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Indiana coach Tom Crean offered NBPA Top 100 camp MVP Chane Behanan. Chris Howell | Herald-Times


  • An ex-Miss Indiana softball transferred to IU from Fresno State for her final season, Robbie Levin writes.
  • Bawa Muniru needs to go to a place where he can develop and also keep his academic progress moving towards a degree, Chris Korman writes.





Obviously, I am back. Thin Lizzy’s “The Boys Are Back In Town” will kick off the week.


  1. Did we not sign another football recruit within the past couple of days? I thought I heard something about a Rivals 250 guy committing…

  2. Correct Casey, he is Raymon Taylor from Detroit.
    A DB ranked at #245 by Rivals. Had offers from Illinois, Cincy and the Badgers with ND, Michigan and the Bucks all sniffing. Is known as a ballhawk.

  3. Someone take Yogi to YOGI’S. I bet he would get a kick out of it, if it hasn’t been done.

  4. If we could somehow land Zeller and Plumlee we would be on our way back. These are 2 of the best bigs out there that will go to college for 4 years.

  5. When I look at this picture, for some reason I started wondering, now ‘How many seasons has Crean been at IU?’ Does IU need to sign just one of these guys or both of them to be on the way back?

  6. I would rather have Zeller,and JD.Then in 2012 Perea,and DSR.Then I think we would be on our way back.

  7. Contrasted against J. Ellis, Holman, D. Thomas and company what would be the beef.

  8. The beef would be that he would fit in with those guys pretty well.
    I just hope Crean’s buddy Calipari is not giving him pointers on how to get this kid accepted.

  9. I don’t think any of us knows if he’s the kind of kid we want at IU. We haven’t met him or talked with him.

    I do know that someone who talks that highly of our institution is someone that will probably see it as a privilege to be here.

  10. The difference with having Young on this team is we no longer have a coach managing the program with an ostrich point of view. Coach Crean has demonstrated he has the management skills to mentor, discipline, restrict and punish recruits to develop acceptable behavior. He is involved in this program at every facet, much like RMK and unlike Sanctions. Since there are also not 3 or 4 thugs on this team presently, it will be elementary keeping any team member focused and not allowing them to feel entitled. The Criminalipari mud does not stick. Like I said no beef, no worry.

  11. In one post, you ridicule Crean for looking at a kid who’d “fit in” with Ellis, Holman and Thomas.

    Then in your next post, you criticize him for dismissing those types of players from the team he inherited.

    Inconsistency — the theme, once again this morning.

  12. It is not if Coach Crean has these skills, fore he does possess these skills. They had the smell of the ostrich on them. They earned 19 F’s for the second semester. When they do not conform to the rules of their scholarship contract and believe they are entitled your only recourse is to eliminate them with justification. With Coach Crean’s interpersonal skills he can manage one tempted teenager like BJ Young and IU will reap the benefit of that. If you would look at things at IU BB without your bias and agenda your opinions would be more correct than wrong.

  13. We can only get 2 more to go with Etherington (who got very good reviews at the NBA 100 camp). We have serious interest with Zeller, J Davis, Plumlee, A Thomas, BJ Young, Uthoff, A Davis, Uthoff, Behanon, Dawson, McGary, Chandler, Cook, etc. Any 2 of that group plus Etherington sounds pretty good!

  14. Crean is the inconsistent one. He wipes out our entire roster and then recruits a kid like BJ Young.

  15. Just stop it already. At this point, you’re just making yourself look humorously desperate.

    You like Jordan Crawford even though he transferred because he didn’t want to run if he were ever late to class. Yet, you criticize B.J. Young for his academic struggles.

    You lament Crean for wiping out our roster full of people worse than Young. Then you criticize him for recruiting Young.

    You blame Crean for losing Crawford, but don’t give him credit for retaining Elston.

    You criticized Crean for even thinking about recruiting Negedu; it reeked of desperation, according to you. Until of course, your boy Alford snatched him up.

    You brush off Crean’s one Final Four appearance, and insist that he’s still a bad coach. Meanwhile, you praise and praise and praise Alford, who doesn’t even have that one Final Four appearance in his back pocket.

    You say you support IU through and through, but absolutely all you do is bash every decision our coach makes and almost every player he recruits, talks to or meets.

    It’s getting a bit ridiculous, 4guards. Reel it in.

  16. No one can have a civil conversation with the other party holding fast to a negative, biased agenda. He is no IU fan and can live in Alford’s laundry basket for ever.

  17. I am happy the administration stopped Crean from signing Negedu. There are a lot of recruits I don’t bash. I just call it like I see it. Did I bash Zeller, Plumlee, McGary, Teague? I also don’t bash Davis or Gant. Right there are 6 guys in the 11 class off the top of my head.

  18. I can’t remember the last positive thing you’ve said about our basketball program. That’s all.

  19. The positives in our program revolve around Hulls, Creek, Watford, and Elston. If we talk about them, I am all positive.

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