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Indiana coach Tom Crean brought two new faces onto campus. Chris Howell | Herald-Times






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  1. I’ll say it now…

    I’m still very skeptical of how Zeller’s game will translate to the college level. I think he’ll end up being a solid player, but I question his ability to come in and make a significant and immediate impact.

    I don’t think our future hinges on his recruitment nearly as much as some people claim.

  2. if you know me well enough, you know I am just joking but when I saw this picture of Crean I just imagined 4guards head in the middle of those big Tom Crean hands about to get smashed and after 4g gets his bell rung I can hear Crean shout, CLAP CLAP CLAP beatch, we will win big this year!!!

  3. Ol’ Tommy Tanner loves him some out of state kids. He’s an outsider who doesn’t understand Indiana basketball. Growing up in Michigan will do that to you I guess.

  4. I would rather see IU sign Hanner Perea instead of Zeller,even though he is not an instate recruit.

  5. Kids from AHOPE never pan out, maybe Perea will be the exception. Hopefully if we land him, Jurkin doesn’t tag along. I would much rather have Zeller though.

  6. 4g, on a serious note, can you say after seeing video of the 2 or watching in person that you think Zeller will be better than Perea???

  7. JPat,
    Yes, I believe Zeller will end up the better college player of the 2. Perea has more potential of making the NBA. Perea is a great athlete, but is not as polished as a complete basketball player. I could live with having both at IU.

  8. OK, I am confused. You still want Teague even though he will do well in the NBA and be one and done and has turned his back on IU but you don’t want Perea who you admit is NBA caliber but you want Zeller who has 2 bros that have turned their back on IU, what gives? in a way I think you want Zeller just because he is a southern Indiana kid???

    If I am a lead recruiter or head coach I am looking at how well his 2 bros did in high school and how their game carried over to the D1 level. I am also looking at how well Zeller is doing vs the stiff comp of summer leauges, etc.

  9. In the end you have to ask yourself who will help IU win games the quickest but do it year in and year out…

  10. When did I say I didn’t want Perea? I said I don’t want Jurkin to come with him and that I would rather have Zeller. I never said I didn’t want him, only a little skeptical because AHOPE kids never work out and he doesn’t much of a game besides his athletic ability.
    I would like to have Teague, Zeller, and Perea.

  11. I could not care less where Perea is from, he is the guy I would keep the closest watch on. He makes things happen with physical talent and determination. He will be tough to stop when he polishes his skills rising from that talent. His body is B10 ready today, whereas CZ is two years plus 31 strongman competitions and 1400 smorgasbords away from being ready for the grind. Maybe IU fans want Zeller more because he is from Indiana but we will regret losing Perea more.

  12. It is just weird, in my opinion, that you would say Perea will be an NBA player perhaps but you would rather have Zeller who it would be a miracle if he plays NBA. One minute I think you want NBA kids and the most talent and then you want the small town southern Indiana kid who has a better chance of not panning out…

  13. I don’t think you understood me. I said Zeller will be the better COLLEGE player. That is all I care about. Who will help IU the most.
    Perea has the better NBA potential, but I don’t really care about that.
    College and NBA are 2 different games. Just because someone has more NBA potential does not mean they are the better college player. See Tyler Hansbrough.

  14. You’re reversing your argument by using Hansbrough as an example. He proves that great college players aren’t always good in the NBA, not that NBA-level players aren’t always as good in college…

    I’d say in general, players with legitimate NBA potential are usually damn good college players. You don’t reach the next level by sucking in college.

  15. Casey,
    You are just looking to argue. I was stating as you already know, that there are major differences between the College and NBA game and some players are better suited for College game and some for the NBA game.
    Once again, I am not saying Perea will suck in college, just saying he will not be as good as Zeller.

  16. 4guards,

    Not looking to argue. And yes, perhaps in certain instances, there are players who fit the college game very well. I don’t know if Zeller will be one of them — at least not immediately. I hope he is, and I hope we get him if so, but I’m still unsure.

    My point is that if Parea has NBA potential, he’ll certainly be fighting for that, and he’ll undoubtedly be good for as long as he’s in college. Thus, I totally wouldn’t mind having him, and if he’s got the NBA potential you think he does, isn’t he more of a sure thing to at least be pretty good in college?

  17. Hansbrough is a damn poor example as he was injured before preseason and missed many consecutive games through the first half of the season of his only year in the NBA.
    Also the real book is now being written during this AAU season on Cody Zeller and he is not the impressive big man he has been in the past. As he has moved up in age his one big talent(height)does not allow him to dominate these bigger, older and more talented competitors as in past Summers. His lack of strength and weight are very thin armor for the competition he is facing this Summer.

  18. I believe Zeller is more of a sure thing for the college game due to being a more balanced player. I am with you on also signing Perea. Don’t take me saying I would rather have Zeller as not wanting Perea. He will be a good college player as well.

  19. Zeller put up numbers last night in Fort Wayne similar to Guy’s averages during his JUCO career. He no longer shines against the competition as in past AAU seasons.

  20. Good thoughts and good talk…we will all have to wait and see who the better college player is, Perea or Zeller…

  21. I hope they’re both great and choose IU.

    I guess a more accurate way to describe my apprehensions about Zeller is to say that I’m not sure if he can fill the role we’d ideally want him too. I don’t know how much of a traditional style, dominant force he can be in the paint. His wiry frame and tendency to rely on his jump shot really make him seem like someone better suited to play the 4 at the college level. It’d allow him to use his mid-range shot more effectively and avoid having to guard opposing players who are just as tall, but stronger.

