In anticipation of the draft . . .

True, Indiana does not have any players entered in the upcoming NBA Draft.

A former Hoosier will be picked, though. Jordan Crawford has apparently opened eyes with his pre-draft workout tour. Another guy who signed with Indiana but went to West Virginia, Devin Ebanks, has intriguing versatility.

One of Tom Crean’s former stars at Marquette, Lazar Hayward, could be selected, and a couple of Indiana kids — Gordon Hayward and Luke Harangody — are prospects as well.

Well, we’ve just published a little draft primer over on the parent site, and it is worth a look. There’s video of 73 players, as well as a short bio for each one.

I’m warning you now that the first video, for one John Wall, consists entirely of a Kentucky player scoring or assisting baskets against Indiana. WE DID NOT CREATE THIS VIDEO, NOR DO WE SANCTION IT AS SOME SORT OF MESSAGE ABOUT THE STATE OF INDIANA BASKETBALL. The entire primer was provided by a company we contract with for college sports scores and stats.


  1. ESPN & BTN do the same thing in their promos; it’s always a Hoosier getting posterized at home. Just makes the feat that much more respectable, I guess.

  2. Why did you create this video and sanction that it is some sort of message about the state on Indiana basketball?
    4tards, here’s a hint. Lots of things on here are a joke directed at you. Don’t hit that submit key so quickly.

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