Costello’s Coach: “He could work on being more selfish”

Bay City Western High School coach Chris Watz’s description of Matt Costello makes the 6-foot-9 junior sound like Tom Crean’s prototype for a power forward.

Costello, who was recently offered a scholarship by the Hoosiers, is adding bulk to his 210-pound frame to become more of a post presence, but he also has a strong step-out game. According to Watz, Costello averaged just under 17 points per game for Bay City, around 12 rebounds and close to four assists.

“Matt can run the three for me,” Watz said. “He runs the floor fantastic. He can stop and hit threes. In certain matchups, we can throw him in the post. He can play pretty fluently at the 3-4-or 5 for me. It depends on the matchups we have and what we want to do with it.”

At the next level, though, Watz sees Costello as  a face-up power forward.

“I think he can be a four a guy maybe who can pop out hit 15 to 17 foot shot if not a 3-pointer,” he said. “He’s one of our better 3-point shooters on our team. I think he’s just gotta get stronger.”

And Watz believes Costello will. Last time he weighed in, he was around 210 pounds, but Watz calls him “a maniac,” in the weight room and believes he will be significantly heavier than that by the time he’s ready for college ball.

“He knows his ticket is increasing his strength,” Watz said.

He also said Costello could be more assertive and more willing to take over games.

“He can work on being a little more selfish,” Watz said. “He’s a fantastic passer. He’s a great teammate, but there are times where it’s like, ‘You know what? we really need to ride your coattails because we’re struggling. We need you to be a little more selfish.'”

Watz said Costello has offers from Michigan and Southern California as well as Oakland (Mich.) and Cleveland State. Whoever lands him will get a well-rounded student athlete. Watz said Costello has a 3.8 grade point average and plays trumpet in the school band.