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North Central standout D’Vauntes Smith-Rivera is staying at the school. Jeremy Hogan | Herald-Times





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  1. Glad to see Thomas won’t be commiting anywhere until july at the earliest. I was a little concerned he may pull the trigger this weekend. We just don’t need another body at that position.

  2. Its great to see kids at this level want to come to Indiana. If I were Crean and had to chose between Thomas or Davis it would come down to who made the commitment first. Sorry but you dont turn your back on this type of talent. I would like to have Indiana kids but if they drag their feet and out of state players with talent want to play here let them bring us back too where we belong! Sooner or later the Indiana boys will see what there missing. Go Hoosiers and I like the pressure Crean is putting on the players ie– you better bring the desire and the game or someone else will be here that wants it more–lifes lessons!

  3. It seems like Thomas really wants to play for Indiana. We need kids like that. He is very talented and I wouldn’t doubt that Crean has offered him somewhat under the table i.e if you want to play we’ll make room for you. Great post Hammer.

  4. I agree that he is talented and we need kids who want to play at Indiana. My concern is that he would take the oversign, then we have no scholarships available for Zeller or Davis. We also already have an overload of wings and already have AE verballed for 2011.
    I also am not impressed with his lack of effort at times.

  5. JB and Hammer,

    I couldn’t agree more with both of your posts.

    The question is would you rather take Aaron Thomas now or wait on a chance to get J. Davis later.

    Also, if Jordan Hulls can be our PG of the future (big if), then the Aaron Thomas signing isn’t that big of deal. Crean’s offense needs wings that can score. Aaron Thomas = scoring wing (reminds me a little bit of Creek in his videos but don’t know if he is that good).

    Also isn’t Thomas rated high than Davis?

  6. I agree completely with Hammer’s post. My personal preference would be Davis, but if Thomas wants to commit first that’s fine by me. Maybe the Izzo thing will help Davis make up his mind.

    I think 2011 will be a 3 person class and that Davis and Thomas are competing for one schollie (which of course doesn’t exist right now.)

  7. I’m fuzzy on how this whole “oversign” thing works. Can we offer x number of scholarships anyway and then we just have to clean it up by next offseason or we can’t offer untill the offseason? If anybody could explain the process a little better that would be a big help.

  8. Jubilee, Davis is rated slightly ahead of Thomas in Scout. Thomas is not listed in Rivals. Both are 4 stars and are listed as shooting guards.

  9. Scout has Davis rated above Thomas. Rivals has Thomas rated above Davis. I don’t waste my time with the ESPN rankings.
    Davis would be more capable of playing some PG.

  10. JB, The oversign means we can sign one more player to a LOI, but have to make a scholarship available to him before his first season starts. After that, we have to have scholarships available first before we sign anybody else to an LOI.

    In practical terms, that means nobody has to transfer if we sign two kids in the fall (AE and whoever.) If we wanted to sign three kids in the fall, we’d have to free up a schollie right then. But I think the third signing will come next spring.

  11. Thanks GFDave. I’m pretty sure thats been explained on here before but I have a terrible memory.

  12. Thanks for clearing up the ranking thing, and I would rather have Davis than Thomas at the moment, but if we don’t get either one it will be bad.

    I still believe IU will have at least 2 people leave before, during, or after the upcoming season due to playing time. Some people are going to have to be riding the bench.

  13. Sure thing. As far as Thomas being listed on Rivals I stand corrected. For whatever reason, when I search his name in the Rivals database, regardless of year, I come up with nada.

  14. So 4 guards you are NOW willing to admit that YES Aaron Thomas DOES have a scholarship offer from IU. His statements in May might have been premature, i.e. the parties were to keep it under wraps for a while longer. BUT NOT A LIE! I accept you apology!

  15. Just heard the news on ESPN about the USC Juniors and Seniors football players. They can transfer ANYWHERE and play immediately! I am serious! AD Glass MUST ORDER Coach Lynch to fly out to LA today and not to come home until each and every Junior and Senior on the USC Football team has either agreed to come to IU or has enrolled in another school! This is an unprecedented opportunity!! Guarantee them that they will begin the season as a starter if they will come, both sides of the ball, offense and defense, no exceptions, but especially defense! We have a great group of players, many from Indiana, they could give up their scholarships, become preferred walk-ons, FOREVER earn the LOVE of the Hoosier Nation, play if they earn the playing time, and re-get their scholarships as the USC recruits graduate or leave or by having fewer recruits in 2011! Can you imagine the IMPACT on Indiana football if we got 5-15 or more players from USC! At IU we can GUARANTEE that each one WILL START RIGHT NOW, NO “YOU HAVE TO EARN IT FIRST”! Obviously, if they play poorly, they don’t keep the starting job. Very few other good teams will guarantee that they will start. Let’s do it! This is not “pie-in-the-sky”, this is a serious proposal. It is bold, no doubt about it! That is why AD Glass must order it! Coach Lynch will/would never do it on his own.

