A Hoosier Morning addendum

Sometimes Hoosier Morning comes out too early, apparently.

First of all, Kentucky is being investigated, according to TMZ. The investigation centers on two current players and two just drafted, and the NCAA is interested in meetings one had with an agent. Yeah, TMZ is an entertainment site. But the source is one interviewed by the NCAA, and remember TMZ gets its stuff right (it doesn’t need the web traffic and it pays sources).

Also, Oak Hill coach Steve Smith just wrote on Twitter that A.J. Hammons is headed to the school. The center, one of the top prospects in the class of 2012, would be leaving Carmel.

And Scout.com released its top 75 for the class of 2012. Here are where the IU prospects land:

10 — Gary Harris

11 — Hanner Perea

30 — A.J. Hammons

34 — Kevin “Yogi” Ferrell

35 — D’Vauntes Smith-Rivera

37 — Jeremy Hollowell

57 — Ron Patterson


  1. It would be GLORIOUS and the best possible way to celebrate America’s freedom by having Kentucky investigated, found guilty and then barred from fielding a program for the rest of my life.

  2. SHOCKED! SHOCKED I am that a basketball program headed by Calipari would be investigated for possible improprieties. Who would’ve seen THAT coming?

  3. Another vacated season for Calipari. It’s what the Founding Fathers would’ve wanted.

  4. Wow. That didn’t take long. I guess the NCAA is feeling their oats a little bit, having taken down USC. My fond hope would be that, if there are violations and sanctions at pUKe, Calipari would finally be included.

    I wonder if Hammons is just trying to stay clear of the circus at Carmel or if there’s more to it than that.

  5. I am not a Calipari/Kentucky fan at all, but it’s possible that all of this happened before Calipari moved to Kentucky. He may not suffer to much if something results from this investigation, but the program is definitely at risk.

    Is it too late for their 2010/2011 recruits to de-commit?

  6. Yogi has made a nice move up to #34, I think that IU should offer him and show him some love.

  7. I would prefer that Calipari go down with the UK ship, but I’d gladly celebrate UK going down either way.

  8. BeatPurdue, Yogi has been offered by IU. I have seen reports that he has been to IU at least once for an open gym at Assembly Hall.

  9. Yogi has been offered, but his dad doesn’t think Crean is making him a priority or spending enough time on him.

  10. I love how 4guards cries his eyes out about Yogi not getting enough attention from Crean.

    If Knight were coach, we’d hear, “We don’t need any players that want to have their butt kissed all the time. If the dad is complaining now, just wait until his kid is on the team.”

  11. I would be happy to discuss with you personally Hugh, but your characterization that tmz “pays sources” is extremely misinformed. I know this as fact because my company produces tmz.

    1. Hey Eric,

      I’ll jump in for Hugh, who is probably setting off fireworks. I thought Harvey Levin, the editor of TMZ, admitted to at least paying for leads and tips at times? That all came out a year ago when Michael Jackson died and TMZ broke the story.

  12. Please, Santa, all I want for Christmas is UK to be sent into the wilderness of major sanctions

  13. If Knight were here , we would have the state locked up and the top kids wanting to come here. We would also have another banner or 2 hanging.
    We are in desperation mode with Tan Cream.

  14. Knight lost more All-Americans to transfer than any coach.

    He also set a record for losing to worst seeds in the first round than anyone.

    The only reason he got Jeffries is because he lived in B-town and wanted to play in front of his family. And he wouldn’t have stayed 2 years.

    May would have gone to UNC based on his words.

    Knight = washed up

  15. Even in Knights worst years, he was a lock for the tournament. He would never settle for being the laughing stock and cellar dweller of the Big10.
    May would have played for Knight. If you can’t see that, you are blind. Knight would have won the championship that Davis lost with Knights players and May would have brought at least one more title.

  16. 4guards, I appreciate your loyalty, but you are loyal to a fault, Knight was losing in the first round about every year in the end, and players were no longer all going to Indiana because of his reputation. Also, Knight might not have accepted losing the way Crean has lost in his first two years, but he wouldn’t have succeeded with the players Crean had to settle with because of the Sampson fiasco. Knight is not coming back, stop living in the past, move on or you will not be happy.

  17. 4 guards, I appreicate your loyalty, but you are loyal to a fault and it causes you to be forgetful when it comes to Knight. He was not getting all the players toward the end and because if it he was not getting past the first found of the tournament ever year. Also, he might not have accepted losing the way Crean has lost the first two years, but to think that he would have done much better with the players Crean has had to play with, you are sadly mistaken. Knight is not coming back, get past that and move on to what we have now. Besides Knight was not doing that great toward the end of his tenure here, remember?

  18. 2 out of his last 3 years he moved past the first round. Crean has only done that twice in his entire career.
    Think about that.

