1. If this whole thing is a game then Kansas is the shooter glass in Dustin’s Sink the Biz game. Bubbles are slowly popping up and Kansas is beginning to ever so slightly swirl in a clockise motion. Dustin, I kid, I kid.

    On another Big Ten note, Izzo will give a decision to Cleveland on Saturday. It’s been a wild week.

    Good to see a Scooptalk gentlemen.


  2. I’m looking at my KU diploma and tears are rolling down my cheeks. (OK, not quite–but internally, internally.) KU in the Mountain West??? Have you ever been to Kansas? Did you see any mountains? This is sickening.

    Dustin, can you get a second mike? Or sit closer to Korman’s, if he’ll let you? The ears aren’t what they used to be.


  3. Kansas is indeed screwed. The money is in football and money is what the conference realignment is about. IU is lucky to be in the Big Ten right now. If the ACC were to collapse North Carolina would be in the same boat. When you think ACC you probably think basketball the fact of the matter is Virginia Tech and Miami pay the bills.

  4. Zaaaap! The Big 10 has 12 teams. For now.
    OOOOff! The Big 12 has 10 teams. For now.
    Powwww! The Pac 10 is 11. Will they be sweet 16?
    Baaaam! Plains state teams in the Mountain West?
    Zinggg! A former SWC team wants into the SEC?

    Will the Fighting Irish fend off the feeding frenzy?
    Can Rutgers really relate?
    My oh my what misery Missouri?

    Stay tuned as Dustin and who can only be Korman’s little brother report.

  5. The people I’ve met on the Sammy Cycling team are good folk. Sure, I have met exactly one, and he’s Zach Osterman, but he’s one helluva guy. So, yes: really.

  6. GFDave, liked what you did up top…old school. I ordered a small Nebraska banner on ebay today to match my Big 10 collection.

    Chris or anyone out there…I watch as much ESPN and read the internet as much as anyone but who will be the other teams our conference adds???

    I am pretty traditional and am having a hard time accepting the expansion…am I the only one? I have always thought of the Big 10 as the midwestern area and when looking at the map, Nebraska makes NO sense. I guess this is the way it will be for all teams now the way it is unfolding.

    Last question, why did the Big 10 not want Mizzou and why is Mizzou having a hard time finding a home?

  7. A couple comments… with the Big Ten going to 12 teams that means the 5th seed in the Big Ten b-ball tourney will play a Thursday game against the 12 seed. Also, I wonder whether Baylor dangling in the wind will affect Perea. That could help us if they’re the odd-team out.

  8. Chronic: It is nice to know I have at least one loyal reader at Purple Bar Tape.

    Korman: Wearing that shirt has legitimized all Sammy Cycling has worked for. We now have the endorsement of the press, only championships can follow.

  9. J Pat. Should have signed off:

    Will Dustman and the boy Korman recoup?
    Stay tuned, same scoop time, same scoop channel.

  10. I think the B10 will invite Mizzou if Texas doesn’t join the B10. We’ll probably know what Texas is doing on Tuesday.


    IU Basketball prepares for unforeseen changes for 2008-09

    By Zachary Osterman | IDS

    POSTED AT 12:00 AM ON May. 29, 2008 | PRINT | Email |Editor | SHARE | COMMENTS (3) | Recommend (0)

    Nine months ago, I stood in the lobby of the Noblesville High School gym just after a stop on the IU basketball barnstorming tour, and I saw the future.

    The tour, which runs every year, takes the newest class of IU basketball players around Indiana to play local teams of high school stars in up-and-down games featuring All-Star-Game-like defense. I saw one of those games, and I saw the future.

    Granted, Eric Gordon – not playing because of a test the next day – would likely be gone a season later. But there was still plenty of talent on that court to see IU through the next few years.

    I saw Jordan Crawford, raw and noticeably rough around the edges, but wielding a good shot while having the ability to create. I saw Brandon McGee and Eli Holman, long and athletic, pushing outside and inside down the court to give Crawford options. I saw DeAndre Thomas making passes I wouldn’t have imagined the big man could make.

