graduated from Va Tech about 3 weeks ago (mechanical engineering). He loves the place, as do we. Book motel rooms way in advance for anything. A year for a football game. You’ll probably still end up in Christiansburg (if you’re lucky).

  20. Great point by Husky: Terry’s mistake is honest, don’t ban him. If you do, please ban Husky (who’s making the point) but also … everybody that Husky does not agree with (e.g., 4guards)! ROFL.

    Looking forward to a great season this fall — as it’s time for Malik Story and Nick Williams to get back to playing basketball after paying the price (one whole year on the sidelines) for choosing to play for Tom Crean.

  21. 4guards. Let’s stay with the facts. Tishman left FL when he was told he had no scholarship to go home to Israel, where he hopes to play professional basketball at some level. He has signed no contract yet. I think that it is great that Allen has qualified for an academic scholarship. I don’t know the details of his award but it will be only a small proportion of the full athletic scholarship he was forced to loose.

  22. BeatPUke, It will make no difference to 4tickturds as he likes to shine his own ego and drive his agenda without interference from anything related to the truth. But you did nail him good.

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