Muniru will transfer

Indiana just announced that sophomore center Bawa Muniru will transfer out of the program. The release follows. Obviously, we hope to have more on this tonight.

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. – Indiana University men’s basketball coach Tom Crean has announced that center Bawa Muniru will leave the men’s basketball program and look to transfer to another institution where he can receive more playing time.  He will have three years of eligibility remaining.

He saw action in just 19 games a season ago and averaged 3.3 minutes per game.  He averaged 0.6 points and 0.7 rebounds.

“As a staff, we think the best thing for Bawa is to go to a program where he can play and continue his education,” said Crean.  “His desire for more playing time was very evident and we told him that his best opportunity to play the minutes he wanted to was likely going to have to happen somewhere else.”

Muniru will finish his summer coursework at IU.

“I feel it is in my best interests to pursue my basketball career somewhere else,” said Muniru.  “I have appreciated my time at Indiana.”

“We always want to give our players the best opportunity for growth as a player and as a person,” added Crean.  “He has worked extremely hard in the classroom and we appreciate all that he has done in representing the program.”

UPDATE, 8:37 p.m.

Just spoke to Bawa Muniru’s guardian, Brian Privett. Privett reiterated that the decision was mutual. Obviously, the scholarship crunch dictated that to sign another player in 2011, Indiana would have to part with someone by 2011. However, Privett said Muniru was not pushed out of the program.

“It’s not my understanding that the coaches got together and said, ‘Hey how can we get rid of Bawa?” Privett said. “He was working out like he was supposed to and staying in summer classes. One of the coaches and Bawa had a conversation, and at some point,  Bawa asked ‘What would be the best thing for me? What would you do if you were in my situation?’ From that was how the process got started. Basically Bawa is like any other kid that plays basketball. He wants more playing time and they didn’t feel like they were going to be able to provide it for him.”

Muniru declined comment through Privett, however.


  1. Wow, surprisingly enough, all that time you spent at the AMC asking everyone you could find about the scholarship crunch was a waste of time. Like pretty much everyone knows, these things work themselves out. No use in pressing the matter with 16-17 year old kids who are trying to play basketball and not have to answer questions about where their scholarship offer is coming from.

    Now that that is out of the way, good luck to Bawa! Hopefully he can get some more playing time and still get a good education. Definitely seemed like a good quality kid. Cody and Jeremish, your spots are now officially open.

  2. There ya go 4guards.

    Not overly upset, by default — because we never really saw him produce. I will always, however, wonder if he would’ve been able to develop into a good player for us at some point. Perhaps it became apparent that he just had too much ground to make up to ever be a legitimate Big Ten player.

    I’m glad to say that he was part of our team, based solely on his seemingly grateful and polite attitude. He represented his team well, albeit off the court, for the most part.

    That said, if I HAD to pick someone to transfer for the sake of the scholarship situation, he’d probably top the list.

    Good luck, Bawa. I hope you find a school that provides the right environment for your development.

  3. Let’s play “Who will get the scholarship”
    Contestant number 1. Cody Zeller.
    Contestant number 2. Jeremiah Davis.
    Contestant number 3. Aaron Thomas.

    Good luck Bawa

  4. Brad,
    I’ll go ahead and agree to disagree with you and not restart this argument. Professionally, it was a story I had to pursue. This development doesn’t change the fact that it was a story in May.

  5. For all I’ve read and seen, this is a classy solid kid. Too bad things didn’t work out well at IU.

    Good Luck to you Bawa. Hope it all works out the best for you….

  6. Dustin, I don’t disagree that from a professional standpoint, it was a story to pursure, however, I do disagree with going to 16-17 year old recruits and asking them about it as the main resource. I have no problem with writing a story about it and interviewing other coaches or past coaches or past players or even AAU coaches, but I just don’t think it is fair to the kids or IU to be asking the potential recruits. Don’t take it the wrong way though, other than that one weekend, I think you do good work, so keep it up!

  7. Brad you make a valid point! — Now will we lose another before next year?? Oh yeah, Dustin you do a great job, I enjoy your writings, but on this one I agree w/ Brad.

  8. I think it’s a lost cause arguing this one, boys.

    As fans, we don’t ever want anyone engaging in behavior that could have negative ramifications for our recruiting efforts — intentional or not.

    But as a journalist, Dustin and others aren’t going to determine what stories to pursue and whom to ask based on whether it helps or hurts the team they’re covering. Their goal is to ask questions that are on the public’s mind, and to ask them to the parties most directly involved and affected. In this case, it’s coaches, players and often players parents, who take the reigns on recruiting in a lot of cases.

    I honestly see both sides of the argument, but I really think it’s just an issue of loyalty and perspective. We’re loyal to IU athletics. Korman and Dustin are loyal to their journalistic pursuits. Sometimes those mindsets clash. It’s unavoidable.

  9. Brad,
    As far as asking teenagers about a scholarship availability and where their scholarships are coming from it was far off base to do so. To me it was classless. It is a subject I do not care to read about, so it made the topic be over and done with before it got started.
    I think Bawa was in the plans to be part of the future until Guy got to town and the expectations for play in the post took on a different dimension(not to mention a 2yr. scholarship commitment vs. a 4yr.commitment). But the big class of 09 had to be culled sometime by losing someone. It is unfortunate the rules dictate he set out a year after transferring but it will increase his chances to develop positively.

  10. Good luck, Bawa. You’re going to be a very good post player some day. Too bad IU doesn’t have the time or patience to develop you. I’ll be keeping an eye on your college career; I’m sure you’ll do well…

  11. scoop quick and to the point F you and you are a perfect example of how almost all pUKe fans, players and coaches are worthless cheating douchebags. And before you come back with the same old tired line no I’m not “just jealous” because you have nothing that I find worthy of being jealous of. Go get back in bed with your sister !!

  12. Dustin I’m all for allowing alot of varying points of view, even 4guards’ nonesense, but that post, with that many pictures of Calipayoff of all people and that slams our coach and team in every one? from a hometown newspaper?… REALLY ? Come on you have draw the line somewhere !