    I imagined that group, along with the absent Jamarcus Ellis, next to the likes of D.J. White and Armon Bassett, and my mouth watered. As a citizen savant of basketball, I wanted to see what that team could do.

    Now they are all but gone, that future I saw. Only Crawford remains, and for how long is anyone’s guess. Graduation and the exodus that followed Tom Crean’s arrival in Bloomington have left IU basketball a shell of its former self.

    Never before have I seen such a thing in sports, such an absolute overhaul of an entire program in just one year. Not only did the team dissipate before our very eyes, but the entire coaching and support staff are gone with them, drifted away before us like corn silk in the Midwest wind.

    I’m not saying the system was better before. On the contrary, I think this renovation of IU basketball was absolutely necessary, and I applaud Tom Crean for having the gumption to realize what needed to be done and doing it in the face of pure program destruction.

    But one fact remains: The team you sat inside Assembly Hall and watched dismantle Kentucky and thrash Michigan State is no more. Come next October, IU students will pack Assembly Hall and cheer on a new group of Hoosiers.

    It is unlikely that more than a select few will mourn the passing of the team they cheered just one year prior.

    Those Hoosiers are gone now, a passing vision in the backs of our minds. Nick Williams will in time come to replace Eric Gordon, and Verdell Jones with him. Tijan Jobe will replace, well, no one – the Hoosiers haven’t had a body that big in years.

    But there is a part of me that will miss the future that is now the past. Not because I’m an ardent fan of IU basketball, but because I wanted to see possibility become reality. I wanted to see what became of potential developed into success. At their core, every sportswriter has a passion for their job, and I wanted to see that show.

    But the past is just that, and it’s never going to return. The bed has been made, however surreally, by sanctions, cell phones and report cards, and now it’s time for Hoosier fans, coaches and (mostly new) players alike to lie in it.

    See you in October.

  12. I’m no cycling aficionado, but I’ve peddled around Bloomington enough to know that you should respect anyone crazy enough to race on cinders, and fear anyone who willingly choses to do so wearing a neon green shirt over top of his stormtrooper bodysuit.

    And any guy who’d dare risk the drag cofficient of wearing a beard into the pain cave…well, forget about. That’s just insanity.

  13. J Pat, sorry to hear you’re distressed by expansion. I’m afraid you’ll need to brace for more. While I applaud the addition of Nebraska, I don’t think the Big Ten (12?) got in this game just to add Nebraska. I believe Nebraska will appear thoroughly Midwestern if Rutgers, Syracuse, Maryland or some other east coast team joins, which is possible. Personally, I believe the best scenario would be to add Missouri and Notre Dame and hold at 14 members and a Midwestern geography. But of course they’re not consulting me.

  14. J Pat, best listen to eric. He was zeroed in on the Nebraska thing from way back when expansion feasibility was first announced. He is channeling Delany in a major way.

    My preference is to either stay at 12 (ain’t happening long term) or jump to 16 and split into 2 divisions with 2 pods each.

  15. I wonder if there is any possibility the IU-Penn St. FB game this season to be played in Landover, Md. will provide additional research (by way of the BTN or other networks) to help determine if the B10 continues to look East for membership expansion.

  16. GFDave, I wish I was channeling someone; I’d make a lot of money. I just looked at schools that seemed to fit. Of course I also think Missouri is a very smooth fit, and apparently the Big 10-12 now has no interest in them. The most logical conclusion I can arrive at with the info I have is that they want to expand east, which is where Syracuse, Rutgers, etc come into the picture. But as a fan, would we rather have Rutgers or Missouri? Easy answer for me–Missouri.

    If 16 teams does become a reality, I like the idea of pods. You could even have a 4-team conference football playoff. Talk about stealing the thunder of the SEC with its championship game!But, I think 14 is a more manageable number, but again I’m not being consulted on this!

    Welcome to the league, Nebraska, I think you’ll be pleased with your decision.

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