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Gary Harris drives to the basket during the Adidas May Classic. Jeremy Hogan | Herald-Times





Bouncing Souls’ “Better Things.”


  1. I thought I read somewhere where patterson was going to wait till after his junior year….if he is going to decide this summer, I would say that is good for IU.

  2. Just food for thought. I know a kid who could not afford to go to basketball camp this summer so…I took him under my wing and searched out scholarships for him. I called Dick’s sporting goods and they would not donate a pair of shoes. One little pair of shoes so an elem kid could play better and not be embarrassed by his shoes. Sorry, just wanted to get it off my chest!

  3. J Pat,

    I bet you’d have better luck hitting up a local/non-franchise store. Find one that isn’t operating under some structured corporate protocol that prohibits giving anything away for free. Just find a normal dude behind a counter who has a heart. I bet you’d fare better going that route.

    Props for helping someone out.

  4. Casey, thanks. I just told a co-worker the same thing you said. I will not give up and if I have to, I will buy. Take care.

  5. Maybe 4guards could call up his boys Steve Alford and Pat Knight and get them to contribute a pair of shoes each from New Mexico and Texas Tech. That way if the youngster blew a sole or anything, he’d have backup!

  6. JPat, I am almost always just a reader not a commenter but your comment really struck a chord in me because I have, as they say been there done that. I’m sure that you will agree that it is nice to hear someone give you props for doing such a thing but that first and foremost it is not the reason you are doing it in the first place and two it in no way compares with the feeling one gets inside from doing such a thing. A few years back I had a chance to help a kid who was a very promising bball player but did not have a very promising home life nor a high opinion of the importance of school. He too lacked the resources to be able to afford decent shoes, or even decent clothes for that matter and was only able to play bball during the school season. My wife and I decided that we would try to find a way to help this kid (read buy those things for him ourselves). This meant leaving early enough for each tournament to stop and buy socks, shorts, underwear and yes sometimes shoes too as a lot of the time his bball shoes were the only shoes he would have. A couple of years ago I received a letter from one of his teachers that year and inside was a paper that this kid had written in that teacher’s class. The teacher had given his class the assignment of writing a paper about something in their life that they were thankful for and why, When he seen what this kid had written he thought he should send it to me. Before I even finished reading it I realized that all of the money we had spent on him over the years added together could not have bought what I felt in my heart right then and brought me to the point of tears. He had written that those tournaments during his elementary and middle school years were the funnest thing he had ever done and probably ever would do. He also wrote that he would cherish those memories the rest of his life. On a lighter note he said that he had felt like I was coaching him in the NBA when we played lol. I still have that paper to this day, in fact I have it framed to remind me that doing the right thing is just that, the right thing to do. I guess the other feel good part of this is that he ended up becomeing a straight A student who took some advanced classes last year and almost all of his classes this year were advanced classes and he will graduate with honors tomorrow. I’m not saying that I am the only reason or even the main reason this kid turned his life around but I do believe that this kid learning what it takes to work with others to accomplish things, aka teamwork, being in a structured enviroment and being given a lot of positive reinforcement as well as being corrected in a nonthreatening way, when warranted, had a lot to do with his turnaround. This kid felt the need to apolgize to me a couple of years back for making the decision to concentrate completely on academics and quit playing bball competively. He also told me he would apply some of the lessons he had learned playing bball, such as how to work successfully with others, establishing goals and working hard to attain them, to whatever he done from that point on. This made me smile a mile wide inside. While I was sad not to be able to go and watch him play and cheer him on it makes me feel good knowing that in all liklihood he will continue to work hard at whatever field he chooses and will have great success with his life in general. While my actual son will also graduate tomorrow, inside, I will feel like I am watching two sons graduate. I know this will sound like just a sappy feel good story to some or that it may sound like I am just trying to toot my own horn, which I am definately not, but anyone that has done something like you are doing for this person knows exactly what I am talking about. This kid will never forget what you are doing for him/her even if they do not actually come right out and tell you that. It just so happened that the one I helped did.

  7. IUMIKE, I am glad you shared your story…really glad! That is what it’s all about!!! Thank you…

  8. Touching story. You always get back more than you put in with kids. I won’t go into details but I recently had one of my former charges relate what was, to him, a life changing event. To me, it was a small matter that I had completely forgotten. You never know what sort of impact, good or bad, your actions may have on a young person. I’m a big believer in Karma.

  9. A lot of things get said but that is all that happens lip service. Its
    nice to hear about folks who actually go to the next step and do something worthwhile. IUMIKE thanks for the story. Someone did a similar thing for me and it turned my life around. Basketball can be so much more than just a game if things are focused right.

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