  13. It is funny how nobody disagrees with me now that Bawa is not Big10 quality. You take take off the Crimson glasses when he leaves.
    Dustin was just doing his job, people were very curious to that process. It was very interesting to see their reaction.

  14. Can you hear Tom Crean in the huddle? Do you hear his determined and confident voice still echoing in those early practices? Can you hear him Bawa? There it is…I hear the voice again….

    If you stand with me young men…if you reach to the heavens with your humbled guide and help me bring this program back from ashes to flame, my loyalty to you…my faith in you….Indiana’s faith in you… will be extended to ignite the fire and the passion that is Indiana basketball….You are the first class of a new beginning…a new generation ….Each of you define the truth of history, the pride of cream and crimson…your names glow with the light high upon the banners above us. Stay with me now and I shall grant return the honor of your loyalty and the trust you have put back in those old dusty banners…banners that still whisper of days when Indiana was one of the most respected basketball programs across this land ….You have made a pure choice…a choice only motivated by love for this storied house and this fine institution…You have put your faith in Indiana…because it is Indiana that forever lives in your hearts.
    And on behalf those that have given me the privilege in coaching you, a group that will forever be remembered for devotion….each of your faces branded by the light to the memories of our dedicated fans, the best fans, that carry your names hand-in-hand beside each resurrecting word sung our fight song, I pledge to give you the most memorable four years of your life. We are now one…a house undivided…We are the NEW GENERATION….We are INDIANA!

    …..except for you, Bawa. I’m kickin’ your ass out of here in two years when an anonymous donor from the Lake Monroe Yacht Club writes me a check to make room on the roster for a dork from Indiana. Danny stays…You go…It’s just the way the light shines sometimes…Now reach everyone!…..REACH FOR THE LIGHT OF A NEW GENERATION!


    It was wrong to question the recruits and it was wrong to push Bawa off this team.

    The “light” may guide us, but the fires of hell burn in hypocrisy.

  15. I actually think he could have been really good by his third year. Truth is unless you are a coach you don’t know his true talent level. We just did not see him play enough, simple as that. When comparing him to Jobe, Bawa was miles ahead and much younger. I feel sorry for him as he was most likely pushed out and we all know that. With that said if Crean figures it best for the program I will support that. Ironic that it was Bawa and not Elston or Watford as some on here kept bringing up…

  16. iumike1 i should have used tom crean’s twitter links instead of my own captions. here are some you may want to read again about bawa:

    moments ago we just learned…

    we want bawa here…

    pic of bawa headed to class… (I guess that Minny tie was too much!)

    Bawa Muniru: a prime example of how Tom Crean develops players. We’ve seen it with Tijan, we’ve seen it with Malik Story, Nick Williams and now with Bawa. Isn’t Tom Crean a great coach? Tom Pritchard and Devan Dumes were also consistently better after one year with Tom Crean, weren’t they? It’s time to dig up what Crean Apologists wrote about Bawa during this last year: Casey, Hoosier Clarion, Husky Tom… just wait 2-3 years and Bawa will play very good basketball … somewhere else.

  17. Scoop of the past has as much BS as 4tickturds and just as goofy. Just another non-fan of IU throwing mud. Fear not.

  18. Now that is an all american class!
    How many games could be won with that group ? 5-6,or maybe 10.
    You take this group,because nobody else wants to come play for IU under the circumstances.
    I guess 4 guards as a head coach and scoop of the past as an assistant,they could bring home the title with this group.They are a great group of young men,but very low leval D1 players.

  19. If I were the head coach, none of those guys would have ever stepped foot on campus with the exception of maybe Pritchard.
    Pritchard has gotten worse since arrival with the brilliant basketball mind of Tan Cream.

  20. And your point is scoop of the past? It’s a lot like life you get out of it what you put in it! No one gives you everything–just opportunity. Bawa had the opportunity and he couldnt make it work for him. Crean gave this young man a chance of a lifetime and it didnt work out for either. No blood spilled here and it is a lesson in life for this kid. If this is the worst thing to happen to this young man in his life he’ll be fortunate and just maybe it will help him along the way. You and Antiblogotics evidently still live at home and havent been in the real world yet but youll see how things really work once you move out! If one doesnt continually improve he will be moving on many times in life. Good luck to Bawa !

  21. Jordan Crawford was also “leval” D1 player like Leval Dumes. But he was much more dangerous than Dumes. You see Phil Jackson can tame Ron Artest but Tom Crean is afraid of Jordan Crawford (also not at all impressed with his basketball ability).

    Hey, crean apologists do not fear, Danny Moore is still here! And do you know why? Because coach knows best.

  22. I’m sticking with the high road here–I want to thank Bawa for coming to IU and working hard with class, and I wish him all the luck in the world at his next school and in life.

  23. I like that 4guards: Cream and Sunscrean. You’re hilarious! Burn, crean apologists! Feel the burn! Oh, wait: you can apply some sunscrean even during the game! We have the best coach ever…

  24. Sometimes I think IU fans (me included) and Indiana sportswriters treat Coach like he is a rookie. He is new to IU but he is not new to coaching and recruiting. He has over 21 years as a college coach and he has worked with and for some of the best. This is not the 1st time or will it be the last time when he has a player who he takes a chance with who may have great potential upside. Think of how many 7′ players Bob Knight had who did not work out and they moved on where they could be a better fit for playing time. It happens all the time in college sports. We need to understand these are not new things for this Coach and when he offers kids a chance to play at IU he doesn’t do so without a plan. IU hired him to rebuild the program so let him do it without all this second guessing. J Pat is right. Fans don’t know the players true talent like a coach does.

  25. SOTP how can you compare Plil Jackson to Tom Crean? You just proved that you are as big of a idiot as 4 guards.You probably have a pic of 4 guards as your screen saver.

  26. Hammer-

    Most often the bloating of a condescending voice is nothing more than a manifestation of a wimpy guilt for the soft-skinned palms of a life born into privileged pockets…A true working man has no need for such useless energy..

