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Swimming took Charlie Hickcox around the world, here pictured on a tour of the Eastern Bloc (former communist states in eastern Europe). Courtesy photo


  • Former IU star and Olympic Gold Medal-winning swimmer Charlie Hickcox spent his life being with others. He recently died, Kelly Martin writes.
  • Whitney Thomas’ coaching career took another step when she was promoted to the women’s team’s video coordinator, Jeremy Price writes.





Band of Horses’ “Laredo.”


  1. Great photo of Charlie Hickcox. He was a handsome young man. Very deep-set eyes. A bit of Eric Roberts in his looks.

    Wish I could have read the Scoop story. Scrambled around the internet and it sounds like he was one hell of a swimmer…a free-spirited, yet extremely determined man that new how to push himself through pain to get better.

  2. TJ Bell leaves BS and goes back to high school in Illinois. ???? WOW! Must have caught something from Carlino.

  3. sounds like Bell may have gotten the same inside look at Crean’s program as Carlino.

  4. Noreen to WV. I guess Huggins thought he was good enough for a Final 4 team.
    No reason to wait a week for him to visit when we have Michel.

  5. Hola Husky Tom,

    Tell us how Madrid is experiencing the last few moments before the great octavos clash between España and Portugal!

    I see the headline in As: España repetirá el mismo once en el derbi ibérico I think Portugal will win it 5-4. Can you then move to Lisboa and tell us what’s going on there?

    A Bola: Cidade do Cabo afectada por temporal

    Maybe it’s La Furia Roja?

    (Who is playing in red tonight?)

    España-ra-ra-ra! 😀

  6. Hi Remora-

    Madrid is pissed off today because of the metro strike, but a win by La Furia, washed down with 3 or 4 cañas, would soothe all wounds.

    Sorry but I can’t make the trip to Lisbon. However, there will be plenty of portugueses at O’Neill’s Irish Bar in Madrid if I need to gauge the reaction of the country after they lose to La Furia.

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