Creek returns to court, but says still not 100%

Maurice Creek told the Twitter world Monday that he played in a pick-up game for the first time since fracturing his knee in December. Tuesday, he confirmed that he did in fact get back on the court, though that did not necessarily indicate that he was completely recovered.

“It was pretty good from working hard every day with (athletic trainer Tim Garl),” Creek said Tuesday. “Yesterday, he said I could play a couple of games. He wasn’t here yesterday, but I felt pretty good playing. It’s just taking it one day at a time. I felt probably 70, 75 percent playing on it. There’s still a couple of tweaks here and there. but as far as being back on the court, it felt pretty good.”

Creek said the knee itself is completely recovered, but there is still physical and mental rehabilitation to be done yet. Physically, he has to get the strength back in his quadriceps muscle, which atrophied while he was recovering from surgery.

“It’s the tendons and the muscles,” Creek said. “The muscles are not back to where they are supposed to be. You can tell. … As far as I’m concerned that’s the most important part of my knee right now is getting the quad muscles back and getting my leg stronger at the top.”

Creek said he isn’t certain how often he will be playing in pick-up games for the time being. He didn’t play Tuesday, instead doing more strength and conditioning work with the quadriceps.

“Today it’s me getting back in the cold tank and just resting up,” Creek said. “Getting out there with the guys and doing the weightlifting stuff. It’s a day-to-day process. I think I’m just going to take it one day at a time and see how it feels. If it feels right, I’m going to go out there and play with the guys, but if I feel as if I need to rest up, I’ll just rest up.”


  1. Dustin, thanks for the update on Creek. I feel for the kid I had both
    of mine done years back and it was a good year before I fully trusted them when jumping. This is not an easy rehab for him. It just takes time and lots of work. Today my knees have never been better. He is right to take it 1 day at a time. He will get to 100% but from here out it is a slow process. This young man has a great chance to be something special. I pray for his full recovery.

  2. Great news! Besides all his on the court abilities Mo’s attitude is everything you could want on a team. The courage he continues to display in getting back shows that we can be be the kind of leader we need. We’re closer than alot of people think to getting this thing turned around!

  3. IU fans need to prepare for the very real possibility Creek will not be himself anytime soon. And I can’t imagine the coaching staff and trainers will be pushing him beyond what is reasonable.

  4. Forget about Mo for a second, I want these air max with the “shoes predecessor network” and “strong and rigid materials”.

  5. It sounds like he should be good to go by the time the Big 10 schedule starts.
    There is still a long way until the start of the 2010-2011 season, hopefully enough time to get back to about 90%.

  6. Glad to learn of the substantial progress. I look forward to November and beyond with him back on the floor!!

  7. Creek won’t be the same this year….(at least looking at the odds)….best bet he has a solid year, but shows some of the rust/mental side of it……his junior year will be a big one though (if he stays healthy)

  8. So desperate to taste winning, I fear he’ll be pushed too hard. Unfortunate circumstance, indeed. With overly hungry eyes from an entrenched group of journalists and Knight-loving Neanderthals with little patience their disproportionate influence; it’s truly a difficult era to wear the candy-stripes on a Hoosier basketball team. It sounds simple to just pull back the reins, not overextend, and go your own pace. And it sounds even simpler for our new coach to not overextend his best talent when depth on the bench is still very limited. Yes, take baby steps, Maurice. Just chill, Mo…Go 75% in practices and 85% in games. Take it day-to-day with a head coach experiencing unwarranted mounting pressures, unrealistic time frames for quick success (“Honeymoon” references, anyone?), unfair historical comparisons, and microscopic scrutiny his every move during this unprecedented rebuilding phase of our program. But we want to win!…We want to win now! Do you follow Hoosier Scoop? Haven’t you heard our most popular blogger whining for a Bobby Knight disciple to come and get us out of the dreadful mess our “incompetent” coach has got us into? In just two painful years he’s set us back another ten!
    Do you read the blogs, Maurice? I hope not. If so, please try to keep perspective. And remember, if undue criticism could break kneecaps, Crean would be the highest-paid, perfectly-tanned, useless clapping cripple-of-a-coach, burning rubber in his Hoveround with remote control clenched in his teeth. Does all this sound familiar or do I need to formally nominate 4guards to be president the Tonya Harding ‘Bust Our Hoosier Knees’ Club?

  9. Jubilee, I dont agree. I think Creek will be exactly where he was last year. If this was ligament or cartilage damage then I would totally agree. Once his muscles are back and he has conditioned his body for full court I think it will then just be a matter of time before his explosiveness returns to 100% He still has over three months before the season begins, I actually think he comes out a better player because his shooting touch will be even better since thats all he could do for several months. This is what I’m hoping anyway. Sounded good, right?????

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