    Crean gave Bawa a lot of lip service…I don’t think that equates into “opportunity”. That being said, 4tarballs is correct, most of us understood this kid would have never even had a legitimate shot at starting for Grace College…I’m all for giving the boot to as many these sacrificial lambs Crean used to snow job fans that couldn’t recognize talent if it bit them in the a$$…This had nothing to do with opportunity…If so, then it’s the same “opportunity” that a search committee used to fill the vacant head coaching job…simply a mirage to fill a spot nobody with real qualifications wanted anything to do with…Bawa was also filling a spot in that span of history…Because he can’t stand at a podium and crap out his mouth he deserves less loyalty than the man that brought him to his “decimated” house of hoops he so devoutly worships?…The reality of your life lesson your attempting to condescend down my throat is Crean came to IU from the same leftover plate that brought us Bawa…And that’s the hypocrisy… To hear a coach explain himself away based on how decimated the program he inherited, and then expect his chance to be extended greater privileges than the decent kids, the shoelace trippers, he used to fill a roster for a coach without enough prestige in his own right to attract any finer.

    Make sure you get out your “opportunity” and “what a privilege” speech out of your fine Armani pockets if the polish of Tom Crean still can’t provide the needed luster in the eyes of top recruits. When you abandon loyalty and school as primary reason for choice, the only thing left is the guy in the suit…or the cheesy windbreaker. Many say Eric Gordon came to play for Sampson…and they’re probably right.

  27. We still do not know if Bawa will be a player down the road. If Butler has a scholarship to invest, I would like to see Bawa get it. One year to improve as a transfer, then 3 more to play. He is a good kid, a good student, a good teammate, and a 7′ athlete. Good luck to Bawa and IU as we move on.

  28. Can someone please tell me the sum of twenty-eight and fifteen — I can never get past that question. Now to answer some fan mail:


    Not only did I compare Plil (Pill? Take it.) Jackson with Coach Sunscreen but I also compared Jordan Crawford with Ron-Ron (Artest). Now say or write: Queensbridge. Thank you.

  29. scoop of the past I am glad you posted again because it just shows even more that you do not have that first clue when it comes to bball and I’m sure several other common things in life. As far as digging up things that have been said in the past feel free because you will only interpret it as only your pea sized brain wants to/can see it and people that actually have a brain will realize that that is exactly what you have done and I’m sure someone will be more than happy to go back and find some things you have said in the past. You will have to excuse me now as I am going to have to spend a good part of the day trying to get the mental picture of you sitting in your parents basement, while staring rather lovingly at your screensaver of 4cells while you think perverted thoughts that only you would think, out of my mind. If you can put out the effort to post that many pics of Calislimy you really should go to a site where others of your mentally challenged kind frequent or are you just trying to make 4cells jealous.

    P.S. I hear your sister calling for you she says she getting cold…or is that your cousin we hear, all you inbreds look and sound the same.

  30. Demling’s reporting that both B.J. Young (SG, Rivals #58) and Naadir Tharpe (PG, Rivals #92) have “high” interest in Indiana.

    Add ’em to the list.

  31. iumike1 thanks for your post which is full of basketball wisdom and adequate redneck decorum. your coach tan cream and coach cal are good friends. why don’t you shut your mouth up and look up to kentucky just as your coach sunscreen is looking up to calipari. also, in case you haven’t noticed all but two pictures were of coach cal. the two that weren’t were of coach lynch (simply by extension) and … steve alford, chuckle, chuckle.

    give crean time, give crean time, that’s all what crean apologists cry. have patience with tan cream! i couldn’t agree more: tan cream develops players like no one! he’s just finished developing bawa (or do you think he will continue to develop him remotely by correspondence)

    iumike1 you make true hoosier fans (such as casey, bugle boy, fusky, etc. …) proud. keep it up! Never daunted, you cannot falter, you’ll always fight for cream and sunscreen, oh Indiana we’re stuck on you!

  32. I find it humorous when people call me out for NOT attacking our coach at every turn, as if not scrutinizing his every move and not falling victim to irrational impatience makes me some sort of watered down Hoosiers fan.

    No one minds your opinion, just the way you choose to express it.

  33. By a man named Viggo:

    • Standing on air | November 6th, 2009 at 4:06 pm |

    He should play for a team named the Huskies… ’cause his game is Bowwow Manure. Just remember … our coach may be the biggest ‘project’ of all.

    I did see the funniest picture of Jobe to date on the IU Athletics site…

  34. P.S. Parpp sounds like a big giant farting sound.

    That was funny…I actually rediscovered a smiley muscle.

    I would like to be serious here for a moment and give Bawa my best wishes…BPguards and most these bloggers don’t know beans about hoops..With the proper tutelage(Parpp! Goes the Weasel), one can only imagine how far you could have taken your game…I will forever keep such a vision in my mind.

  35. coach tan cream or whatever name you are going by, how typical of a pUKe fan to mistake intelligence for redneck decorum. You would think if there was one thing you would know it would be what redneck decorm is. Look up to you or that giant blue turd of a university ? Yea that will be the day that hell freezes over which oddly enough will also be the day you and the head administrator of cheating are begging for a thick coat. Only people like you, you know the ones who are not good for anything but standing around using up everyone else’s oxygen, would ever look up to Criminalapari and his likes and as far as that goes he would have to be somewhere other than at the very lowest point of all things decent for anyone to be able to “look up to him” see that’s the problem with slime it lays lower than just about everything else well that and it smells like something would if it was blue and crawled up in you, died and started to rot. LOL. Come back and talk to us in a year or so, if not sooner, when the great one has beat a path to the NBA and you are left with nothing to show for his time in your little blue cesspool but vacated wins if not seasons. When that happens you and your kind will be the ones looking up but it will be to see if the ghosts of Joe B. Hall, Eddie Sutton, Eric Manuel, Chris Mills etc etc have come back to haunt you. I will grant you one thing he is a perfect fit for pUKe. Birds of a feather flock together.

