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T.J. Bell is transferring from Bloomington South to Charleston (Ill.). Jeremy Hogan | Herald-Times


  • T.J. Bell has moved back to Charleston (Ill.) and plans to suit up at his old high school again, I wrote.





John Denver’s “Leaving on a jet plane.”


  1. Hulls should be starting at PG, no question about it. I have no faith in our coach to make the right decision though. VJ is a turnover nightmare when running the point. 3.5 turnovers a game when he played some pg as a freshman. Hulls averaged 1.2 last year in about the same amount of minutes. Rivers doesn’t even deserve a scholarship.
    Cody Zeller continues to impress against top talent. I wonder how hotel boy feels about that.

  2. No doubt about it Hulls has one of the highest basketball IQs on the team. He shows leadership on the floor and plays team ball. If Crean has any sense VJIII is really going to have to earn his minutes. IMO VJIII is a selfish ballhandler who is always looking to shoot…I wouldn’t be suprised to see him coming off the bench later in the season.

  3. I’m not as sold on Hulls as many people are. He will have to improve his speed and ballhanding to run this offense.

    The kid is smart and can shoot, but the jury is still out on him being the main PG of this team.

  4. You heard it from this site many times, Zeller is going to Butler to play ball. IU will be a team that plays 6’9″ and below for years, but will have one with size, but nothing else to offer. you people on here know that IU is a thing of the past. It is going to take kids with the attitude of “I want to play for IU” to turn this program around. I have followed TC for years and he is cutting his string shorter and shorter. It just really sucks that the previous coach is sitting in the NBA making pretty good money and laughing at all of the fans at IU.

  5. I am damned happy CZ achieved at the NIKE skills camp. When/if he ever becomes consistent at every competition I will gladly not criticize him. Until then he is Horizon league caliber.

  6. I disagree with 4IQpoint’s statement about Coach Crean. Crean will do whatever is best for the team and that may mean Hulls starting at PG or Jones and on occassion Rivers. What 4IQpoints fails to recognize is there are many parts to playing basketball. Hulls can handle the basketball and knock down open jumpers. He struggles defensively and cannot penetrate the defense effectively. Hopefully he learns those things for the future but he was not there at the end of last season. Coach Crean may need the defensive ability of Rivers as a starter or the playmaking ability of Jones. Jones actually had a low turnover average last season when you consider what he was asked to do. Many times it was left to him to create something on offense and anytime you do that the turnovers are going to be there. Still, he reduced his turnovers from his freshman season. I think 4IQpoints needs to get over his hate of Tom Crean because Crean will be hire a long time.

  7. Can someone tell me what Zeller does that McGary cannot do on the court? I don’t see a difference other than McGary is bigger and more physical. The Zeller love is in Name only if you ask me.

  8. Jones may be the worst defensive player on the team.
    Zeller is a better scorer and rebounder than McGary, but McGary would be a great addition as well.

  9. I don’t care if Hulls can drive the lane. PGs should be able to protect the ball, pass the ball, and hit an open shot. Who does those things the best on this team? Hulls.

  10. Last season Jones had 87 TO and 105 A in 31.4 min/game, that is 1.21 A/TO; Hulls had 37 TO and 45 A in 25.1 min/game, that is 1.22 A/TO; and Rivers had 86 TO and 106 A in 28.4 min/game, that is 1.23 A/TO. The A/TO issue is dead even, scoring, not so much: Jones 14.9/game .399%; Hulls 6.4/game .406%; Rivers 6.0/game .404%. You must have Jones on the court!

  11. Jeremy,

    This isn’t the motion offense….this offense is based on guards being able to drive the lane.
    Bob Knight left a while ago.

  12. Beat Purdue is trying to use Jones stats for last year when he played on the wing. Use his stats for when he actually played the point, of course your turnovers are going to be lower when you are out on the wing instead of running the show.

    Jubilee, Crean needs to change his offense because the guys he recruited are not capable of playing in it. The offense sucks even if you do have the guys capable of running it.

