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Indiana target Cody Zeller had a double-double for the Junior All-Stars Wednesday. Jeremy Hogan | Herald-Times


  • The basketball team averted sanctions with an improved APR, Dustin Dopirak writes.
  • Indiana closer Chris Squires was finally selected in the MLB Draft but Jerrud Sabourin was not, Dustin writes.
  • Indiana picked up a commitment from Nick VanHoose, a family friend of co-defensive coordinator Brian George, Dustin writes.
  • Dee Davis and Marquis Teague gave the Junior All-Stars a spark in the frontcourt, but Cody Zeller put up a double-double against the Senior big men, I wrote.





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  1. Cody Zeller shines among the stars. Double Double from the big man going against older all stars. No surprise.

  2. Would it be possible to locate the apr’s for each of the last four years that produce our last two apr’s- I looked on the NCAA website and found only the last two years!


  3. Well I for one am happy to have Nebraska join the Big Ten, assuming of course that all the open reporting of the move isn’t entirely erroneous. It seems like a good fit. I hope the Big Ten (Twelve?) tells Notre Dame to take their snobby attitude and stick it; I’d rather have Missouri.

    The only negative I see in this is the succession of inevitable and unholy ***-whoopings the Hoosiers will take when journeying to Lincoln in football season ……

  4. Alright let’s be honest.

    Cody Zeller is going to be a very, very good college player. He has all the skills to be a very good teammate and big man.

    He might not dominate the games, but you will be able to expect about 10 pts. and 10 rebounds a game. If you pair him with some scoring guards and Wings, Creeek and Watford, I think you have a very solid core to build off of.

    Also, I really like Etherington. He will be an athletic shooter that can stretch a defense. I just like watching him shoot to be honest.

  5. The question left unanswered is why does CZ not perform like this on a consistent basis? The only consistent thing in his game is height and inconsistency. That has been his m.o. since the finish of his Freshman AAU season. His height carried him when he was younger. Now the competition has matured and grown enough to be competitive causing cracks to appear in his talent. His HS and AAU performance curve has been much like Van Treese. I think the Seniors took the night off last night.

  6. Jubilee and I agree on some issues such as this one.
    Dawson and Chandler must be inconsistent as well according to hotel boy, look at their game.

  7. Clarion- You officially have zero credibility. Zeller is a stud and he’s only going to get better. Putting up a double double on older more experienced competition and your reasoning is “the seniors must’ve took the night off”. Put down the Haterade.

  8. I think at this point, if we do land Zeller, he won’t be capable of living up to the expectations fans will set for him.

    At any other school, he’d be a promising recruit that’s part of a strong class. At IU, I think too many fans are hoping he’ll be our savior.

    Jubilee — when do you think Zeller would average those numbers? As a freshman, or are you saying overall in his career he’ll net out to a 10 and 10 guy? Just curious.

  9. The best part of all this Zeller hating from hotel boy will be if he signs with us. Then he will start drooling over him and talk about how great Crean is for signing him. That is how he and the other apologists work.
    Zeller = Priority #1

  10. Casey- I see it starting his sophmore year…for any freshman big man to put up 10, 10 would be tough…..get him a year to grow in the system, I think it would be very possible.

    I also think Zeller makes the people better around him, with his passing and unselfish play (which means he would go really well with a star, Creek)

    Inconsistancy amoung players that are 15-17 years old is the norm. Look at Teague and his #’s game in and game out…..I’m pretty sure Eric Gordon even had some off games.

    It is also harder to judge bigs in high school because their developement results come much later than guards…as they get stronger, they become much better (Jurkin might fall in this category too)

  11. Juniors actually played some defense last night. Zeller looked weak against the big men on Monday, but I thought he “manned” up last night. Of course 4 of his points came from Davis throwing it down the court to Zeller who was “cherry Picking”.

  12. Jubilee,

    I agree — those rebound numbers, especially, would be hard to attain as a freshman big man.