    I never thought I would say this but 4guards my apologies for lumping you in with someone like this blinded by blue butthead. While I rarely ever agree with what your views are at least you aren’t as low as this one. Which is a helluva statement in itself.

  36. I think the Scoop should be renamed “The Little Rascals” and ‘Our Gang” can be played by 4guards and his Minions because they are quite comical. This once fine site has officially been trashed by these guys.

  37. I can’t stand that slimeball Calipari. It is just a matter of time before he crashes and burns. If somebody on here is a kentucky fan, don’t lump me with them.

  38. Those responsible for this “once fine site” made their own decision to become a platform for 4tarballs. They have laced their editorial, positioned their arguments(e.g. defending the professionalism of interviewing 16-year-old kids over the scholarship “situation”), and used the same lame jokes(clapping at the intro of their ScoopTalk sessions) to conduct a most innocent and almost daily mockery of our coach..It doesn’t take very keen observation to realize the holding of hands and the tied agendas between Scoop and the main culprits you give credit for “trashing” this site.
    The Scoop continues to play a tambourine song for the oily blogger, the Crean-basher, the King of Sludge..It is a choice..They pumped it. They built it. And now they have come…Now sit back and enjoy the entire 4Tarballs’ Gang as if you were stuck in one of those Kevin Costner movies that will never end.

  39. PASFM, you are right and there is nothing a true IU fan can do but
    leave and go where fans still talk IU basketball without the virus that was let go here uncontrolled despite warnings to stop feeding the trolls. too bad

  40. I’ve never suspected 4tards of being a Kentucky fan. Kentucky educated, perhaps. He’s definitely a Purdue man.
    One of my kids just got an engineering degree from VT. He heard from a lot of engineering programs coming out of high school because he is a good test taker. The UK College of Engineering recruited him. You would not believe the material they sent. It may as well have been written in crayon. I am not exaggerating when I say we passed their brochure around the room and laughed at it. I personally know two UK grads who are functionally illiterate.

  41. As to ‘Play a song for me’, sadly you are correct. The site has been in a death spiral as of late. The bloggers who have something intelligent to contribute seem to be losing (as opposed to ‘loosing’) interest. I know I have. The powers that be don’t even seem to care about supporting the Hoosiers and, for example, buy into the coach bashing. I know they are just kids as well but here’s a piece of career advice from an adult. If you are in a college town and report on the local team the only decent seats are gonna be on the bandwagon. You don’t have to be dishonest but you’d better keep your non-Hoosier bias to yourself. This isn’t the Washington Post and you’re not Woodward or Bernstein (I hope to God you know who they are). The local sports writers better be supporting the team unless they a breaking a huge scandal or other newsworthy event. Even Bob Hammell stuck with the program when perhaps he shouldn’t have and you guys have a log way to go before you’ll be compared to Bob Hammell.
    You guys are here to learn, I realize that. I hope you understand that learning is a lifelong process and you are just getting started.
    I also hope that you are not remembered as the guys that killed ‘the Scoop.”

  42. We’re not on the bandwagon, nor will we ever be.

    I have no interest whatsoever in being compared to Bob Hammel.

    Those of you who are upset with the site, I’m sorry. But I am not about to decide what is and what is not a valid comment based on the thoughts expressed within (obviously, don’t swear or call names). Everybody has an opinion, and they are welcome to share them here. I allow many of you to espouse ridiculous conspiracy theories about our intentions day after day. If you honestly believe the things you say, I think you have the right to say them (as long as you aren’t offensive).

    What I don’t understand is: why do you guys keep coming back if you hate it here so much?

    By the way, Chet, why would the people of Bloomington deserve some sort of lesser level of journalism than the people in Washington, D.C.? It’s not the Post. But I’m not sure why I shouldn’t aspire to cover these stories the way the Post would.

    I was here the day the Scoop started. It has gone through many phases. I dislike the current incarnation as much as anyone, but this has not been caused by one or two people.

    We’ll introduce a re-designed Scoop before football season, and it will include comment guidelines. This week I reviewed a User Agreement sent by our lawyers, and though it was written for our paid site, parts of it will apply here.

    Perhaps the discussion will improve then.

  43. I allow many of you to espouse ridiculous conspiracy theories

    You have us on this one..Sampson is the Antichrist..Knight did create basketball on the seventh Hoosier day…His only son did not abandon his followers but instead died on the Hawkeye cross of a Luke Recker 3-pointer to save us our Hoosier sins. Crean is a false prophet sent as a temptation against the sign of true faith delivered by way of an Osterman bobblehead. Those that follow the tan deceiver willingly feed a soulless Coppertone existence from the worship of Ra..They refuse to become born again Tarballs and openly gorge on platefuls of clapping and gluttonous goblets of wasted scholarships…The Lobo resurrection is coming…All conspiracies shall soon end. It has been written in the only Hoosier basketball bible…the FourGuard Gospels of the NewTard Testament….Amen.

  44. Purdue man? That is a good one. I have grown up my entire life hating Purdue and now I am being labeled a Purdue man. I guess coming from the source it doesn’t really mean much.
    I am IU through and through. I just cannot stand how this program is being destroyed.

  45. Well I have read Chet’s post about his thoughts and I have done the same with C.Korman’s take of the issue. Actually I read them twice. Three things for me are of note, I am unable to see myself anywhere but in Chet’s(and many others)camp of opinion, my decision of many years to not buy newspapers has once again been vindicated and reinforced, developments will continue to decline(without common sense)with lawyers. Then there is one “bugger boo” that has me laughing, conspiracies. Conspiracies? I’ll bet Bob Hammell is laughing and weeping simultaneously.

  46. Bob Hammel is a good man. Was he a good writer/journalist, that’s not for me to say. Some sport journalists outside of Indiana did not think a lot of his work. I know that he stayed in contact with John Pont long after Pont left IU. He actually visited Pont in Ohio not long before Pont passed away. Perhaps he made too many friends to remain objective, if that’s the main gripe aginst him.

    As for this site that’s up to Korman and company to decide. I read the posts and respond once in a while. There are some problems but isn’t that the case everywhere?

