HS coach: Duke, UNC, UVa. in Plumlee’s final three

It appears that Marshall Plumlee has trimmed his list to three and Indiana is not among the schools.

Arden Christ School coach David Gaines told the Asheville Citizen-Times’ Andrew Pearson that Plumlee has met with coaches from Duke, North Carolina and Virginia.

“It sure appears that Duke, Virginia and North Carolina are the three most serious schools that he is considering now,” Greenies basketball coach David Gaines said today.

“He’s met with all three head coaches (recently) and a decision is certainly going to come this summer. He won’t wait until the fall, it could come in July or Marshall might wait until early-August.”

There was a period during the Spring when there seemed to be a lack of communication between Plumlee and the Indiana staff. I talked to Plumlee during the adidas May Classic and he said they had reconnected.

4:35 P.M. UPDATE: Plumlee is denying the report, according to NBE’s Jeff Borzello. He also said he was concerned about the report because he had not “authorized” a statement from his coach.


  1. That period with a lack of communication killed us. This is a huge loss, but what is new.

  2. We’re not in the same class as Duke and UNC right now. especially with his brothers winning nat’l championships at Duke, I don’t think any amount of communication would have gotten a commitment to IU out of him..

  3. This shouldnt suprise anyone! His brothers nor his folks are IU people! Hey 4 guards I see above you feel this is a huge loss? How in the world did you feel this was a loss? You honestly thought we had a chance at this guy knowing all the past about the others in the family?

  4. Can’t lose something you never had. I’d prefer a little focus by the coaching staff on fewer players than the shotgun approach that has failed CTC miserably previously. Players being recruited appreciate being the focus of a school’s attention – listen to what they say. Backing off of this recruit and concentrating on a few others is the right approach.

  5. We may have had a chance if Crean would have given him the focus he should have.
    It is a huge loss because if you pair this kid with Zeller in 4 years that is a national championship contending frontcourt.

  6. Danny is right and this is no surprise. It would’ve been great to sign him, but he is choosing to go somewhere else. As did his brothers.

  7. 4guards,

    Take a look at where the schools he’s considering are located. He obviously wants to get out to the ACC.

    Neither Purdue nor Butler is in his final three, either. He’s not staying in Indiana because he doesn’t want to. It’s obvious. Sometimes Indiana players leave the state. It’s not always the reflection of a poor effort on in-state coaches’ parts.

    Otherwise, this is just as much an indictment of Painter and Stevens’ inability to close the borders in this case as well.

  8. Hey 4guards, can you look 4 years in the future and tell me which stocks I should start buying now?

  9. Hell he and his brothers by their actions quit being Hoosiers along time ago. This is no loss what so ever. This is as irrelevant now as it was two months ago.

  10. Obviously wanted to play in ACC. Don’t care. Don’t think he’ll make a large impact in the ACC or Big Ten to be honest.

  11. Roy has a house about 2 miles from the school. He has had a family member at nearly every game for 2 years. Coach K has been here more times than I can count. Proximity matters and if the kid is nearly local it’s hard to compete with. I don’t know the UVA connection but Ferg is right. Plumlee has been a lock for the ACC for a long time

  12. Anyone that thought we were ever in a good spot with this kid was just dreaming. CTC seen this a long time ago I think and did exactly what he should have done and that was stay in touch but not to the point that it took away from Crean’s ability to do what it takes to recruit other players that are actually interested in us and I’m not just saying that now because IU is not on his list anymore either. CTC has been around the block enough times to know when it is time to dial it down with a recruit and when more attention is the right approach. I think the way he handled Plumlee’s recruitment is proof of that.

  13. 4guards you remind me of the perverbial bitch wife (fan) whose husband (CTC) will never be able to do anything correct even if he does it the exact way that you just told him it should be done.

  14. IUMIKE1’s most recent post is funnier than any picture that’s ever been posted on this blog.

  15. Hey 4guards, what would have to happen for you to take one week off from posting any of your usual negative rants against Crean? What if Zeller and Davis commit? Would that be enough?

    Everyone with a brain knew this Plumlee kid wasn’t headed to IU. Sounds like Crean correctly decided to cut his losses and look elsewhere.

  16. there are 4 posts saying stupid $*** about what 4guards posted. quite the crew of B****ers on the Scoop tonight.

  17. Plumlee is not very good. He is awkward, rail-thin, and not as good as his older brothers. Zeller is the one we want.

  18. Casey, thanks. That one just came to me out of no where. I think 4cells must remind me way too much of a certain woman I used to know and trust me 4guards that is NOT a compliment. If 4guards would like to meet her I would be more than happy to introduce the two of them to each other. I think the two of them would find that they have one certain quality in common for sure and probably several more plus they soooo deserve each other.

  19. Im not sure that Davis is even really much of a target anymore. Young, Thomas, and Tharpe seem to have risen above him.

    I really wish we’d just get over Zeller. Im not sure that McGary isnt BETTER and from all you hear (not from IU writers) that Zeller is going to choose Butler or UNC.

    Why are we choosing a fool’s errand when a perfectly good alternative is sitting right there without the drama?

  20. There are over 10 very good players IU is in the hunt with. We can only take two more to go with Etherington (who showed how good he is at the NBA 100 camp). And this report is not even authoritative, as Marshall has denied it. So scream “the sky is falling” but most of us KNOW that it isn’t!

  21. ^ I think you may be right regarding Davis, and I also think it is another huge mistake on the part of Crean if true.
    I would love to land McGary AND Zeller. House Crean Capo to clear room for McGary. It is not like it is going to have much impact on Crean’s huge transfer rate.

  22. Erik and 4guards,

    What is giving you the impression that Davis is no longer one of our top targets?

    What has happened in the past few weeks that’s causing you to draw that conclusion?

  23. Only rumors I’ve heard on my end, nothing significant at this point. Also the guards we are getting in on sort of backs that up. JD also stated that he will see who is really interested this summer.

  24. Well I think it’s clear that JD isn’t our only option…but I’m guessing we’ll be one of the teams trying to show him we’re “really interested” this summer.

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