  19. Although I had read the statement from Yogi’s dad, I’ve also heard that we’ve picked up a lot of ground since then.

  20. IU let RMK hang around for a decade after he was no longer an elite coach. It wasn’t until he became a total embarrassment to the university that he was let go.

  21. a decade? so he was no longer an elite coach in 92 when they went to the final 4? or 93 when he went 31-4 and to the elite 8 and was the big 10 champions?
    You Crean Apologists are becoming a joke, you make no sense half the time.

  22. Well saying a decade is going to far but obviously the last 6 years weren’t up to everyone’s standards. Saying that Knight would have won the title in ’02 and another one because May would have gone to IU is a bit ridiculous though too. ’02 was a great run, but its not like we were a top 5 team all year. We were a 5 seed in the tourney and got hot. Who knows, we might have lost in the first round if Knight were coach.

  23. Just another Knight Fight. I am glad to see that their frequency has slowed over the last few years as I haven’t read anything new in one in a long, long time. They just have the same old stuff and are as pointless as ever.

    4guards certainly hasn’t said anything new or interesting. Hypothetical championships? That’s for Purdue folks (Helms anyone?)

  24. Crean will never be able to get Knight reconnected with IU..That’s why he was the wrong choice.

  25. …still waiting on a valid argument from a Crean Apologist on Knight moving out of the 1st round twice in his last 3 years, but Crean only doing that twice in his career.
    If you are going to put down Bob Knight, you cannot turn around and say Crean is a great coach. It makes absolutely no sense.

  26. I spent a while at Vincennes Juco and had many late night talks with kids like Shawn Marion, Tyrone Nesby, and Dashay Jones and many others. These kids were fantastic on the court. I watched many games with Pitino, Smith, Coach K and Knight in the stands. I asked many times why the kids would not give Knight the time of day and I got the same thing over and over…Knight’s kids play like robots, he yells too much, he might just hit you, he is mean, his kids don’t go pro, etc. There is a different kind of kid today than there was in the 70’s, 80’s and early 90’s. The gen X and beyond kids want a players coach, to go pro, and to be pampered. Knight was struggling all around on the court and recruiting at the end. It was obvious his heart was not in it any longer if you watched closely and even more obvious his team was tired by the big dance. I will forever love Knight but it was his time to go…just not time to hire a Mike Davis. If that hire was a good one, IU would not be in this mess today. Can’t blame Davis though!

  27. 4Guards, I love Bob Knight. His motion offense and his weak side defenses are the one’s I used in my years as a Coach. He went out a winner at Texas Tech and his Top trainee was coach K but even Coach K started using other offensive options including the dribble drive. He changed with the times and kept defense as job one. You do need to move on just like Coach Knight has. Every time you start these Knight fights you are opening up an opportunity for the Knight bashers to start up again. How does that make you feel? IMO school’s not out yet on what Coach Crean may do but when you bash him the folks that like him feel like you do when they say bad things about Knight. STOP already!!!
    We all know how you feel! If you never spoke again we got your message. It’s old,tired, redundant and just makes you look bad. You are smarter than this and some of you words do make sense so just get down off that soap box and use some of your knowledge about basketball that is not centered around Coach and Player bashing.

  28. JPat
    What is the difference between Davis and Crean? I really don’t see much of a difference.

  29. SO ridiculous how all the American bandwagon soccer fans cling to Brazil and Argentina…today we saw as good of a soccer clinic as we will ever see, and let me tell you, baby, South America and their cocky, flashy futbol can pack up it’s suitcase and bow down to Schweinsteiger,Ozil, Klose, and Lu-lu-lu, Lucas Podolski!!!!!

  30. I hate the format of this forum where we can’t quote what we want to respond to.

    4g, Bob did not make the Dance every year. And, I’d rather miss it then get humiliated like he did so many times.

    Also, May said he didn’t pick IU because he didn’t want to play in his dad’s shadow. Are you calling him a liar? That shadow would have been even bigger with your God as coach.

    As far as Bob getting past the first round at Texas Tech, Bob actually started working again. Even he admitted he mailed it in his last 6 years at IU.

    He should have been fired for that alone.

    We lost recruits because they knew how lazy he had become and said why should they bust their butts if he didn’t give 100%.

    Knight is just like that loser Palin by quitting mid-term.

  31. He did make the dance every year in his last decade at IU, which is what we were talking about.
    If you would rather miss it than make it, then you are a loser.
    If Knight was so lazy recruiting, I am not sure how Mike Davis took HIS team of recruits to the National Championship game. I wish Crean could do some of that lazy recruiting.

  32. There is Chet without any response to the stupidity being called out on his decade statement.

  33. I’ll be more than happy to judge RMK’s 27th, 28th and 29th years at IU against Coach Crean’s 27th, 28th and 29th years at IU as soon as they are completed. Until then it is 4brainpiercings just trying to stack the deck by throwing the negative, biased mud.

