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By request, here is Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes’ “Home.”


  1. Hi guys. Wow, I am busy this summer and have not been on in a while. I must be honest and say that it is not as fun as it once was. The reading of all of the garbage with posters going back and forth has gotten old. I hope you guys will change some things. I am one that said I would never pay for this but if it would weed out some of these idiots I would consider it if it was cheap enough.

    I read the question/answer yesterday for the first time in over a month. I read where either Chris or Dustin said they thought Lynch would be retained even if IU posted a 5 win season. I cannot stop thinking about that today. How is that progress??? IU was from what everyone thought on the way up after the bowl with Hardy and Lewis. They were recruiting better and still are (I guess even if the stats don’t really show it) and were returing 17 starters and then the next season the defense was going to be on fire and this coming season IU has a seasoned QB and an awesome tailback and wr’s and blah blah blah. If Lunch and staff can get to a bowl this year and be competitive or win I say sign a 4-5 year extension for sure. If there is a 4 or 5 win season I say clean house! In the end, progress is in wins and losses and while 1 extra win puts IU ahead of last year I think some high schools could beat the out of conf competition IU plays. In other words, 2 conf wins is not too much to ask for. This coaching staff needs to shine…for once!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Jpat-

    I agree with you twofold. The site is boring and crappier than ever, and we need to start measuring football progress in wins and losses. IU must win in their conference as the true measure of success. I am so tired of 3-0 starts followed by bottomless losing streaks. Even Illinois has been to a Rose Bowl recently.

  3. IU football should never be a priority. Wasted energy. The only way to bring Indiana University back to any national prominence in the intercollegiate athletics world is through basketball. Basketball is Indiana. Football is for drinking beer in a parking lot. For the older crowd of IU alumni..? Maybe the best way to take the Hoosier football incompetence out of the chill a cold Fall day is by sipping hot chocolate and holding hands with your honeybuns under an IU wool blankie…Get all nestled-up and cozy..Rub shoulders and let out the the Buckeye shivers during another shellacking. I forever hope IU football stays buried in obscurity where it belongs. We should keep selling the hope..Keep selling the the next best dope as the coach that can resurrect it because it would be a crime to not have the extra funds available for our hoops.

    Chat up a football storm on the utopian blogging site of your dreams. 4Tarballs sure doesn’t talk about football much…I’ll give the dude credit, at least he has enough mental capacity to understand what keeps the cameras of interest rolling at IU. It aint pigskin. It never will be. Steve Alford walks back on this campus and football looks like a fat lady in a roomful of Victoria Secret models.

  4. Huddle, speak for yourself…we all don’t feel like that! I love all sports IU but my 2 fav are bball and football!

  5. but I still love IU football. IU bball sucks right now too…Obama and Hairboy know it too but I still love it!!!

  6. It’s o.k. to love it as long you understand it’s purpose. Pearl Jam was at Verizon Wireless Music Center a few weeks ago..Tonight they will be featuring a show with Foreigner and Styx. Maybe even a group from Kansas that mocks IU basketball by playing a song called “Dust on the Banners”. Those were the days…Hoosier banners and dust that wasn’t our own. Want them back?

    Basketball = Pearl Jam
    Football = Foreigner, Kansas, and Styx

    You’re as cold as ice,
    you’re willing to sacrifice our hoops…?

  7. there is a good video of bj young on ITH. shows some good moves, including a crossover nearly sending Zeller to the deck. Then later in the video there is a video of zeller getting worked by some 6’7 kid. LOL

    think you should check it out 4Guards.

  8. if you cannot see the good in both sports, basketball and football at IU, especially as bad as bball is right now at our wonderful school…I actually feel bad for you.

  9. Does it show him getting kicked out of school or passing the ball? maybe passing an exam?

    bball is bad now, but will be back with a real coach.

  10. Come on now, if the Football team started winning everyone of you would be on the band wagon.

    Basketball is Indiana but Football (Colts) is becoming a part of Indiana.