    I think he’ll be a solid contributor in many fashions, but I don’t know if he’s the true inside presence many feel IU desperately needs.

  22. Thomas, Dawson, and Fromm are the only ones to put up double doubles.
    How did we not offer Fromm instead of the guys we took this year?

  23. I used to think Zeller was better than Hale. I no longer do. The maturing competition is leaving Zeller behind. Maybe Zeller can be a preferred walk-on. From what I have heard of Jeff Howard’s
    D he could handle CZ.

  24. I’m actually a fan of Peter Jurkin. I think he could be a defensive stopper in the lane we don’t have, and he has a decent offensive game with 2 more years to develope.

  25. Defensively, Jurkin is a better player than Zeller. Jurkin’s offensive game is coming along he far far far from a project.

  26. There you go expecting logic the scattered one. Kinda like Crean doesn’t know Indiana, coming from Michgan, but RMK does, coming from Ohio. Ignore.

  27. Jurkin would be very low on my list for that class. Would you want him ahead of Hammons, DSR, Patterson, Harris, Perea, Kaminski, Hollowell, Yogi, or Marrero?
    Lets just say if we sign him, we are settling once again.

  28. I would not consider landing the No. 16 prospect in ESPN’s 2012 rankings “settling.”

  29. So do you think you’re a better judge of talent than an ESPN recruiting analyst now? Is that what I’m gathering?


  30. OH St got a very good one in Thomas. What are our chances with Dawson,he played very well last night?

  31. saw jurkin in person. i can’t imagine only 15 players in his class better than him…that being said, he’d probably hold his own against bawa today.

    would definitely want him over hammons in terms of bigs.

  32. Danny,

    That rating is probably based a little bit on forecasting how he’ll be in two years. My point, though, is that if he’s being ranked that highly (even if it’s a bit too generous), he’s obviously a valued recruit.

  33. Casey,
    Why do you dog on Zeller for his “wiry frame” but not Jurkin who appears even thinner?
    Zeller = 6’10” 205 lbs (Rivals)
    Jurkin= 6’11” 200 lbs (ESPN)

  34. 4guards,

    I don’t “dog” on Zeller. I simply expressed my doubts about his ability to come in and be the dominant inside presence some will expect him to be if he’s at IU.

    Jurkin is also younger, and has more time to beef up. He’s also got a greater reach, and is actually 7′ now…at age 15. That’s freakish.

    On paper, their physiques look very similar, but they seem to be two very different styles of athlete.

  35. There is only 1 class difference between the two.
    On paper and by appearance Jurkin is thinner.

  36. Casey,

    Scout now lists Jurkin at 220lb. He is already filling out at his age. CZ might be 222 or 23 years old before he bulks up.

  37. 4guards,

    One year of separation between ages in high school is a huge deal when it comes to physical development and even mental maturity.

    You criticize me for citing the “only 1 class difference” between the two, and then try to spin a difference of five pounds in weight in your favor to help your own argument. Inconsistent. Surprise, surprise.

    Jurkin being (according to outdated facts) five pounds lighter than Zeller is insignificant.

    Again — Jurkin is 15 years old. Think about the physical and mental difference between a 15-year-old and the 18-year-old he’ll be when playing in his first college season.

    Further, it’s safe to say that while Zeller will undoubtedly make marginal improvements consistently as he gains experience, he’s closer to reaching his ceiling than Jurkin is. Jurkin is already being looked at seriously, and he’ll probably be twice as good by the time he’s starting his college career.

    I’m guessing he’s going to be a good player. And by the way, both Zeller and Jurkin are both getting interest from UNC. That’s indicative of something.

  38. Have seen CZ play in person more than once or twice and I have to agree that IU’a success does live or die with whether or not we sign him, in fact there are several other players IMHO that help IU more and sooner than CZ. As far as the Perea versus Zeller thing I believe Perea would eat him alive, right now, even if CZ does have more range on his shot. Give me a dunk, foul on the other team’s big guy and a trip to the line over a contested mid to long range jumper all day. We already have plenty of players that can shoot the mid to long range jumpers and just as good if not better than CZ. If we are going to sign a big than we need them to be able to get on the floor and play as a big.

  39. Jurkin is getting looked at by UNC? I knew Perea and Zeller were.
    So you would rather have Jurkin than DSR, Patterson, Hammons, Perea, Harris, or Kaminski?
    I would rather have any of those 6 which is why I think it would be settling.

  40. If I had to make the decision today, probably not.

    So I see what you’re saying, but my point is he has a very high ceiling. He may very well be more dominant than a lot of the players you listed by the time he’s entering college. That’s all.

  41. Perea is going to come down to Baylor or IU. Zeller is going to come down to Butler or UNC.

    Of course, 2012 is the only thing that is relevant without having any scholarships and Crean inexplicably about to “oversign” another, redundant wing

  42. I have a bad feeling we are going to offer and sign Thomas as well. He is talented, but not a good work eithic and worst of all we don’t need another out of state sg/wing. How many of these can we have?

  43. Happily as many as Coach Crean wants. Wings are the passing gear in his offense. We have players for the paint and recruiting more for the future. Hulls is the ballhandler for the short term.

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