The skinny on Howard

KNIGHTSTOWN — Jeff Howard is a walk-on.

That’s the best description I can find for him.

The 6-foot-8 forward from Westfield, who will be an invited walkon for Indiana this season, does what you want for that role.

He is not afraid to bang in the post. He works hard on defense. He can block shots and he can rebound a bit. He struggles to get his shot off when contested, but there is a reason why he is a walkon and not a scholarship player.

And when you put that on a body that is 6-foot-8, it may be what coach Tom Crean needs.

The current walkons are all guards. Howard will give the scholarship big men someone to practice against that can replicate, to some degree at least, what they will see against Purdue and Michigan State and Ohio State.

“I always wanted to go there, so (Crean) really didn’t have to sell me on it that much,” Howard said. “But he told me I could be a part of something, that I can come in and help everyone and help myself. It’ll be good for everyone.”

Howard scored six points Friday for Hickory during the Hoosier Reunion Classic. He had five rebounds and three blocked shots.

Two of his blocked shots were notable. The first was against New Albany’s Donnie Hale, who will eventually head to Purdue. It got Hale back for his own blocked shot of Howard.

The second was in the final seconds, with Hickory up three and Terhune guard Terone Johnson (North Central/Purdue) looking to tie the game. Johnson pump-faked his defender and went up for the 3, but Howard got a finger on it.

Howard said he has been to Indiana once a week to work out with the team. Twice he has gone up against this summer’s man of mystery, junior college-signee Guy-Marc Michel.

“The first time I went down there, he was there — that was before he had signed,” Howard said. “I went down there yesterday and he was there. He’s really big. He’s a pretty good post player.”


  1. Thanks for the write-up Hugh. It’s pretty rare for any program to get a 6’8 walk-on, so that’s a good thing. Another big body at practice can’t hurt.

  2. I really like bringing Howard on as a walk-on.
    “He’s really big. He’s a pretty good post player”
    Not exactly glowing reviews of Guy. Sounds like words a person would use when asked a question about a teammate that you know sucks.

  3. No, it sounds like what an 18 year old kid would say. Were you expecting some detailed scouting report?

  4. 4tickturds, are you really sick or an incredible and absolute liar to turn, “He’s really big. He’s a pretty good post player.” into he is a teammate that sucks. This is why you have no credibility, none whatsoever. You have earned it and your lonliness.

  5. 4guards,

    I think you’re taking your interpretation of his statement much too far. I think you’re projecting what you believe about Michel onto what Howard’s saying.

    I think a more objective interpretation of Howard’s statement is that his quote sounds like something someone would say when they don’t actually have a lot of knowledge of that players game (i.e. Howard’s played with him all of two times.

  6. How can u not love this kid. Good ole ball smart ass bustin Indiana kid. Just what we need, Not 7 footers who can’t spell or say the words “BASKET BALL”

  7. And the first unnecessary, ignorant comment of the thread goes to Doug.

    Congratulations on still living in the first half of the century, ol’ buddy.

  8. Well, Doug, I dare say that the last couple of near seven-footers for IU could not only spell basket and ball but possibly spell it in a second, third or maybe even fourth language.

    How about you?

  9. Why are you guys responding to 4tards ramblings again. Everyone is dumber just for having read his post.

  10. Chet is obviously right. Many people write things on sites such as this to get a reponse (attention?)and the more responses they get, the more they write. If you who want 4Guards or anyone else to disappear because you believe they have nothing of value to add, then respond to them with nothing. If, however, you enjoy the back and forth but don’t want to admit it, then continue on as you have.

  11. It is always a good thing to have people at practice who can help other players get better, especially those who know coming in that being a good teammate is the role they are supposed to play for the team.

  12. Congratulations on still living in the first half of the century, ol’ buddy.

    We’re all living in the first half of the century, buddy! It’s 2010 in case any apologist wants to know and 30 years from now we’ll still be in the first half of the century.

    Surprise, surprise? No. First hateful, ignorant and unnecesary comment of the thread: still Casey.

  13. Whew — always keeping me in check.

    Edit: Congratulations on still living in the first half of the 20th century. Does that work?

    There was nothing hateful about my comment, I just don’t appreciate people who assume that if you’re from a foreign country, you’re not intelligent.

    Since you don’t use a consistent name, I don’t really know who you are, but I’m sorry the fact that I happen to be OK with our current coach causes you to hate me (and my Apologist brethren) so much.