    In all honesty, I could see Zeller being a great piece to the puzzle. I just don’t think he’ll be the star of the show. Maybe after a couple of years?

    I just think some people may be setting the bar a bit high for him. As you’ve stated, the development of big men is on a different track than guards and forwards. Truly dominant big men are few and far between.

  13. I would love to see zeller commit. Especially because by the time he gets here, Elston will be a very very good 4. Could give Zeller time to learn how to be a college basketball player instead of being forced to play 35 minutes a game.

  14. I don’t know how Zeller will end up, but for the argument that he has reached his ceiling because he is facing tougher competition and sometimes struggles is ridiculous.

    Maybe he will struggle sometimes, especially in an AAU game because hes not a run and gun all about athletic ability type of player. It’s not a kids fault that the schools his high school plays can’t make 7 foot babies. So he will struggle some when he faces better competition and that will be his chance to learn. Give him a chance to learn now that he finally has the opportunity to face similar size to his. If he doesn’t get it by the time his Sophomore year of college comes, then complain.

    Guards face some combination of speed/height/athletic ability/vertical that matches their own as the grow up playing. Bigs typically don’t see it until later on. Gotta give em a chance to learn and develop.

    I personally don’t think Zeller will be the savior and meet the lofty expectations IU fans have, as Casey mentioned, but he will still be a solid player and one we’d be lucky to have. Just because hes not as good as we all wish he could be (#1 talent) does not mean hes not good enough to be here, last I checked we needed to consistently bring in talent.

  15. Hoagland,

    You make a very good point that a lot of people – myself included – don’t really consider.

    The majority of talented big men face little to no comparable competition until they reach college, which is an undeniable factor in the typically slower development of college bigs.

    They go from being the biggest guy in every game they play, and relying more on height than skill, to having to really work for every basket and rebound when they reach college.

    It’s so hard to find a great big man in general. Really think about how many good ones turn up each year in college basketball — probably a handful. This is one reason I think the criticism of Crean’s inability to get a good big man is a bit irrational.

    Muniru, for instance, was ranked No. 111 in his class, and hasn’t panned out whatsoever to this point.

  16. Casey,

    Agreed. Also, we have been spoiled being in and around Indiana. Think about the last 10-15 years. We had the likes of Sean May, Jeffries, and Oden all come from the state. And that is only mentioning the surefire NBA talent.

    I don’t think the finding a decent Big Man criticism is warranted, however, I personally don’t like the lack of place for a traditional 5 in Creans system. I just think you need one in the Big Ten night in and night out. He doesn’t have to be your star, but he has to be able to bang. I can’t think of the last NCAA or even Big Ten champion that didn’t have one.

  17. I would just like to throw this out there because we know that Crean has never had a traditional 5, but if he were to land one, would he put in more sets to get the big man the ball?

    I believe he would, and I only agree on this because they ran plays to get pritchard and watford the ball on the post. I’m sure if they had someone who could consistantly score down there, more plays like that would be run.

  18. If CZ comes to IU I will welcome his commitment as I do every IU player.
    But it is his inconsistency I am dealing with because he displays no dominance like he did when he was younger. Why did he not produce in Fort Wayne the other night(6 points). What Senior who played against CZ in FW did not play last night. Hell he is the biggest man on the floor virtually every night. Why is he not consistent during his last two years of HS? His inconsistent last two years of HS lead me to believe his first two years of college play will be non-existent against better competition yet. Then does it also mean the inconsistency he shows in the two final years of HS become a repeat as a Junior and Senior in college as competition excalates? At 6’10” he is not dominate. His brothers give us good indication what he is not. These are all valid thoughts and questions just as they were for Van Treese. With the under performance of Chandler, Dawson and their teammates last night leads to believe they thought they were at a cakewalk and took the night off. I agree he should get better but until then he is a skinny 6’10” jump shooter.

  19. I want Zeller at IU, no doubt….great player good kid….But what does Zeller offer that McGary does not?

  20. Clarion,

    I will say this about his high school #’s….he gets quadrupdled teamed every night in the big 8…being a well balanced player, he finds open teammates.