  13. Crean is putting a team on the floor this season for the first time that will have a strong impact on if he keeps his job through his contract. It is time to win! You best trust that he will put the best kids on the court at all times!

    Also, on TJ Bell and the comment 4G made…after reading the paper today it sounds more like his mother and/or he had a falling out with the high school coach more than IU. Nothing was mentioned that makes me think he soured on IU. In fact, a scholly was offered long ago and he attended so many games last year at IU and sat behind the bench. I wonder also if mom tried to get the job Thomas just got or another job and wanted to move this way and it did not work out but I have nothing to base that on, just thoughts.

  14. Hello Stick it………Zeller is in town again today to play with the boys. He has made the trip here 3 times in the last week. Maybe you have some inside scoop that we don’t, but I wouldn’t count IU out as of yet. Creek and Hulls have been working on him building a relationship with him and selling the IU program to him, letting him know how things go around here and how he will fit in…..

  15. 4 guards the joker. Jones played guard. The stats show that he was as good as Rivers or Hulls at A/TO and scored more than twice as many points per game. He needs to be on the court. In case 4G did not notice it, IU did not have a designated PG last year. It is actually amazing how similar their performances were on A/TO.

  16. BeatPurdue always brings the facts. 4brainpiercings only brings negative bias. Same old mud , hell he must be second cousin to a recording device.

  17. Jones played the 3. He couldn’t handle the point without dribbling the ball off his leg out of bounds. The only thing worse was watching him try to guard opposing point guards. What a nightmare. Jones is a good 6th man and a very valuable piece to our team, just not at the point.

  18. I would play Capo over Pritch at the 5. Maybe Guy would be good too. Pritch was awful last year!

  19. I don’t usually agree with 4guards or JB but Hulls is a much better PG. The reason Jones scores is because he shoots more than anyone one. Give Hulls and Creek that many shots and the team will win some games. Jones is great when he lets the game flow to him. The problem comes when he forces bad shots and tries to dribble thru 4 guys and won’t pass. You go back and watch tape of jones and Rivers forcing things down the lane and putting up bad shots you will see Hulls, Watford, and Creek, before he got hurt, standing wide open and Rivers and Jones don’t pass the ball. This team needed jones to try and create but we have better options now and he needs to share the ball or have a seat. IU does need him but we need him playing under control and playing team basketball. When he learns to share the ball he will find he has open looks because the defense will have to guard everyone making his game easier and better. Basketball
    is still a team Sport.

  20. Oh now I get it unlike the PG the 3 position never dribbles on the move nor attempts to make an assist. They stand in one spot waiting to shoot. Now those are some facts.

  21. J Pat,
    Pritchard is no stud, but he is our best option. Guy couldn’t even put up good numbers at a JUCO in Idaho. Pritchard shot over 60% from the field , while Capo shot under 40%.

  22. Why the love affair with hulls? He doesn’t create shots for anybody else on the floor. Also, most of his points are created from other players driving and kicking to him for 3.

    Don’t get me wrong, I like hulls, but handing him the keys to the show is a little premature.

  23. Capo can shoot, rebound, play D, and even shoot the 3. Pritch has good footwork but has a 2 inch vert. When Capo gets some minutes his field goal % will go up. Just my take.

  24. Sorry, Clarion but when I played we always tried to get the ball to the open man who had the best shot. Now we have guys who try to dribble thru 3 or 4 defenders and throw up a prayer. That is not team basketball. You want your point guard to run the show so you get those shots because he passes the ball but I guess you think every man for himself, shoot 1st and ask questions why we lost later. Jones can be a great player but IMO he is not a great Point Guard. He can shoot pass and score better as a 3 or point forward. Let someone who sees the big picture run the point and leave Jones to do what he does best score.

  25. Crean is such a horrible recruiter, why the hell would he have Perea, Yogi, Zeller, L.Zeller, Aget, and Etherington all at IU at once. Surely Crean should know these kids want that personal attention, I can’t believe he allowed this to happen.

    Matt Painter would never have done this, these kids would never visit Purdue together or even at once.

    Sincerely…4guards (Never let facts get in the way of an agenda)

  26. 4guards,

    I agree Jones shouldn’t play the point. It’s not where he excels.