    I enjoy Hoosier morning I think that Hugh does an excellent job with that. If people read the news from other B10 schools they can gain a little information concerning what’s going on around the B10.

    Sorry to ramble. I must admit it used to be more enjoyable to interact on here.

  47. 4guards isn’t a purdue or kentucky fan. He is an IU fan who is very, very impatient. That is all.

    On this message board thing, I came over to this message board to get away from the indystar & other message boards where people constantly slam other basketball teams and don’t bring anything to the conversation. At the beginning, this site did very well with that and to a point still does.

    The people ruining the site are the people posting pictures and pure nonsense.

    Also, Casey tried to bring this up, but I believe it was shot down quick. How are BJ Young and Nadir Thorpe? They both said they are high on Indiana, but I think people here were to busy arguing about whether coach crean is in the tanning bed or not.

    Let’s just talk basketball, football, soccer, etc. That’s what this was made for right?

  48. To be cliché, a picture can be a thousand words..a thousand words from BPguards/JB/Jubilee will never form the Indiana picture I would ever want to look at..A picture/YouTube link can take up far less space…A picture can provide some comic relief outside the usual vomit reflex of a no-nonsense, three sentence, Tarballs contemptuous post. Pictures are not ruining this blog. The black tar spewing out the negative mouth a moron having no basis a claim to be a Hoosier fan is the never-ending toxin contaminating these waters.

    And I totally agree with Clarion…Lawyers will have little effect on capping the hate pumping out a 4tarballs windpipe in the Gulf of Scoop..Most only hope that one day it will run dry…But what do I know? I’m just a crabby shrimp….o.k.?

  49. I personally would rather have Davis than Young or Thorpe. Young also has severe grade problems and may be headed to prep school.

  50. 4tards and jubiwee are a match made in heaven. they complete eachother its so sweet. and yes this site sucks and just because people click on a link to come here doesnt justify the suckiness. get it scoop kids?

  51. I love this site and I think the HT does a great job with it. Thanks to all the writers Korman, Dopirak and Hugh for doing a great job.

    Go Hoosiers!!!!!

  52. I just cannot stand how this program is being destroyed.

    And there’s the endless sludge filling the barrels.

  53. Maybe the scoop owners are on to something. Why do we come back? Maybe we thought that if you disliked the current incarnation(as you say you do) you could do something about it but it is clear from your response that you will do nothing. You say don’t swear or call names but that happens daily from both sides of this issue with no action by the Scoop site owners. So I have lost Hope that my once favorite site will ever be back, therefore I will stop posting. You may say “big deal” and rightfully so but if enough of us leave or just stop posting maybe someone will get the message or at least it will get real boring listening to IU haters talk with each other.

  54. Korman – I look forward to the changes to the Scoop. The comment sections have turned into a cess pool.

  55. this site totally sucks now. the peole that take all the time to post drivel that doenst make sense and then post rumors or insults about coach due to his skin tone and then talking abd about our players, all in the name of just caring about whats best for the program. wtf, you idiots dont care about the program, you just care to post crap on this blog so you get some social interaction with the world. you would get punched in the face for posting the crap that goes on this forum. the ht staff are 100% responsible because they let this kind of crap dictate the forums image. great job idiots on running a joke of a blog.

  56. To those of you complaining about the state of the blog (I also acknowledge it’s not what it once was):

    What’s your solution?

    – Blatant censorship (which would result in one or more of the writers devoting an unreasonable amount of time to constantly monitoring comments – or – a lag in real-time commenting because comments would first have to be approved before they filtered through)

    – No commenting whatsoever?

    – Monitoring and removing comments that are too nonsensical or offensive (but then where do you draw the line)?

    – A character limit on posts?

    – Disabling/disallowing all links to external sites (or pictures of nonsense)

    I think we can all agree things have gotten out of hand, but there’s really not a clear-cut solution. It seems to me if you come to this site for information on IU athletics and then call the operators of the site “idiots,” you’re kind of biting the hand that feeds you. It’s not the reporters’ fault some people choose to act immaturely.

    Here’s the closest I could come to a solution:

    1.) Require one consistent user name.

    2.) Ban hyperlinks. People find ways around the link filter by imbedding them within words in a sentence. With the luxury of Google, other posters really don’t need to be provided the link to a story. You can simply say “Check out the story about Maurice Creek in the Indianapolis Star.” We can take it from there.

    3. Remove comments that are blatantly racially insensitive and comments that are simply pictures of Bart Simpson, created by someone with too much time on his hands.

    4. Create a character limit for posts. Often times, the posts people speak of that contribute nothing of value to the site are those in which someone is allowed to ramble on and on and on (although, this very comment likely wouldn’t make it through the filter). Perhaps posts that exceed the character limit could be held up for review before going through.

    5. Of course, people would simply post several times in a row to circumvent the above rule, so perhaps there could be a minimum time limit between posts — say, 10 minutes.

    6. Create a “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” rating feature (like the one available in H-T stories). The highest rated comments could go to the top of the page, this way, at least interested posters could read what’s relevant first, without having to sift through things having nothing to do with the actual content.

    These are all just ideas, but I think some of them could be effective. This once was the best blog — I still think it is as far as providing frequent and thorough information on Hoosier sports. It can certainly be saved.

  57. Let it ride. Life is short. Have fun. It’s summer.

    It’s not always the decor, but the company. Mingle about the room and by the end of the evening, though you may not absorb the expansive genius an equal, a tiny bit of tolerance may be found.

    I complain, but I like Korman and Dustin and Hugh.

  58. …and it still has nothing to do with IU athletics. It’s not even something that stimulates any other sort of conversation. It’s a waste of space.

    I have tolerance for different opinions. I don’t have tolerance for useless nonsense. I’ve definitely gained some, thanks to a handful of people who post here.

  59. A picture is sometimes worth 1,000 words. You have 400+ words in your post above and it took you more time to type them than it takes someone to post a Bart Simpson. Now you tell me: who has more time on his hands?