  21. Jubilee,
    That has been the mode of playing D on a big guy since the peach basket. What I am disappointed with him about is how how he uses that opportunity to develop his game. Garnering assists and passing to the open man when defended are great attributes. But he has to rise to the challenge and dominate opponents to get better. Except for this years state tournament his tendency is to shy away from or not have the capacity to take the responsibility in making the W happen.

  22. Interesting blog by Brennan on the possibility of Crean leaving IU for State on ESPN. Maybe we could clean up and grab Stevens…

  23. Sterling’s blog had an interesting article on it also. I just find it hard to believe MSU would actually want him. I would be thrilled with Stevens or Alford.
    It would be hard to downgrade from what we have now regardless.

  24. No one can afford to hire Coach Crean now, his buy-out penalty is $3 million now, goes to $2 million in 2012.

  25. A $3 million buyout will not stop MSU if he is who they really want. They pay that yearly to Izzo.

  26. 4guards and Sterling sitting in a tree,
    First comes love,
    then comes marriage,
    then shared intercourse with Crean’s name to disparage.

  27. I am blogging now that Crean stays at Indiana. My blog carries the same weight and has as much sourcing as Brennan’s, therefore they cancel each other out. Man, that was close.

  28. No suprise that GFDave doesn’t know the difference between commenting on a blog and actually being paid to write one for ESPN.

  29. Here’s a nightmare to consider: Izzo goes to the Cavs and MSU hires Stevens… a funnel of talent from Indianapolis to East Lansing develops, accompanying the already existing funnel that Thad Matta has set up. (Thank goodness Lickliter wasn’t able to establish one of those.)

  30. No surprise that JB doesn’t know satire when he reads it. Or did he have somebody do that for him?

  31. Look, in all seriousness, the guy admitted upfront that he was just noodling and also that he had no basis for writing what he did. There was no reporting whatsoever and that’s fine because he said so. But I had a little fun with it because I guess he gets paid, at least partially, to produce baseless speculation.

  32. He may have just been noodling around but I think a lot of people are wondering if Crean could make the jump. I’m sure no one at Tennessee thought Kiffin would bolt the way he did.

  33. Dakich said Crean would leave in a heartbeat and I would guess he knows a little more than most of us. Supposedly MSU is his dream job.
    We should have hired a guy who thinks of IU as his dream job.

  34. Coach Crean stays. 4tickturds and BJ have an agenda. That agenda implodes next season.
    The Diviner of Albuquerque will find the MW much less comfortble with Kansas in the mix.

  35. Casey..couldn’t agree more that there is a night/day difference between Kiffin and Crean. We are avid UT football fans and never could figure out why they hired Kiffin other than to get his Dad. Glad he is gone from UT and USC got the perfect person to carry on their soiled traditions. Does this mean Oklahoma is now awarded the BCS championship?

  36. Dan Dakich gets paid to attract Indiana listeners to his radio show. He is also in no way involved with the actual IU basketball coaching staff. He was also denied the chance to remain IU’s coach after his interim period, and was passed over in favor of Tom Crean. He’s also a loud mouth who publicly scrutinizes college student sportswriters.

    If you think most of what he says about IU basketball is objective, unbiased or deeply-rooted in fact, you might find out that’s not the case.

    It’s his job to speak in blacks and whites, and to make bold comments, for the sake of increasing his number of listeners.

  37. Listened to Dakich today did not say Crean would leave in a heartbeat. In fact he was laughing at the emails about it….Dakich is NOT as connected to IU as many of you think he is, there is a reason he is a radio host right now and his great basketball mind is not being used.

    For those of you who value life and breath, I would not waste it on “crean leaving” conversations

  38. ^ Not sure what you were doing but it obviously wasn’t listening. Dakich said if Crean were offered he would be out of here before the words left his mouth. Paraphrasing.
    He didn’t think Crean would be offered though and that may be while he was laughing.

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