Two Ohio recruits visit IU

Indiana’s focus for the Class of 2011 and 2012 is clearly on in-state prospects, but last week, the Hoosiers branched out and brought in two players from Chillicothe High School in Ohio.

Jalen Ragland, a 6-foot-5 guard in the Class of 2011, and Malik London, a 6-8 forward in the class of 2012, came to Bloomington on Friday together for an unofficial visit. Neither has a scholarship offer from the Hoosiers yet. The visit was initially reported by and confirmed by Chillicothe coach Gary Kellough and the players themselves.

“It’s a really good school,” London said. “I didn’t realize it was that nice. Everything was up to date. Everything was nice. The team was good.”

Said Ragland: “I liked the atmosphere. It’s a basketball town. I liked that a lot.”

London appears to be the more sought after of the two. He said he has offers from Ohio State, Wake Forest and Xavier so far. He is also receiving interest from Georgetown, Michigan, and Michigan State as well as most of the Mid-American Conference.

His offensive game still has a long way to develop, Kellough said, but college coaches are a huge fan of his length. His wingspan has been measured at 7-1 1/4 and he averaged around nine blocks per game last double-digit rebounds according to Kellough.

“He’s a jump out of the gym intimidator,” Kellough said. “He’s got great speed for a young kid that’s that big, and he’s just a freakish athlete.”

He still has two seasons to go at Chillicothe, and in that time, Kellough said he believes London’s offensive game can catch up with his defense.

“I expect him to explode on the offensive end,” Kellough said. “His inside game is coming along and his footwork is improving from all the learning and experience.”

London weighs around 190 pounds. Kellough said he could easily bulk up to 220 pounds in college and play power forward.

Ragland isn’t as highly sought after. He’s drawn interest from Xavier, but most of the rest of his suitors are MAC schools and this past weekend’s visit represented his first interest from Indiana. As a 6-foot-5 shooting guard, he obviously has value, however. Kellough said Ragland averaged around 14 points per game last season.

“If you’re not guarding him, he can wear you out shooting threes,” Kellough said. “But he can take it to the rim and smash it on you too.”

Ragland said he’d like to commit before the high school season begins. London said he’d like to commit either just before the season or just after to have it taken care of before his senior year.


  1. What? This headline has been up for a whole six minutes and no ignorant comments yet?

  2. LOL!!!! Best comment ever by 4guards. Sorry, but you have to give credit where credit is due and that was a very funny comment. You all set him up perfect for that one!

  3. Yes, I have to say, that was pretty good on 4guards’ part!!! Understatement is always a great weapon. I hope these recruits are good and they both come to IU, but who wants to talk about trivial stuff like that when we can attack each other incessantly?!?

  4. Yes I agree plan B for Perea going to Baylor or some other big dog that jumps in soon. Still think we lead there. He’s top 25 on Might be a matter of time before someone else offers.

    Last time I checked we had a 6’5″ SG and are recruiting a bunch of Indiana kids who are better.

  5. “Everything was up to date.”

    So…did London think IU was a mennonite school or something?

    Yeah, indoor plumbin’ and everything, Malik. Real nice.

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