  34. Crean coached at Marquette, which he took to a Final Four with one of the best players in the NBA, whom Crean recruited to play at Marquette.

    It’s harder to win at Marquette, and it’s harder to recruit at Marquette, than it ever was at IU when Knight was there. And even though Knight did build the program and the legacy, he also helped tarnish it for his successors (not on the level of Sampson, obviously, but the program was in obvious decline, and even though IU got out of the first round 2 out of the final 3 seasons, they got waxed in the second round, and let’s not forget the ridiculous upset losses in the first round that became Coach Knight’s 90’s staple.)

    I don’t know. This is all so pointless. Let’s just all be glad that Kentucky’s going to get punished. And let’s also realize how incompetent the previous AD and administration was at IU, considering they wanted Calipari before they settled for Sampson. No winners there. (Well, vacated winners, anyway.)

  35. “Crean recruited to play at Marquette”
    He didn’t qualify academically, so only a few schools recruited him. He basically fell into Crean’s lap.

  36. 4-tards, I remember when Coach Knight was a collegiate powerhouse with Texas Tech. NOT! The game of basketball has changed and is still changing today. The old school coaches (Knight)are so stuck in 1983 that they don’t want to change as the game is passing them by. This was Knights problem. Not that he wasn’t a great coach but that he needed to adapt to todays game. Is Ego wouldn’t let him… No matter who IU brought in to resurrect the program it would have taken the same amount of patience or more. Is Crean perfect no but give the man some time. You can’t make a rose out of a weed!

  37. Coach Crean did recruit the highly talented Wade to Milwaukee. He started recruiting him early and never quit. He was confident in knowing his evaluation of DW was correct. The peripheral of this was Wade’s academics which ran off coaches who were less confident in there ability to evaluate talent. I would imagine this made Izzo smile. More proof for the fact, Coach Crean is the right person at the right time for IU.

  38. Crean is an idiot for recruiting Wade. He’s a big lucky idiot. People like Jim Boeheim that have ridden one player (Carmelo Anthony) to postseason success are just idiots that got lucky and don’t actually have any coaching talent.

  39. There is a reason bob knight is not coaching now and never could get another big time job…it is because it he is Bob Knight and it is 2010. Kids could care less about who he is now and Crean has and did recruit him under the table while knight was at TTU. How many Indiana kids did bob sign during his years at TTech? Waiting for response 4guards…..which ultimately makes your argument weak given you are talking about totally different era….

    Mike Davis took kids that would not respond to Bobby and took them to the final 4….OUCH.

  40. If you want to get down to it, in Knight’s final years at IU, it was clear he was not connecting with his players and that the program was suffering. The program was clearly in a funk which was exacerbated when he got fired and Mike Davis was unfortunately hired. We can all point fingers and say whatever, but if Knight had the best interest of the program in mind he would’ve walked away, set-up a successor, etc. As much as I never liked Myles Brand, he at least did the job that no president before him had done by firing Knight.

    In the intervening years, the program has been mismanaged by keeping Davis too long, and hiring KS. For me, the jury is still out on Crean, primarily because I don’t see enough real coaching out of him during the games. But he was handed a crap situation which very few programs have ever faced (2002 Alabama football, 1988 Kentucky basketball, Baylor Basketball 2003) and anyone who thinks he should have already been competing for the Big Ten title is absolutely delusional.

    The real fault for where we are right now lies at the feet of Knight, past administrations and KS. Yeah, Davis didn’t help but I can’t fault him…he was in way over his head. And Crean is working his butt off and we’ll see how that goes.

  41. Knight should have decked that little twit instead of just grabbing his arm.

    Knight’s knowledge of the game is encyclopedic..Crean is stuck on the simpler 4guards’ pop-up book version.

    For those Hoosier basketball fans joyously pissing on Knight’s washed-up name, maybe you should explain why Crean has done everything but drink Bobby’s urine to get him back on campus.

    Lastly, the only reason Bobby Knight would ever get close to a shady character like John Calipari would be to take him along on a deer hunting trip with Dick Cheney.


    If you let this post go through…Thanks

  42. Fife, Odle, Coverdale and company took IU to the NC game. MD’s contribution was maybe 2%. Like the rest of his coaching career at IU MD was simply along for the ride. He also was famous during his time at IU for blaming the teams for not playing hard at practice. Imbeciles are so pathetic.
    RMK made mistakes at IU but hiring Davis was the biggest.

  43. 4tards,
    I’ll say this once. Don’t expect a response. You’re a little douchebag I would never waste time on. While you’ve been sitting in your mom’s basement monitoring IU sites I’ve spent the past 2 weeks mountain biking in Taos, NM, Moab, UT, and Winter Park, CO with my beautiful wife. It’s what people with lives do.

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