Indiana grabs four-star cornerback

Raymon Taylor already had plenty of options and he probably had more coming.

The 5-foot-10, 167-pound cornerback from Highland Park High School in Michigan had received offers from Wisconsin, Illinois, Purdue and Cincinnati along with Toledo and other MAC schools. Listed as a four-star recruit and the No. 245 overall recruit in the Class of 2011 by, he was also receiving strong interest from Michigan and Michigan State.

But Taylor decided he wanted to play for the school that he believed wanted him the most. That school, he said, was Indiana, the first team to offer him a scholarship.

“They’ve been with me before I got really big,” Taylor said Monday. “I really knew they wanted me. They used to send me letters. The coach who was recruiting me, (defensive ends coach George Ricumstrict) stayed in touch with me. I knew they were really into me.”

The fact that the Hoosiers don’t have quite the winning tradition that some of his suitors have actually helped their cause, Taylor said.

“They’re an up and coming school,” he said. “I didn’t just want to go to a school that was winning already. I wanted to be a part of something special.”

And the Hoosiers clearly wanted him, even though they had already recruited three cornerbacks and four defensive backs in the class. Taylor has been clocked at 4.4 seconds in the 40-yard dash and 10.6 in the 100 meters. He had six interceptions this season for Highland Park and took three of them back for touchdowns, his coach Cedric Dortch said.

“They’re getting a shutdown corner, as we call it,” Dortch said. “He could take away half the field. He’s very, very athletic.”

Dortch said Taylor was also used as a slot receiver and running back for Highland Park this season, but he clearly belongs on the defensive end.

“Later in the season (opponents)  just wouldn’t throw his way,” Dortch said. “The early part of the season,  he made them pay for even attempting to throw the football that way. He’s excellent at turning defense to offense. You don’t pick on him over there. He’s something special.”

Taylor is Indiana’s 16th commitment for the Class of 2011. He is the second player in the class rated a four-star recruit, joining Coshocton (Ohio) High School linebacker Zack Shaw. Shaw had not yet been rated when he committed.


  1. This is great for Coach Lynch and his staff. This program keeps picking momentum and is poised to turn the corner.

  2. I think what’s even more awesome than this pickup is the fact that Shaw was rated highly AFTER he’d already committed to Indiana.

    To me, that’s a clear indicator that our staff is doing a great job of identifying under-the-radar talent and pouncing on it before other schools notice.

    I’ll be interested to see if any of our other recruits in this class end up climbing in the rankings. Good job, staff. Now let’s match the effort we’ve put into this class with the effort our team exerts on the field this year, and good things will happen.

  3. I’m assuming his coach didn’t mean to say that other teams made him pay for throwing at him, but rather that he made them pay. Sounds like the kind of recruit we need to improve the team and program.

  4. Relax guys, these are verbal commitment. We have had 4 star commitments each of the past few years in many are in Bloomington now…none…they mean nothing!!!

  5. Duwyce Wilson was a 4star (Scout). And God forbid people be optimistic about their favorite team.

  6. Verbals or not this is a damn fine class being compiled by a staff that catches continual hell for being pathetic.

  7. Hoosier Clarion – You are assuming that the coaching staff will still be in place after this year.

    ReRun – Yeah move out of here or be a fan of other teams.

  8. I am quite confident this coaching will be here at least two more years if for no other reason than “contracts at IU mean something”. With the facilities no longer being a negative, Coach Lynch and staff are providing us a glimpse of the quality leadership to the program they are developing at IU.

  9. Congrats to Coach Lynch on this pickup. I’m still not a fan and I don’t believe he’s going to be a successful coach here, but when he has success (as rare as it is) he should be congratulated for it. I’ll be even happier for him if the kid signs and becomes a play maker.

  10. Excited about the verbal, but will feel better once he signs. Still feeling the burn from Jerimy Finch.

  11. Every coach at every program exhales a long breath of relief the day LOI are received. I feel comfortable knowing that whomever uses Finch’s scholarship will use it more successfully during his career in the program than we saw from JF.

  12. Hype is beside the point. I’m just saying that he contributed more than others will in the future or have in the past. Would you rather have on scholarship a player who comes in with a lot of hype and comes up with a couple big plays over his career, or a player with no hype and accomplishes nothing? If you’re not an idiot, you pick the first one.

  13. JeremyK,

    That’s just a really weird question.

    So to translate, your asking: Would we rather have a once No. 1 recruit underachieve and compile three blocked punts over two seasons of relative inactivity before leaving the team prior to his senior year, or would we rather have a player who’s not hyped come in be average?

    I expect an unhyped player not to blow me away. With the hype Finch received, he was an absolute disappointment. There’s no way around it.

    One of the scenarios you pointed out is certainly more disappointing. Weird question.

  14. He was an obvious underachiever who was over hyped for his physical attributes which lead him to not be very coachable. Anyone of these “11” class commits will fit better for the product desired. He was quite frankly a waste of a scholarship. Name two with his hype who accomplished less.

  15. Finch is gone, rather it was him, or poor coaching on the defense (see IU at 10th or 11th in the Big Ten in every major defensive category for 2009) we may never know.

    As for this recruit, when the ink dries in February, I’ll be a little more excited.

  16. I wonder how many on the “09” IU defense could have been starters with the top 5 “09” defenses of the B10?

  17. Not an IU recruit, but Ryan Periloux was supposedly the top player in his class a few years ago, and I’d say he’s probably the biggest bust ever.

    Finch didn’t do too much in his 2 years at IU, he did have some good blocked punts and special teams plays. But you are missing a huge part of what Finch did for IU.
    Having a player of his ‘hype’ attracts attention from other players with big hype.
    Even though Finch didn’t end up doing too much, he helped improve the class he was in by making other recruits more comfortable about IU, and has done the same for future recruits. Sometimes the hype IU gets from a player with hype is much more important than anything one player could ever do on the field.

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