    BUT – He’s huge to this team, and you have to think he’ll be even more improved this season. I’m guessing he’s worked and will continue to work on overall strength, ball handling and defense this offseason.

    Don’t you think he’s a critical part of our team?

  27. southport actually knows what he is talking about for once.
    Casey, I agree. I said he is a critical part of the team, just not at PG.

  28. southport65,

    You post is certainly no problem for me. I like your style, but you did miss the jist of my post by at least half a galaxy.

  29. HC, sorry if I missed your meaning. I watched Hulls play many games in High School,AAU and on all star teams. He held his own against top guards and highly recruited big men who were skilled defenders. His teams were undefeated and he was the PG who lead them. I know what I saw and I know what he can do but for what ever reason he was holding back last year. Some will say he is too short or slow and this is college well the kids he competed against are in college now and will be next year. I don’t know if he held back because of Coach, his respect for upper class players who felt this was their team not his, he was a freshman, or what. If Coach tells him this is his team to run and is willing to let him make some mistakes along the way Jordan Hulls is very capable of great things and he will make his team mates better. He is a winner and IU will be also.. If he can’t get it done once coach tells him to go I will be very surprised and eat my words. We did not see the same kid last year that many of us remember.

  30. Relax. Hulls is the better point guard on this current team. And he should definitely get the vast majority of the minutes at PG.

    I don’t think you can use stats from last year to tell who’s better. Jones and Rivers especially. It isn’t as easy as dribbling down the court as someone said; and, finding the “open” man. Each game may present different players and areas to attack. I think Rivers got that, but he didn’t always have a lot of help from these young players in moving and getting open for shots.

    If you think that Jones was better at “creating” he was not. He is a shooter. He looked stupid trying to penetrate v. 3 or 4 opponents. Rivers did much better driving the lane, but hardly ever was able to finish. However, in a running game, with the players spaced better, Rivers would be my choice to handle the ball. He’s definitely a plus defender at the PG.

    But, as these more mature Indiana players exhibit better spacing and movement, Hulls assists will double or better. Hulls 3pt shooting will also help the Hoosiers. In a half court game, and most possesions work out that way, Hulls is the better choice.

    The issue for the 2010-2011 Hoosiers is to get Creek, Watkins and Prichard scoring in double figures. Do any of you really feel that putting the ball in Jones’ hands will get them more shots? He’s always looking to shoot first. We’re not going to win if Jones is anywhere close to our leading scorer. Hulls is always looking to pass first and that’s what makes him the better choice at PG.

  31. GLORY, GUTS, GAME, AND GUMPTION written all over Hulls’ GRUMPY face.

    Jones is a disaster. He’s weak going in the lane. I was hanging on to a thread of hope to land Sallie so we could get some true athleticism, strength, and experience alongside Creek. Jones and Rivers are Crean’s pets. I think Crean knew landing Sallie would inevitably force both to more minutes on the bench. Sallie, Hulls, and Creek would have seen the majority of minutes. His hand would have been forced because the obvious discrepancy in talent could not be ignored in the eyes of the faithful. I reluctantly agree with an earlier post by 4guards; Jones should not run the show. Jones and Roth should come off the bench..Unfortunately, I think Crean will stick with his pets. Jones and Rivers will get the preferential playing time until they graduate.

    We should not make Hulls sit too much. He has much better court awareness and I believe his shooting stroke will improve with the added confidence of more minutes on the floor. He is the future. He needs two solid years under his belt before he’s ready to take us on a deep tournament run his senior year.

  32. I like Hulls at PG and I like Jones there as well. You start Jones and see how it goes. You bring in Hulls and take out whoever can’t score. You replace Hulls if he can not defend. All of these changes will happen every game many times within a game according to the situation. IU does not need one 40 min/game PG. We will need 2 NBA prospects (my guess is Creek and Watford but maybe Jones and Elston also) and 8-10 more good college players!

  33. Some people don’t seem to understand that Hulls is quicker than Jones, and Hulls is a better defender than Jones.

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