  60. I use that time to actually discuss the topic at hand — not post pictures a 9-year-old boy would find mildly funny.

  61. Chris and Dustin,

    Like most of the readers, I love you guys’ work. I think the HT is in great hands going down the road. But many of us have been around here for a while and might see some developments in a different context than you guys do.

    I made a comment a few weeks ago mentioning the questioning of IU’s bball recruits with scholarship numbers. I didn’t argue that there isn’t a local market for it, because it has been created. IU basketball fans are a very strange lot of folks. I don’t think I could explain the bizzare sects and strange attempts at undermining the program and athletic department that was begun by and encouraged by these well-meaning, albeit bizzare folks in a dozen extra long message posts so I’ll not try. Suffice it to say that the loudest handful of internet voices that have been around the longest on IU outlets have been around a long time, let it become their identity, some have been banished but still worked behind the scenes on this stuff, and they drive the mass content in a way very different than you see around us at other programs.

    No UK writer is going to tackle the fact that their coach offered more kids than rides, took more rides than spots, and willfully shed parts from the roster. Their fans wouldn’t care in any context if the team was being made better. That’s the way it is everywhere but here other than a few people. As much as I like to look down my nose at Mr Calipari and how he runs things, they had unique circumstances. They had a new coach who had the ability to bring a level of talent superior to what he had on the roster, which is the first step in his getting that program back to where it belonged on the national stage. It was unique. If he is still doing it in three years I’ll be able to look down my nose at him with a clearer conscience (and we know he most likely will because programs in high major conferences average close to two transfers a year anyway and his fanbase will not question it).

    To my eyes, you talented, bright, capable folks know how talented each other are and see this fanbase as a bit of a bubble. Your outside perspectives will illuminate the road toward more healthy, less hero-driven coverage of the local sports scene. Mr Hammel and his legacy is admirable but not something to aspire to. You think you’re going against the grain of the fanbase by asking the tough questions about scolarships and that is some kind of responsible, even journalistic high road that fortunately has an audience in this case.

    Well, I agree with the parts about how talented and promising you guys are, but from my perspective there’s more going on here than you may see right away.

    Mr Hammel saw a unique culture in IU basketball that was superior to what is typical of big money sports programs. He saw what was really going on here. He saw the problems with Knight, how Knight’s excesses and arrogance cost him. He wrote about those things too, but it wasn’t the big picture hence a legend in his field is easy for they young turks to politely look down upon.

    But largely, Mr Hammel’s perspective was right. What he was seeing here deserved real criticism but that was the minor story behind what was unique and what was working in such a unique way for the kids who graduated here. The unhealthy Knight zealots who still actively drive some small but influential bball circles loved Mr Hammel of course but would wail when he was somewhat critical or came down on Mr Knight from time to time.

    Those are the guys who are driving the really introspective and decisive obsessions with IU’s scholarship numbers, creating a small but legitimate market for that news. Those are the guys who tried to browbeat IU into firing Mike Davis and bringing in Steve Alford. Those are the folks making racial comments on Mike Davis on rogue internet outlets. Those are the folks who drove public opinion at Indiana over Sampson to the point where IU punished itself so severely to cripple the program and we still feel like we had it coming. IU has a lot of self hating fans from all of this stuff.

    When Tom Crean’s image becomes a guy who’ll recruit kids with the knowledge some of his current roster will have to leave, it is their victory. Forget that if Crean was like the rogue coaches out there, Armon Bassett, Eli Holman, Jordan Crawford, and Jamarcus Ellis would’ve kept IU in the tournament so those shiny recruits from Georgia and New Jersey would’ve jumped on board. He’s made the most unselfish decisions as a coach I have ever seen a big time coach make. He ran his program into the ground to change its culture and make it something admirable again.

    That is the big story with Tom Crean at Indiana. IU is where it is not because of Sampson, but because of Crean valuing academics and character over winning and preferring to start walkons instead of guys who’d get a 3 game suspension from other B10 programs for smoking dope and be back on the floor.

    Letting people who want IU to be punished forever for firing the great Bob Knight push your coverage toward something nearly irrelevant in the big picture is what I fear from you guys. Illinois lost 3 kids from their 09 class already. Look at the turnover Purdue had under Painter’s first few classes (they lost a scholarship for apr because of all of that). The people who act like what Crean is doing here is some moral letdown eat from the hand of Purdue and Butler folks. You guys are taking clever tips from AAU coaches who were connected to players that Crean wouldn’t take for character reasons and are mad at him for letting a rival AAU program get too close to the program out there pushing this debate.

    I’m not advocating that any of these people are bad or factually inaccurate. But I do think their perspectives dictate caution.

    Likewise I do not like the over-sign rule. I do not like everything Crean has done or will do. I do not like a lot of things about how NCAA basketball is run or how the kids aren’t protected when they should be and how they are pushed away from true academic interests so commonly. I don’t like it when kids are told they won’t have any playing time, because to 90% of kids that means they leave. But that is why the ncaa tournament teams from 2009 saw an average of 2 kids per team leave those programs for reasons other than academics, injury, or graduation. That is why the justice department is looking into how to affect this culture. It is rampant, and I don’t like it.

    But at IU, I think we’ve been behind the national average the last two years in transfers. We all know Crean desperately wanted Williams (1 of the 3) to stay. What we’re seeing is IU acting better than most of its peers in these areas and being held to the fire by its fanbase and subsequently media outlets more than anyone else is.

    We’re able to hide the forest behind a tree, thanks to the efforts of a few scary people who will become more apparent to you over time but come off sane in the beginning.

    There are witches in the hills.

    Beware. Don’t do their work for them.

  62. If I could delete my last comment I’d like to.

    Nothing like writing out thoughts to make it seem like I’m harboring some paranoia.

    But… when they are really following you, its not paranoia.

  63. why delete? it was the best post on here in a long time. better than the “journalists” here too.

  64. Holy cow — someone here wants to talk about basketball!?!?

    That’s not how it works on the Scoop.