    But the truth is a full house of football fans will always bring in more money then a full house at a b-ball game. A strong football team only lines the pockets for an extension for CTC AKA REAL COACH, after he hangs that next banner.

  11. Reality. A great basketball program will bring in 14 million dollars. A low level bowl team will bring in 50 million dollars. Nobody loves college basketball any more than I do, but if you think you can ignore football you are a fool.

  12. You people who are slagging off the football program and saying you hope it fails are not true IU fans and I sure hope you aren’t alumni. I’m ashamed of the way a lot of IU basketball fans treat the football program. These are probably the same people who are IU basketball fans and Notre Dame football fans. I just don’t get that. The picking and choosing is a joke. It’s no wonder the football program has been so bad for so long with that kind of a “fanbase.”

  13. Greg, I was going to write my theory on IU bball lovers and football haters but you nailed most of it. Thanks for that.

    T-rav and Chet, well said. Thanks to you also!

  14. The football program is going to be good soon, the school will bring in a ton of revenue that it never knew was possible, and we will all reap the benefits. Losing doesn’t last forever. Only for the Cubs.

  15. I may be a fool, but I now see Trojan Horse ads running on this site. You’re welcome, Scoop.

    I used loved the revenge factor…I loved getting in the last lick. I always kept that little devilish thought in my head…”Play your Buckeye fight song in our face on our home turf…That’s just fine…Knock yourselves out on January 1st…Can’t wait to see you get annihilated by USC in the Rose Bowl…Keep your return ticket to Bloomington…We’ll see you in a couple months when you bring that basketball team into town…We’ll see how they look in Assembly Hall against Bobby and our Indiana boys.”…Now there is no fear. There is no army in hiding. Memorial Stadium was always our Trojan horse before releasing our wrath in Assembly.

    I don’t like tasting the recruiting leftovers in the sport we used to dominate in our conference. I don’t like the candy-stripes looking like more clown outfits after a season’s worth of embarrassments at the three ring Memorial Stadium circus. Last time I checked, ringmasters don’t get chased by the elephants. The clowns play the fools.

  16. Oops…”I used loved to love</i> the revenge factor”.

    Nice to see Tom is snorting Scoop crack again.

  17. If there is one thing that all of the conference expansion and shuffling about has taught us it is that football is king.

  18. Just be thankful Nebraska didn’t join the Big 10 during their football heyday.

    Nebraska Rankings(last 8 years):

    2009 10-4 #14
    2008 9-4 NR
    2007 5-7 NR
    2006 9-5 NR
    2005 8-4 #24
    2004 5-6 NR
    2003 10-3 #18
    2002 7-7 NR

    Nebraska Rankings(1970-’78):

    1978 9-3 #8
    1977 9-3 #10
    1976 9-3-1 #7
    1975 10-2 #9
    1974 9-3 #7
    1973 9-2-1 #7
    1972 9-2-1 #4
    1971 13-0 #1
    1970 11-0-1 #1

    Place IU basketball in those same time frame scenarios. Look familiar? Now Nebraska makes little noise in both sports..It’s heading for overall mediocrity with no singular sport identity. Sound familiar? Eventually a cash cow grows full..Nebraska will no longer be thought of as a state with monstrous farm boys that plow over a defensive line like bulldozers…And IU will no longer be thought of a state that defied logic…small town farm boys could actually be more coordinated than a cow and blend their skills with inner city boys to form some of the greatest basketball teams in the nation.

    Keep counting your dollar bills…Keep pushing for that big date in a Snausages Bowl game in January..Keep building bigger stadiums to fill with numskulls… Turn IU into jello pudding to serve to the old-timers that sit in nursing homes talking of days to never return.

  19. Crean lost Sallie to Pitino. No surprises here. I am not really that heartbroken personally, could’ve took him or left him.

  20. Don’t see the problem with rooting for one team in basketball and another in football. I am a diehard IU basketball fan, but choose to root for Tennessee in college football. SEC football is not a game, it is a religion. Try it you’ll like it.