    You don’t mind Doug and his disparaging comments toward some of IU’s players, but you’re THAT angered by my support of our coach and my attempts at conversation. I’m puzzled.

  14. WOW! B12 gives ultimatum to Nebraska and Missouri to declare their conference membership intentions by Friday(6/11/2k10). Dan Bebee must have fallen and fractured his skull. What can the B12 possibly do to Mo. and the Huskers if they do not respond? I wonder if this has anything to do with who will be available to join the Pac10? The Pac10 and B12 have had revenue enhancing business discussions in the past. Talk about pick up the pace for conference realignments.

  15. Casey, you’re taking Doug literally. Tijan could spell basketball in several languages but not on the court, with his actions. I too could spell well but you wouldn’t want me on the team either.

    And what if Jeff Howard turns into a new Bobby Wilkerson (who was also from Anderson, Indiana)? I think it’s safe to assume that Indiana basketball is best understood by those who grew near or in Indiana, whose parents and grandparents remember well the previous century.

    I didn’t see anything disparaging in what Doug said. Just a bit of Hoosier pride. Well before Crean realized that we lost a generation of fans and said it in public last week JPat made a similar comment on this blog: people don’t seem to care the same anymore. I think Crean realizes that he needs to send in people that are willing to fight for every ball because being a Hoosier means something to them — not like last season when the team came apart many times and lost by 20+ points regularly.

  16. “Just what we need, Not 7 footers who can’t spell or say the words ‘BASKET BALL.'”

    I just find that unnecessary. It ruined what was a positive comment about our newest Hoosier.

    I want players on this team who WANT to be here — certainly. I think we agree on that. The recruits that will be most vital to our turnaround are the ones who say “Dammit, I’m going there to bring the Hoosiers back,” not kids we have to bribe just to consider coming here.

    I’ll take a group of 3 and 4-star guys who give 100% every day and fight for every inch. The glamor recruits will follow.

  17. Also, Casey, I agree your message was not hateful, but it wasn’t an attempt at conversation either: you dismissed Doug and his comment as “ignorant” an “unnecessary”. Hard to see an attempt at dialogue in that description!

  18. I guess, to keep the opportunity for dialogue open, I could have phrased it more like this:

    “Doug, why, in the midst of saying something positive about our newest walk-on, did you feel it necessary to take a stab at our 7-foot foreign players who have done nothing but conduct themselves in a respectable manor here at IU?”

    I suppose that would’ve allowed for a continued conversation. It just seems hard to come by a genuinely positive comment about IU basketball these days, without it also including some sort of offsetting hint of negativity. I know there’s a lot of uncertainty surrounding the program, but at some point, can’t we just be optimistic for a bit?

    I also just get annoyed by fans who perpetuate the “We’re Hoosiers and we only want stocky white players — not no dang foreigners who cayun’t speak Anglish good” mentality. If Howard turns into a quality player for us then I’ll be elated. If Michel or Muniru pans out, I’ll be no less excited — even if their pronunciation of some words sounds a bit different than the way we say it. It really doesn’t matter whatsoever.

  19. Also — which of the two teams in your screenname/updating scoreboard are you pulling for?

  20. I’m afraid that I will turn into a Doug apologists. So I guess I will just stick with my comment about the correct century and having helped you correct that my job here should be finished.

    I am not entirely pro-Flyers but I am not anti-Hawks either. I just want as much OT as is humanly possible. I’ll be pulling for whoever is behind to make it as exciting as possible so as to last forever, especially tonight. I guess in the end if I had to make a choice I’d like the Flyers to win it (perhaps through a Hawks own goal) because they are definitely the underdogs in this series.


  21. I think Doug was trying to say that he is tired of the foreign projects who are horrendous basketball players and would like to see more Indiana kids on the team.

  22. Well if you’re not an extreme fan of either team, I certainly understand your desire for max OT — NHL playoff OT is unbeatable. I obviously want the Hawks, but I can’t say a bad thing about how Philly has been battling this series, and all of the playoffs. Pronger sure walks the line between penalty and no penalty, though. That gigantic, cross-checking bastard.

    And 4guards — if that’s what he meant, that’s what he should say. There’s no reason to make any allusions to their intelligence. If I’m not mistaken, Muniru is fluent in six languages. He was also ranked in the Rivals Top 150 — most people were excited when he came in, and have grown impatient after one season.

  23. Today’s Famous Snapshot of a Scoop Blogger:

    L’accent just before going to his Baskin-Robbins job interview.

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