    Yes, it’s encouraging to see Zeller perform well.

  65. Letting people who want IU to be punished forever for firing the great Bob Knight push your coverage toward something nearly irrelevant in the big picture is what I fear from you guys

    Casey’s sarcasim aside, the words of Chris M are the most relevant IU “basketball” comments I’ve read for months. I believe he astutely pinpointed the resentful obsessiveness the past, the destructiveness a small sect the IU fan base, and the unique disproportionate pressures on entrenched local journalists to give voice their dysfunctional behavior..It is not paranoia, nor a conspiracy to recognize the climate surrounding the coverage. If journalists allow themselves to buy into the forces of a very small group of bitter ranters stuck forever on a September day ten years ago to the point of infecting their own objectivity in every forum(blogs, discussions, print, player interviews)of coverage, what is the overall consequences on the health of a program struggling to revitalize? Can their words damage the program beyond the extensive criticisms of the competence level of any coach?

    I don’t believe any voice should be silenced…No conspiracy has silenced 4tguards. No conspiracy has silenced anyone on this blog. I still believe the majority of Indiana basketball fans represent some of the finest in the nation..The majority are decent and fair-minded fans that know when criticism is warranted and when it crosses into misguided agendas or attempts to obstruct and reverse the progress of a healthy restoration process. Blogs, more often than not, are opinions of the extremes…I also believe the bits of comic relief(pictures, video clips)can at times be healthy for it allows all of us to not take our opinions too seriously. It would be frightening to witness some many my own long rants, often purposefully corrupted from the center a normal bell curve of opinion for sake of fiery debate, to actually be implemented. Freightening, but maybe not as freightening the implementation a _______(4fill-in-the-4blank), matter-of-fact, smack in the center a bullseye, one-liner assessment of exacting perfection.

    Lastly, I believe the majority of IU fans prefer to stay hopeful, understand fair timetables for overall performance assessment, maintain balanced perspectives, and will continue to join hearts in the pride always felt for the majority of fine coaches and athletes that have always represented Indiana University.


    So, where do I find disagreement with Chris M? I don’t believe 14,950 of the 15,000 fans that fill Assembly Hall on any given night to cheer for the Hoosiers give a rat’s ass what any newspaper journalist or blogger has to say. The words may sometimes be entertaining, but the true influence is minuscule.

  66. Has anybody read Korman’s story on Bawa’s transfer from today’s newspaper? Let me quote here the ending:

    Crean suggested via Twitter he believed Muniru should head to a junior college where he will see significant playing time. Certainly Crean will help facilitate that move.

    Something else needs to happen, though: Muniru’s academic advisors must stay involved. They need to check into the schools he considers to be sure they’ll help him move forward toward a degree. They need to be sure any program he plays for has the structure in place to ensure he will be ready for the rigors of a four-year school when he returns to one.

    Muniru may be leaving in search of playing time. But even ending up at a school where he plays 35 minutes a game is unlikely to propel him to an NBA career.

    The right degree, though, will give him a life he could not have imagined 10 years ago.

    That is the sort of impact all involved need to worry about right now.

    Highly recommended reading.

    Personally I hope Minny takes him. He already has the tie and I’d love to see him play against Crean’s Hoosiers in two to three years! Go Bawa! You can do it man!

  67. Chris M.,

    OK. Let me give this a try.

    Let me refute, right away, that other journalists would not tackle the issue of over-signing. The Lexington Herald-Leader did cover Calipari’s maneuvering last year, and Sports Illustrated’s Seth Davis wrote a fairly scathing story about the practice. The Associated Press produced an article earlier this year discussing the practice, which is the subject of a Justice Department investigation.

    Dustin asking questions about the potential scholarship crunch was not us staking out some sort of moral high ground, as you seem to imply. In fact it was simply a no-brainer of a story. There was a math problem, and the answer wasn’t making any sense. So we wanted to know what these kids had been told by Tom Crean about how it would work out. We asked.

    The purpose all along has been to explain to you how the program is functioning through this truly unique time. It’s fine for a fan to stand back and say that everything will work out and that many programs deal with these issues. But our job is to explain HOW they end up working out. That’s what we were trying to do.

    Bob Hammel operated during a much different time. He was a tireless worker, a gifted writer and, from all accounts, an insightful man.

    I have been trained to practice journalism much differently than he did, though. I’ve got to stay true to that, especially now that I am in charge of this staff. (Just as Tom Crean would not do things Bob Knight’s way, or the way some fans might want him to. He’s got to stick to what got him there.)

    My view of our duty is clear: we’re independent watch dogs with a mission of delivering the truth to our readers.

    That means that sometimes we, as you say, go against the grain of the fan base. That is bound to happen. Mostly, though, our coverage is overwhelmingly with the grain. I’ve written repeatedly that Tom Crean deserves time and has moved the Hoosiers back toward respectability. We have repeatedly written stories on Crean’s efforts to change the culture in the program.

    But we do need to not take his word and investigate his claims. Malik Story had, at best, a questionable background when he was recruited by Tom Crean. Devan Dumes had a history, too, and subsequently was questioned by police last fall after his brother, who was living with Dumes, was suspected of robbing a pizza delivery guy at gunpoint.

    Yes, some of the kids Crean got rid of continued to have problems (Bassett, Ellis, Thomas). Others, such as Jordan Crawford, have stayed out of trouble.

    Finally, let me just try to address the overall idea that there’s some faction of the fan base driving our coverage. I’m not sure what you mean when you say we are “taking tips” from AAU coaches. We speak regularly with coaches from several of the in-state programs, but generally those conversations are about specific recruits who they happen to coach.

    Our coverage plan is built through conversations between me, Dustin and several other staff members. Ultimately Bob Zaltsberg, the same editor who worked with Hammel over the last 15 years of his career, has the final say and significant sway over how we operate.

    Our goal has never been to appeal to a certain segment of the fan base. That is not our business model. Our responsibility is to cover the story the best way we know how. We hope that readers — even sports fans who are naturally inclined to prefer positive news about their teams – can appreciate that.