  16. The best scenario for 2011 basketball recruits is a class of 3. One of the 3 is Austin Etherington. He is a Hoosier! He is recruiting others for IU. So we ask him to wait until spring to officially sign. Then we go after Zeller, and if he says no or waits too long, we get McGary with one scholarship. Then we go after J Davis, and if he says no or waits too long, we get Aaron Thomas with the oversign scholarship. If we have all 3 Etherington, Zeller and J Davis, that means that 2 players on the 2010-11 team must go-to the NBA, transfer, etc. after the season ends in the spring. In that case, I would actually like a 4 person class if both Davis and Zeller say yes with Etherington, including Aaron Thomas. That would require 3 leave after the end of next season before their eligibility expires. I know, that is harsh to the kids.

  17. I am not quite as Gung Ho as BP, but any of their personnel from the Great Lakes region who can fill an immediate need should be contacted by the IU staff(Billy Lynch in particular). Finch’s ride is available, maybe there is a couple of other open scholarships that could be filled for the next year or two. I am not in favor of the idea of taking any scholarships away from a current player.

  18. If the offer is there after this weekend, Aaron Thomas is going to take it. Makes you wonder if J. Davis will have to pull the trigger before then.

  19. After watching tapes and seeing both play I don’t see much difference between Thomas and Davis. What I do know right now is how verbal Thomas is about wanting to play for IU. I like that he wants us not just we want him. There are rumors on other sites that Davis has started to be unsure about IU. Might be he is just a kid trying to find his way. I want kids who are totally sold out on IU.

  20. I want every USC Jr and Sr who is academicaly eligible. We have kids who will definitely red-shirt for their freshman year. Pick the kids from Indiana, in-state fees. Then restrict our offers for 2011 and give these kids their scholarships back. But you have to send the Head Coach to LA and make an impassioned offer. You need a guy like Coach Crean to sell it!

  21. BeatPurdue, not an argument for or against here, but just to frame the argument, IU football is actually still oversigned for 2010 at the moment, even with Finch’s transfer. (This begs the question, of course, if a scholarship crunch is such a big deal, why did you do a story on it for basketball and not football. The short answer is the math of 85 scholarships to 22 positions compared to 13 and 5, plus the brutal nature of football. There are always transfers in football, and there are always guys who are simply too injured or beat up to play anymore who stay in school but just end their careers.) IU will be at 85 players by the fall. They could obviously greyshirt some freshmen and get a player or two from USC. I don’t think it will happen, but just so everyone understands there’s still a numbers crunch and not a free scholarship at the moment.

  22. Good points Dustin, but that is why I said “We have kids who will definitely red-shirt for their freshman year. Pick the kids from Indiana, in-state fees. Then restrict our offers for 2011 and give these kids their scholarships back.” I do not mean 1 or 2 players from USC (which would be good). I mean 5-10 players. This would be a program changer! It is a once in a life-time opportunity, USC quality players, can play right now, and might come in a group to get to a bowl game! I think that 6 hours of class is all you need for eligibility. So the financial hardship for the least ready to play now, most financially able, freshmen and sophomores from the State of Indiana, for 2 semesters, is manageable. Is there any doubt in your mind that we are talking about a VERY SERIOUS TALENT UPGRADE?

  23. BP,
    I share your pro-IU thoughts and enthusiasm for wanting to upgrade the program, but I think it is too much to ask recruits who have already been offered and accepted rides to turn around and give up their scholarships. They have made plans for college as a student/athlete based on having a scholarship on the day the arrive in Bloonington. We also risk running them off if we tamper in any way with their commitment. I only see a short-term fix becoming a PR nightmare. I know what I would do if it were my scholarship being asked to give up, and it would not be in favor of the school.

  24. Of course it hurts. But you are still on the team and EVERYONE owes you! You get to travel to the Bowl Game. You have to be bold to change IU Football quickly!

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