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The Big Ten Tournament could have more than 11 teams in a couple of years. Chris Howell | Herald-Times






Glee did a Journey medley last night and part of it was “Any Way You Want It/Lovin’ Touchin’ Squeezin'”


  1. No surprises on the Dawson article. Painter has obviously put in more work for him while Crean was out chasing guys in MD. Also the quote ” I like how Purdue develops its players. They play defense first” I wonder why he is not seriously considering IU? Maybe because Crean can’t develop players and his team can’t play defense.

  2. Bob Knight and John Wooden did not care for each other, the Indiana Business Journal’s Anthony Schoettle writes.

    Need I say why?

  3. Another negative comment about Crean from 4 guards !! Go figure!!
    How many final 4 s has Painter been to as a head coach ? The pressure is on this year.

  4. One Final Four in which you get blown out by 30+ points nearly a decade ago does not make you a good coach.

  5. Yes, 4guards — that’s sound reasoning.

    Dawson also isn’t considering Duke or UNC. I bet it’s because Coach K and Roy Williams can’t develop players and their teams can’t play defense.

    Also, Zeller isn’t strongly considering Purdue, which means he obviously doesn’t want to be developed or play defense.

    I mean wow. He was asked to talk about Purdue by a publication that covers Purdue sports. Of course he’s going to talk about Purdue and what he likes about the program. They’re not going to ask him to talk about his thoughts on IU. I’m sure he has good things to say about us if we’re in his final five.

  6. Casey, that was a fabulous exposure to the cherry picking that has become 4tickturds mode of attack. He now is not only lonely but naked, too.

  7. Sometimes I wish we all had just one word to reply every time 4 guards uses his hate toward our Coach and players. Like NOT and then went on talking about IU basketball and not spend time feeding the troll!

  8. crean is a blowhard, not a coach. also he is not a hoosier, he’s here just for the money and is (by and large) incompetent

  9. I’m really more interested in the article in the Omaha paper that made it sound very likely that Nebraska will join the Big Ten, or announce their intention to do so, by Friday. I think that’s a terrific addition. I do, however, cringe when I think of all the trips IU will have to make to Lincoln to be the ‘huskers’ homecoming opponent ….. ouch!!

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