adidas Invitational, Day 1

Hugh Kellenberger and I have journeyed all the way to the North Central side of Indy (at North Central HS) for the first day of the inaugural adidas Invitational. This used to be the adidas It Takes Five tournament in Cincinnati. They had a great set up there, with a bunch of courts all in the same building. It’s not bad here. So far no one has been felled by the heat they must wade through to get to the middle school.

Let me first say that we picked a heckuva day to have massive computer failure. Hugh’s computer is apparently taking a personal day, and my wireless card is no longer acquainted with my MacBook Pro. They must have had a falling out while riding together in the bag.

I’ve now managed to get connected using my phone. Who knows how long this will last. This BlackBerry could spontaneously explode right now and all I would be able to do is shrug. Been that kinda day.

We did manage to Tweet a bunch, and you can see those by going to Hugh’s page or my page.

We’ll have some photos to post, courtesy of Intern Ray, later. And we’ll do a blog wrap up, too.

So far, Cody Zeller has looked fantastic. Austin Etherington struggled a bit but made a clutch defensive play to help Indiana Elite win its first game.

Tom Crean (with son Riley tagging along) has been roaming the gyms. New assistant Steve McClain is now buzzing around. It doesn’t seem like many new names are emerging for Indiana, and the kids they have been recruiting don’t seem to be changing what they’re saying about the process.

Also, it’s true that Indiana is planning on hiring Je’Ney Jackson as its new basketball strength coach. He’s served as an assistant football coach at Southern Miss and Kansas. He was also a football strength coach for the Jayhawks. His tie to the IU situation is apparently McClain; he played football at Wyoming, where McClain was once the head coach.

Crean declined to comment on the hiring today. Larry Fedora, whose staff Jackson is leaving, does not appear to be pleased by the development.

So, it’s been a busy day. We’ll have more as it continues.


  1. Cody Zeller impressing once again. Is he playing consistent enough for you yet Hotel Boy? It seems like he shines whenever he plays.
    I am getting a little concerned about Etherington. He seems to be tanking by the day. Hopefully he can pull it together. I still like his game.
    So far McClain has done more damage than I ever thought possible this quickly. I knew he was a bad hire, but come on.

  2. 4guards, please enlighten us as to all the “damage” McClain has done. I assume you’re talking about Michel and the new strength and conditioning coach, neither of whom have had any chance whatsoever to prove themselves yet at IU in any way, shape, or form. Heck you could make the same argument for McClain.

  3. Hell yes he shines now. Now during the time of the year when no one is playing D that owns any kind of offensive game, particularly big men. He will most likely become inconsistent again when sanity sets in after July.
    One person being concerned about a players performance during rehab of an injury while on the court has a juvenile understanding.
    It is easy to understand McClain is trusted more than McLeod could ever have been. He matches Coach Crean’s enthusiasm, work ethic and positive mindset. I like the idea of looking for human resources in places a little unconventional than other programs might. I remember how ecstatic I was about the future of IU BB owning the B10 when PUke hired an ex-football jock turned BB coach by the name of Keady. It did not take to long and we heard about players some of who were named Rowinski and Sheffler. Je’Ney Jackson may also have his own twist to add to IU BB. He certainly has something positive to offer because he brings 8 years coaching in the strength and conditioning department along with assistant coaching experience. The sour grapes from the So. Miss. FB coach is as irrelevant as the sour milk 4brainpiercings offers.

  4. Appears as though Etherington is playing better tonight, as our friends at Inside the Hall report he and Zeller had 18 each.

    We’ll probably get another look at him in the morning.

  5. So far McClain has done more damage than expected, he is the reason that 4guards continues to post on this board…damn you mcclain.

  6. We did manage to Tweet a bunch…

    Ni-i-ice! You are definitely not the only ones, although few (if anybody) can ever measure up to the master.

  7. Butler would be a great fit for Cody Zeller. He would be at a great school with a great program with a great history and tradition. He would have an excellent coach. He would do well at Butler and be a star in the league. This would give him the best chance to become an NBA prospect.

  8. Cody Zeller mentioned facilities are important to him…Butler Fieldhouse has no air conditioning. He plays in front of more people at Washington than he would at Hinkle. Stop making Butler out to be something they are not…They are a great team in a mid major conference that is rarely on national tv, with a very good coach.

    Their facilities are below standard and they have a short record of players going to the NBA. And before you go dwayne wade on me, steve novak, and travis deiner…..

  9. Tom,

    You think playing in the Horizon League game in and game out would do more for Zeller’s development as a projected NBA player than playing consistently against Big Ten bigs?

    I don’t see it.

  10. Butler has a great tradition of what? Did I miss something, the last time Butler won the NCAA tourney was? Someone help me with the year I tend to forget……

  11. Clearly Etherington is a wash out. Kid can’t play at all and he is definitely getting worse. I would guess by the end of the AAU season he won’t even be able run and chew gum at the same time. Geta real, a huge defensive play to help IE win the game in the first game and a measly 18 points to lead the team in scoring the second game.

    So far 4tards has posted more stupid comments than I even thought possible. I knew he was slow, but come on.

  12. I like Etherington and am glad he is coming to IU. There has been reason for concern with his play as of late, but glad to see he had a good game last night.
    Who said he was a wash out?

  13. “So far McClain has done more damage than I ever thought possible this quickly. I knew he was a bad hire, but come on.”

    As I said months ago, you don’t make hires based on your sentimental feelings. You have absolutely ZERO evidence in making such a preposterous statement. Man up and move on.

  14. 4guards please tell me what evidence you have that this hire of the the new strength and conditioning coach is a bad hire. Do you have experience in this department?

  15. I have looked at his resume. It is not impressive.
    You can also tell a lot about his character when he quits his job before he even really gets started and his boss says it is because he doesn’t want to put in the necessary hours.

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