Indiana adds lineman, commitment No. 17

Indiana is apparently running out of available scholarships, but the Hoosiers are apparently using the ones they have left to land the most sought-after players in the class.

Days after grabbing four-star cornerback Ramon Taylor, the Hoosiers received a commitment from Jalen Schlachter. The three-star lineman from Corunna (Mich.) High School picked the Hoosiers over offers from Wisconsin, Missouri and Central Michigan, according to incoming Corunna coach Chris Curtiss.

Schlachter is listed at 6-foot-6, 273 pounds, but the weight is apparently misleading. He was last measured during basketball season while starting at forward. The constant cardio work cost him some pounds, but he’s been back to the weight room since the season ended, and Curtiss says he’s up to 295 pounds.

“He’s got big, long arms,” said Curtiss, who is taking over as Corunna’s coach this year after several years as the school’s athletic director. “He’s got size 18 feet. He’s huge, he’s big. We’ve had a constant rotation of major college coaches here to see him. Every time they meet him, they say, ‘Man, he’s big.’ These are people who are around big guys all the time and they’re impressed with his size.”

And Schlachter has athleticism and power to go with it. Curtiss said he averages around 10 points and 10 rebounds per game on the basketball team and he’s an all-state shot putter.

“He’s big and he’s physical,” Curtiss said. “He’s a guy that will knock people off the ball. He’s pretty relentless.”

Schlachter is the 17th commitment for the Class of 2011 and either the third or fourth offensive lineman, depending on what the staff decides to do with defensive end/offensive lineman C.J. Robbins. Indiana can sign up to 25 players each season, but must trim the roster to 85 scholarship players by the beginning of the season. The Hoosiers are still oversigned by two players for 2010. They have just 16 graduating seniors, which means they are already overstocked by three players for 2011.


  1. Kudos to Coach Lynch and the staff for assembling what looks on paper like a very solid recruiting class. It’s amazing they’ve been able to recruit this well after a 3-win season in 2008 and a 4-win season last year. Think of what they might be able to do if we won 7, 8 or 9 this year? Time to start producing W’s on the field to enable us to sustain and hopefully enhance these recruiting efforts.

  2. The new facilities are starting to produce for both the football and b-ball teams. I agree with gprophet, a few wins and imagine what could happen.

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