  21. jj, growing up in the south I know all about SEC football. I have been to games as recent as last year in the SEC. With that said, my family is in the midwest and I went to college at IU. I would say that Big 10 football is on equal playing field with the SEC on a whole and football and basketball in the Big 10 are both a religion!!! Big 10 all the way!!!

  22. jj, question for you…if IU was as dominant on the field as on the court while you were growing up, say 5 banners…would you be rooting for IU or Tenn??? I am proud to say I am a fan of all sports IU. It does not mean I am any better than you or anyone else really but I will admit it is annoying to me. Just my opinion. take care.

  23. Marketing 101. Brand recognition.

    We are at a crossroads. If we don’t soon restore the basketball program, Indiana will simply become a place to get a fine education. Nothing wrong in that. Most colleges throughout the land are generic wastelands when it comes to athletics. Yes, they have their moments…Maybe they get to a major bowl game every twenty years or to an Elite Eight in hoops once every blue Twilight movie moon. It’s not a big deal. Many of these schools have other tricks in their bags to pretty themselves up to prospective students. Attendance at a prestigious private school, the recognition of an Ivy League education, or the abundance of activities and cultural vibrancy found in major metropolitan areas can be valuable assets to offset the substandard athletics and mediocrity in sports entertainment.

    Does that sound like Bloomington, Indiana? If you let basketball die in favor of tinkering with football, you might just kill little ol’ Bloomington with it. Can we deny that at least one very successful sports program does not hurt in luring students to a campus tucked away in a tumbleweed town, the Blue Ridge mountains, Indiana cornfields, or limestone hills? If you think our lagging basketball program is only causing a hurt in the recruitment of fine athletes, I think there may be some naiveté
    present in your hoopla to happily cheer anything Hoosier at the expense of losing shelf space for our most valued Hoosier product. A graduate student from Seattle isn’t the average Midwestern teenager thinking of IU as a future place to spend their next four years.

    4guards understands this is not Columbia..Bob Knight put Bloomington on the map. There was a day when “Hoosier” had some brand recognition. It was born form hardwood and basketball was its flavor.

  24. Fixing the football program will not hurt the basketball program any worse than it already is. Fixing the football program will however create a more marketable school, bottom line is College Football is far more powerful and popular than basketball will ever be.

    Conferences don’t re-align themselves to be a basketball power. The Big 12 didn’t promise Texas all that TV money to keep their basketball team.

    Now here is another question to you basketball only people. Why not start fixing the football program? The basketball program has new practice facility and offices, a 25 million dollar “coach” with almost a decade left to work on the basketball issue.

    Since they’ve gave Crean that money & time, it is time to go after a top notch coaching staff to make IU football a year in year out bowl team.

  25. For the millionth time, Indiana already had two NCAA Championships in basketball before anyone ever heard of Bobby Knight. Only 12-year-olds think RMK made a name for Bloomington and IU basketball.

  26. so what you are saying is that Knight has more national championships than all other IU coaches combined?

  27. I would like to premise the following statement by saying that I was never the biggest fan of RMK….That being said, to my recollection, the only coach that could ever get 12-year-old basketball phenoms from Indiana to dream five years into the future in hopes to one day don the candy-stripes was a guy named Bobby Knight. Live in denial in the retirement home of your Branch McCracken memories. Basketball under the guidance of Knight put IU in the forefront of college sports. We are no longer there.

    If Knight ever renewed his ties to Indiana basketball, football might as well be water polo.

    Time for my 10:00 pudding…Nurse!….Nurse!

  28. To think FB and BB cannot both coexist successfully now or in the future in Bloomington Indiana is beyond belief.

  29. Chet-

    That’s known as flipping your impact statement..It can be done without direct insult or name-calling. I think I learned it when I was eleven. I bet your mouth is hanging open. Hopefully it will quickly shut in favor of finding a laugh in the mirror of a humble sense of humor.

  30. I am at a loss here. How will improving football hurt basketball? I am serious. Can someone explain this to me?

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