Indiana’s recruit run continues with lineman Robbins

Indiana picked up its fifth commitment in the past three days on Thursday and is apparently close to filling out its class for 2011.

C.J. Robbins, a 6-foot-4, 255-pound offensive lineman/defensive end from LaSalle Peru High School in LaSalle, Ill., committed to Indiana over offers from Western Illinois, Illinois State, Eastern Illinois, Central Michigan, Northern Illinois and Ball State.

Robbins said he visited Indiana on Monday and was already fairly certain it was where he wanted to go.

“I loved the whole thing,” he said. “The whole place. It just gave you that good feeling when you walked around that this was a place you’d want to be.”

He wasn’t thinking about committing immediately, but said the process moved along quicker because Indiana coach Bill Lynch told him the Hoosiers were dealing with limited scholarship numbers.

“He was just said, ‘I’ll be honest with you, people could commit and your spot could be taken,'” Robbins said. ” I left there without committing.  He told me he would contact me if peole started committing fast. Then he e-mailed me and told me that I needed to call my recruiting coach. He told me they had three commits yesterday and they have two left. I didn’t even need to think about it. I couldn’t pass up a scholarship. I would be kicking myself in the butt if I passed on Indiana.”

Robbins said he didn’t feel pressured into the situation and was happy he was made aware of the circumstances.

“I respected that,” he said. ” I couldn’t expect them to sit there and wait for me to commit. I know if they offer somebody else he would be better than me or the same. I respected that he told me and that he would call me and tell me when it was cutting it close.”

Robbins helped LaSalle Peru to a 7-3 record last season and a playoff berth.


  1. 2011 linemen? I’m still holding out for 6/18/10 Hoosier Morning/Nooner/Nights. Started to worry the sight of Artest with the trophy made you throw in the towel on this whole sports reporting business.

  2. I’m theoretically on vacation, Chronic. I left Hoosier Morning to the boss. Actually, listening to Artest thank this psychiatrist may have been my favorite quote in any live sports television interview ever.

  3. He also had Syracuse, Illinois and Wyoming nibbling for his services and possibly later in the recruitment timeline he would have had more offers.

  4. Anyone know of a good ghost writer in Bloomington? I need to write another book on coaching.

    Just got back from Atlanta… Thinking about switching to Coke Zero for next season.

    I can recruit better on my son’s EA NCAA Basketball 2009 than I can in real life.

    Did you know my whole family is involved in coaching? Errrr, my wife’s whole family.

    But I get to go out on the road recruiting! Too much dead weight on this team, time for some Housecreaning!

  5. Anyone know of a good exterminator in Bloomington?

    I need to get rid of a pest on this blog I used to enjoy.

    He feels good about himself more on this blog than he does in real life.

    Did you know he has nothing better to do than annoy the hell out of people? Errrr the whole Hoosier community.

    But he thinks he’s funny! Too much time on his hands, time to get a hobby!

  6. They were not my quotes, here are the links:

    But I get to go out on the road …

    I can recruit better on my son’s EA …

    Anyone know of a good ghost writer …

    phenominal tan, great tan …

    … Delicous.

    A Hoosier Morning of sorts in the comments section. These are all satirical comments about our coach. But as long as we don’t allow these on our blog they don’t even exist, correct? Or they don’t apply. Ostrich’s strategy works perfectly.

    The blog you used to like it’s still here. Not all opinions expressed support yours. That’s very very hard for you to accept. Also, you don’t know how to post pictures and have become very jealous of that. You tried once, failed, now you’re just being jealous, period.

  7. I’ve conversed just fine with many posters whose opinions differ from my own. I seem to remember a recent exchange with Hoagland in which we disagreed on almost every basic point of the others argument. But alas, we didn’t call each other idiots, make fun of anyone or dismiss the other’s point of view.

    Maybe it’s because he honestly wanted to flesh out two points of view. Saying I can’t deal with other opinions is just silly. And ironic — since you’re quick to bother and annoy any poster who actually likes or supports our current coach (which is most of us).

    But hey — it’s become obvious we’re not going to come to any sort of an agreement. It’s your right to act like a jackass; it’s just unfortunate you choose to do it here with such frequency.

  8. Casey, you are absolutely right but there really isn’t any sense in calling the yahoos out. As you said, they have a lot of time on their hands. Minimum wage jobs are like that. They can post away and all they want is a little attention. There is a saying in behavior modification, children would rather be praised than punished but they would rather be punished than ignored. Another way to put it is, never wrestle with a pig. You’ll just get dirty and the pig enjoys it.

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