IU men’s basketball jumps 12 points in APR, avoids penalties

The Indiana men’s basketball team apparently saw a substantial academic improvement in the 2008-09 school year, which allowed the program to escape additional penalties.

The Hoosiers posted a four-year average of 866 on the NCAA’s 2007-08 academic progress report, which was released in May, 2009, which drew a penalty. IU calculated its score a year before it was release and self-imposed a loss of two scholarships. The program also received a public notice as a first historical penalty.

A program can avoid further punishment if it improves its four-year average, however, even if that improvement is not enough to push the four-year average above 925. Indiana accomplished that by raising its four-year average through the 2008-09 academic year to 878 in the APR that was released on Wednesday. The Hoosiers accomplished this with a score of 975 in that academic year, according to an IU release. That represents a 164-point jump from the one-year score of 2007-08 according to a release.

In other sports, football posted a four-year average of 969, an 11-point increase from the previous report. Women’s basketball posted a 953, a 14-point jump.

Baseball posted the biggest increase, a 29-point leap to 968. Men’s tennis had the biggest dropoff, a 28-point fall to 948. Men’s golf and women’s soccer both scored a perfect 1000. Men’s wrestling posted the lowest score other than men’s basketball at 951.

The following is a link to Indiana’s scores and the NCAA’s APR database.

More to come.


  1. Where is 4tards to point out that Crean didn’t get them to a perfect score of 1000.

    In all seriousness, congratulations to the players and coaching staff. Nice work!

  2. Reports are surfacing that Izzo is taking the Cavs job. Does anybody think they would possibly offer Crean? Lets all hope because I am pretty sure he would take it.
    The kids did an outstanding job raising the APR.

  3. We may not win a lot in any sport, but at least are kids are making good grades. I’m very proud of all our STUDENT athletes.

  4. All I know that if Creen leaves, we are going to have about 3 more years of rebuilding, because a lot of players will be leaving.

  5. I agree with 4guards on this, Crean should be fired for making these kids go to class and do their work and study, while they could have been working on basketball more. This is a sad sad case of poor priorities by Crean….

    4guards logic

  6. How pi$$ed would Crean be if Izzo left now. I bet State is his dream job and he just never thought Izzo would leave.

  7. Jubilee, We would retain Hulls and Elston. The only other 2 I would worry about would be Creek and Watford. Creek wouldn’t leave because he wouldn’t want to sit out any longer.

  8. Hey did anyone see that Mo Creek is following Calipari on twitter. What a disgrace Mo Creek is to IU following a guy like this. I bet Crean taught him to do this type of stuff….

    4guards logic

    Sometimes if you would stop before you touch the keyboard and hold up a mirror you will see yourself.

  9. I think that Coach Crean, his staff, his players and the IU Athletic Dept leaders all deserve our thanks and cheers for a job well done! On April 3, 2008, this was priority ONE. It took great leadership and effort to turn the APR numbers around. The next building block was to recruit very good players, who are very good workers in class and on the court, and who want to be “Indiana”. This was priority TWO. The recruiting class of 2009 did this and set the stage for future recruiting classes. The next step is to win 20 games and play in the post-season. We have our work cut out for us in 2010-11, but let’s do it!

  10. This could open the door for Izzo encouraging some of his players/recruits to head for IU and play for Crean. I apologize for not using a 4guards’ engineered keyboard.

  11. I still find it hard to believe he will leave for Cleveland. I say it is about a 20% chance.

  12. Congratulations to the players, coaches and tutors for a job well done. The APR thing is one of those arbitrary measures of achievement like the SOL here in Virginia, but as long as you’ve got to deal with it its best to do well.

    Crean’s not going anywhere. I do agree that if Izzo leaves it would help us with Kaminski and Davis.

    It must be tremendously tempting for Izzo to leave MSU. The Cavs are dangling a lot of money in front of him. Its basically a career contract.

  13. BeatPurdue your post was more enjoyable to read than any of the BS the fortuneteller 4tickturds is prognosticating. He is an authority about throwing mud on the wall and yelling “stick”.

  14. Coach Izzo has EARNED the right to make any decision he wants to make, Pros and Cons either way. Does anyone actually know Coach Crean’s Buyout provision? I will bet that it is very large-millions of $. That is what is part of a 10 year, 2.3 million $ contract. So his leaving is not very likely even if MSU comes looking.

  15. I believe there would be a cause preventing coach from taking another job in coference, similiar to when a player transfers.

  16. As IUgrad said above, I’m quite proud of the student-athletes that compete athletically and progress academically for Indiana University. That still counts for something with me, and I believe with most of the participants at this site.

  17. Let me ask you guys something. If you are walking down the street and a meth addict is standing on the corner screaming out a delusional monologue, that is to say, sounding like 4tards, do you stop and try to engage him in rational discourse, too?

  18. It would be nice if we could all agree on one word like “NOT!” and respond to 4guards every time he posts with just that word like “NOT!”. Then everyone could go back to talking about IU sports and not feed this guy anything because we are all,including me, wasting
    time with this IU sports hater and his aversions. Lets agree NOT to debate with this fool because he will never like our Coach and many
    of our players. He is not a fan worthy of your time.

  19. Once we get passed the NCAA averaging in the Cellvain flukies APR, The B-ball team average will be well in the high 900’s.

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