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Tom Crean, Bill Lynch and Fred Glass met with the media before speaking to the masses at the Indiana Tailgate Tour last night at Huber Farms Winery in Borden. Some stuff that didn’t make today’s story

Tom Crean:

On the team’s summer to date: “Busy. We’ve had a lot of unofficial visits. A lot of our players are in town and the whole team will be there after the middle of June. Camps start a week from Saturday. It’s been a great spring for recruiting. It’s been a great spring for getting out and seeing people around Indiana and talking to them and it’s been good to have our players around. Things are moving forward. We had a great semester academically. We’re in our fourth week of summer school. We’ve got our staff pretty well set, so we’re making progress.”

On what players stayed in town: “I don’t require them all to be there until the second session. I think there’s only about four guys that aren’t there right now, and then the newcomers will be there too.”

On who didn’t stay: “It’s not that they didn’t stick around, it’s that I didn’t encourage it. They could go home and see their families. Verdell Jones is at home right now. Christian (Watford) is at home right now. Jeremiah Rivers is at home right now. Danny Moore is back and forth a little bit. Kory Barnett is back and forth, so those guys aren’t in summer school.

On Maurice Creek: “He’s making a lot of progress. He didn’t have an option. He didn’t get to go home. The injured guys and Tom Pritchard. Tom Pritchard went home last summer, gained a few too many pounds. He was living next door to Mrs. Fields, so we cut that off. He looks good. I saw him today. He looked good. But Maurice is really getting stronger. He’s jusst in love with the game. He’s trying to watch as much film as he can. He’s talking to his basketball buddies. He’s doing everything he can do to keep himself focused on something that’s become very tedious for him and that’s his rehab. But he’s working extremely hard at that and I have no doubt at that. He’s in our building more than anybody else, and that’s good to see, and he’s getting a lot stronger.”

On when Creek can play again: “I don’t know if we’re there, having a real definitive date yet. It could be in July. It may not be until August. In all honesty, I haven’t asked about that. He’s healing very well, but every once in a while, we have to slow him down. He goes a little too fast and he goes hard and he pushes himself and then he has to be slowed down a little bit. There’s no games that can be won in June, July or August with him. It’s just a matter of making sure that he’s stronger and feels confident mentally and physically.”

On whether the “honeymoon” is over: “I didn’t have a honeymoon in my mind once April 3 came. Once I saw what the academics were like and then once I saw what the other things were like I don’t know what honeymoon that is. When you’re sitting in a situation when you have to build your program, especially one that’s this great, from scratch, I don’t remember that honeymoon. In the sense of people being excited about what we’re doing, in the sense of people being upset when we lose, they’re not going to be any more than I am. It’s not like anybody is going to inflict any more mental pressure than I am and that I’m going to put on my team.”

On the schedule: “We’re working on that. It’s close to completion. I’m not sure when we’ll get our Big Ten schedule. That’s always an area of contention for the coaches when you have your coaches meetings is you’d always like to have it a lot sooner than you actually get it so you can finish some other things but we’re getting closer to it. We’re trying to put a couple of final things together and at the same time do some things for the future.

On Guy-Marc Michel: “Guy’s with us, he’s in town. … I haven’t seen anything from him since he’s been on campus because I can’t watch him play. So I wouldn’t be able to tell you anything there. What I saw from him when I saw him on film is I saw a guy with a lot of upside. I saw a guy that got better and better. I saw a guy that, for a young man that’s only played since the age of 17, I think he’s got a lot of things going for him considering the fact that he just doesn’t know a ton about the game yet. He’s a natural athlete, and I think he’s doing a good job in being hungry for the game. He did a good job back there. he’s getting himself stronger. he looks different even then when we saw him when he was on his visit. But other than that, there’s not a lot of things I can add. I’m glad he’s with us. I think he’s a really good young man and I’m anxious for him to get started with us when that next summer session starts.

On Victor Oladipo and Will Sheehey: “I think they’ve gotta bring a toughness level. I think right away if they want to get on the court it’s going to have to be in a basketball temperament, a basketball IQ. They’ve gotta bring energy. I don’t think there’s any question that that’s the No. 1 ingredient that Victor’s got in his game and Will’s got it as well. Those guys to me move very well without the basketball. They can score points, but they can facilitate for others. And they’re both very, very good offensive rebounders, which is going to be needed. We’re not going to tolerate our guards not getting to the backboards on the offensive end like we’ve had to do a few times, especially after Maurice got hurt. Maurice was on his way to averaging more rebounds than, outside of Dwyane, any guard that we had had in our time of coaching in the sense of getting to the offensive glass. And we lost a lot of that. And you’ve gotta have a lot of courage to go to the offensive glass time and time again, and we want to send four guys to the offensive boards. So I could see those two getting on the court with their rebounding. Victor can definitely get to the rim and is developing more of a jump shot. Will has got a very good jump shot, especially from mid-range.

I’ll add more from Lynch and Glass later.


  1. Having built a few businesses before I retired, I can appreciate the process.
    As an IU alum, I wish the team great success in the coming year. To me success is setting goals then reaching them. I feel certain that goals will be set for this year and most will be met.

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