    I guess what I’m saying is: if there are scary people out there hiding behind trees, I have a hard time figuring out how they dictate our coverage. Unless, I suppose, we are the scary people. But that doesn’t seem to fit. As you point out, we have very little knowledge of the intricacies of the past, nor do they drive the way we feel. Our interest in Indiana is purely journalistic.

    Obviously you can question our motives. That’s what a receptive, engaged audience would do. All I can do, in response, is try to respond and be transparent with you about how we operate.

    If you think a private conversation would help me better understand where you’re coming from, you can reach me at


  68. ^ Funny, but also a bit harsh.

    Chris M,

    You say about Tom Crean:

    He’s made the most unselfish decisions as a coach I have ever seen a big time coach make. He ran his program into the ground to change its culture and make it something admirable again.

    4guards said (as quoted by play a song for me):

    I just cannot stand how this program is being destroyed.

    I wonder why Bob Knight (the very young Bob Knight, not the older choking guy) did not have to run the program into the ground to make things work despite coming to IU shortly after the worst season in IU basketball history (statistically speaking, and if we take out Tom Crean’s first season)? Sheer luck? I think the admission is there that the program is being run into the ground by Tom Crean (although for a good, but risky purpose). 4guards and other fans think it could be done otherwise. Nobody knows for sure. We will continue to argue and fight until the season starts. Let’s hope Crean’s team play throughout the season like they did in New York last Fall. They have it in them, I think — let’s hope. Otherwise there will be more trouble ahead.

  69. There are several facts in your last paragraph that are not only disputable but flat out wrong. The RMK welcome to IU is apples and oranges to the initiation Coach Crean walked into. The season you refer to as the worst(69-70) IU was 7-17. That was the season Lou Watson took a leave of absence and his assistant Jerry Oliver ran the team. I might add the previous season(68-69)under Watson they were 9-15. In Watson’s return for his final season(70-71)IU was 17-7. RMK took the reins for the 71-72 season. No correlation can develop between the two situations either new coach had to deal with. Coach Crean’s was a nightmare and RMK’s was a cakewalk. Also 4tickturds views on Coach Crean are biased and he really has only one other ally on this issue.

  70. Ivy League BaseBull vs. Tarball T-ball.

    It’s not a conspiracy, but it’s certainly no contest. Just many runs put up on the Scoop scoreboard in what amounts to a hitless game. Don’t expect to see an honest attempt to swing at a pitch thrown from truth. Umpire Korman just casually calls any heaters comin’ across his plate as “balls”. The game is fixed. The truth is avoided. The stands in this tiny park thus remain full.

  71. Downing,

    Why don’t you point out the journalists that you trust so that I can study the way they operate? I’m trying to be honest with you, and your response is to simply say bull and then create some grainy metaphor to restate your contention. If you have suggestions for how we can be better, I’m listening.

  72. The only journalist I trust? That’s easy..I trust Zach Osterman. NOT!

    I really don’t know anymore, Chris. I love the fact that you guys enjoy your work. I love the fact that Scoop diverts from Pollyannaism when having a little fun with Tom Crean’s image..I love the fact you enjoy making harmless mockery of his clapping, pacing, and rambling…I love the fact you ask the honest harder questions and put a microphone in a 16-year-old kid’s face and let them exit Assembly Hall with fair reason to doubt the competence level of our coach’s recruiting methods…I love it all. I love the honesty and the freedom. I wouldn’t want it any other way.

    As I said above, blogging is a world of extremes…I cannot claim consistency in my own opinions..They are often purposely contorted and extreme..I like to have fun on here..Some of it(probably most)is just plain narcissism, but then at times it is intended to create a bit of sarcasm aimed at the over-the-top tone and unfair microscopic examination of every wrong move our new coach..How far will it go? Will he soon be accused for making too much flatulence noise in a bathroom stall? I abuse the privilege and respect that I should more often give you..I think you once said you can take being “The Man” for the unwarranted attacks..I think you guys are talented..This is by far the best site on the internet for IU sports.. I thoroughly enjoy your ScoopTalk sessions and the abundance of information you provide on IU basketball and all the added coverage throughout the nation and Big 10…It’s just unfortunate for you guys right now that you can’t have a little fun, display a little sense of humor, and make a few honest and innocent mistakes without us jumping down your throats…It’s not fair to you. It’s unfortunate that your attempts to be entertaining cannot go hand-in-hand with legitimacy your profession..In any other world but IU basketball it would be simple. This program has seen so much inside mismanagement and overzealous outside examination, I don’t know if there exists a tightrope you could walk. Unfortunately, many of us believe there exists a small percentage of extremists, a sect that will never be satisfied the direction our basketball program. When their words/opinions become even mildly tied to the focus/arguments a Scoop journalist, there will inevitably be the knee-jerk reaction to make you bedfellows through association…It’s unfair. If you made it clear your intent as editorial(maybe add a weekly editorial section to state your opinions in a forum you can more freely express your personal views), could it help detract from the criticism your perceived allegiance to those that seem to want our current coach to fail? I apologize for the judgment statements, but is it really a surprise when there is so much ambiguity your stance on many the issues surrounding IU’s basketball program? Why should your profession prevent you from taking a stance? I wish I could give you the easy answers..I guess you must decide to tiptoe through the Tarball tulips or tightrope your opinions with no net….Welcome to Bloomington and the Yacht Club of the forever dissatisfied.

    1. Ambiguity in my stance? I write a column after every single game. During the off-season, I write a column on Wednesday and Sunday. Granted they aren’t all about basketball, but a fair bit are. I honestly didn’t realize that I wasn’t getting my opinion out there, which is something I have aimed to do as the editor. That will go on my list of things to try to improve.

  73. It’s good to have lists. I’ve been called a delusional idiot(and much worse) on this blog, so I wouldn’t put a hell of a lot of stock on my take the current infection of negativity on Scoop. I basically think Scoop has a summer cold..Once football season gets into full swing things will get back to normal. Don’t bring in the lawyers. I fear the gated communities.

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