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Austin Etherington and Jeremiah Davis, left, will play in the All-Star exhibition tonight at Fort Wayne Luers. Jeremy Hogan | Herald-Times






Pearl Jam’s “Just Breathe.”


  1. Just a thought… Crean follows 17 people on twitter. The only other coach he follows is Calipari. What is the point? I was shocked to see the UK symbol on his twitter feed.

  2. Shocked! They have been friends for some time. Not all coaches communicate with the twitter animal.

  3. The point is public visibility and fan connection.

    I don’t think Crean is searching for wisdom from the Twitter community.

  4. If Crean was as rightous as his Apologists believe, he would not have any association with Calipari.
    It is a slap to the face of IU fans everywhere.

  5. If they’re such good friends I’m sure they can communicate through some other method. I’m not saying he is searching for wisdom on twitter. But it kind of seems like he is endorsing Calipari and Kentucky. Just don’t see the point of a recruit checking Creans twitter and seeing the UK symbol to click on. No other coaches…its just wierd.

    Additionally Crean took the time to tweet about Phil Jackson and the NBA finals with no posting regarding Wooden.

  6. Just heard this on the wire. Izzo with an official offer from the Cleveland Cavalies? Is that right?



  7. he said he wouldn’t think about leaving until he wins another national championship. for what its worth.

  8. Ignoring the squabbling over Crean’s Twitter account (good grief), I wanted to give props for the PJ song…it’s very reminiscent of Eddie Vedder’s work for the “Into the Wild” soundtrack. Vedder/PJ clearly have musical talent that extends well beyond the great grunge rock they also have produced (which I truly enjoy). Thanks HT/Scoop guys for this one!

  9. Who cares what Izzo does. Crean is great friends with Izzo. I wonder if he has a twitter feed or why Crean isn’t following Michigan State.

  10. I agree with 4guards, Crean following Cal is the reason he should be fired. I wonder what kind of coach would have the letter A in his last name just like Bin Laden? Why would Crean keep his last name, when he could spell it Creen?

    Hence…the logic of 4guards!

    JB…Crean in the indystar had a 3/4 page article about Wooden, not a 140 character tweet.

    People has it come to this?

  11. I honestly hardly ever go to the IndyStar site. I will eat crow on the Wooden point. It was a classy article. I was wrong.

  12. JB how in the hell are you going to control how they communicate, it is their choice not yours. I see absolutely nothing wrong with their association. Coach Crean is squeaky clean. Maybe Coach Crean has no other coaching friends(Izzo)with a twitter account. Very possible. 4tickturds you still have not provided us one posting of someone apologizing for Coach Crean. My face has not been slapped. We are all growing weary of your perpetually negative, biased BS. Enjoy your loneliness, you earned it.

  13. Clarion- I’m not trying to control how they communicate. I’m the very last person Crean would listen to anyway. Where I come from UK is a bigger rival than Purdue. Thats why they call it a Border War. My point is why provide a link to UK from your twitter feed? I would think that the one thing we could all agree on in Cal is dirty and we wouldn’t want him associated with our program. The fact that Crean looks up to or is great friends with that guy makes me question Crean’s judgement…just sayin.

  14. JB,

    We all have that friend (or friends) who’s just kind of a jackass, but is a friend nonetheless. The fact that Crean is friends with Cal doesn’t make me question his judgment. You can be friends with someone who’s nothing like you without mimicking them.

    I do, however, agree that I’d be happier if Crean wasn’t linked to Calipari in any sort of publicly visible manner.

  15. It’s pretty well known the RMK is, and always has been, very close friends with Jerry Tarkanian. What’s your point?

  16. Casey- I would take Crean over Calipari any day of the week regardless of our “situation”. I just never want to see a UK link on a Hoosier coach’s website.

    Chet- Tarkanian didn’t coach at UK.

  17. How about the same friends communications also producing an IU link on a pUKe coach’s website. Is that negative or positive? All soft drinks are accessible in the same aisle and everybody knows all the names available there. Small change, minutiae, nothing to worry about.

  18. Also JB, as to how big the “border war” with pUKe is in comparison to other rivalries has a lot to do with where you grew up or now presently live. To me the rivalries with OSU and the owner of the other AH are every bit as big and with PUke it is even bigger.

  19. All coaches are scum of the earth. The NCAA only has the time and resources to throw darts at the easiest targets; the minor players plucked out as the big wrongdoers to satisfy simple agendas and a circus atmosphere of high-profile media trials. Makes it look like they really care. They never go after the truly slick coaches that have the gift of gab. Talk the fast talk and you’ll always be safe..Pretty much like politics…

    Enjoy cheering the kids that wear the cream and crimson for nothing other than the glory of Old IU. They’re the only ones with any honor associated their endeavors…Enjoy watching the last years of dignity, teamwork, and innocence. It’s all down hill and kiss-ass after college.

  20. That is because everything is a negative with you. It shows a pattern to the way you choose to live.

  21. Clarion- That is why I stated where I come from it is a bigger rivalry. I don’t understand why any coach would want to be associated with Calipari professionally.

  22. Have you guys ever heard the saying, “Keep your friends close, and your enemies even closer.” Just a thought.

  23. Crean says on his Tweeter page:

    Two former Hoosiers, John Laskowski and Lance Stemler, joined us at Huber Farms this evening.

    I look forward to the day when Crean will invite Alford to AH to watch an IU game (or to play NM). It shouldn’t be too hard for Crean’s Hoosiers to beat UNM — they’re in an inferior league and they got beat by those no good UW Fuskies, so they should be an easy prey…

    I like that Crean is reconnecting with former Hoosiers. Hope Alford is on his list somewhere.

  24. Relationships are seldom as black and white as some people see the world. I used to have this friend. I lost track of him when I moved from Colorado. We were in the military together. I completely changed my line of work when I got out. Andy apparently got into a field that utilized his SEAL training. He’d leave for weeks at a time and come home flush with money. Cash. He was also a great carpenter. Andy and I like to do woodworking together. I never asked about his job, he never offered. I don’t think I’d ever want to vacation with him (he had some odd habits) but if my life or that of a loved one was ever threatened he’d be the first person I would call. I can imagine countless situations where it might be awkward explaining why I had a relationship with Andy.
    Life and relationships are seldom as simple as some people try to make them.

  25. 4 guards-fast forward to 2010. NO ONE is recruiting YOU! How can your reaction be relevant to a 17-18 year old kid today in the age of Facebook, Twitter,You-Tube, etc.? PS IU plays Alford and New Mexico this season! So much for the “fear factor”.

  26. Remember Alford surrendered at Iowa and retreated to the Mountain Dust conference. That should adequately identify who cowered from the fear factor.

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