Dawson still has IU on list, eyes spring commitment; Harris may trim list

The word on the street for sometime is that Branden Dawson was bound to commit to Purdue, it was just a matter of when.

But the 6-foot-6 senior swingman from Wallace High School in Gary said Tuesday at the LeBron James Skills Academy that he is not nearly as close to a decision as many assume he is. Dawson said that, much like fellow in-state blue-chipper Cody Zeller, he plans on taking all five of his allotted official visits and he doesn’t plan on making a commitment until the spring.

“It will probably be next year, around spring,” he said. “I want to take my time with it. I want to expand my options and just watch, stuff like that.”

By expanding his options, Dawson didn’t say he was looking for a lot more suitors. At the moment, he said, he’s looking at Purdue, Indiana, UCLA, Georgetown and Marquette. Dawson is a five-star recruit and ranked No. 25 in the Class of 2011 by Rivals.com, however, so that can obviously bring some intriguing options.

“I don’t want to start a lot more commotion with all the phone calls and stuff like that,” he said. “But if the good ones come, I’m on it.”

And both Indiana and Purdue rank among the good ones, he said.

“I’ve been to Indiana about a billion times,” he said. “Hoosiers, that’s where it started. Hoosier basketball.”

The scholarship offers continue to pile up for Gary Harris, the 6-4 guard from Hamilton Southeastern, who was recently rated the No. 16 recruit in the Class of 2012. Harris said he recently added an offer from Michigan to go with previous offers from Indiana, Butler, Cincinnati, Illinois, IUPUI, Minnesota, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Vanderbilt and Xavier.

“I’m still in the same position,” he said. “I’m probably going to trim my list down pretty soon. I just want to sit down after the whole summer, after the evaluation period is over, towards August, and just go from there.”


  1. I would be happy with landing Dawson, but there is no chance. I would rather have Zeller anyhow as he has already shown he is the superior player at the state championship.

  2. Neither of them mentioned Michigan State? Slightly surprising, but a good sign for IU.

  3. Haha, 4guards…

    Are you seriously already griping about the Strength and Conditioning coach?

    I’m sure you know nothing of his abilities whatsoever. If he knows how to push and develop kids physically, he’ll probably do a good job. He’s been a strength and conditioning coach before.

    Give it a rest for a bit, man.

  4. I’d like to see both of them in Crimson and Cream. Rivals.com indicates that Dawson has received a scholarship offer from MSU.

  5. 4guards, what is the problem this time? Please tell us what your expertise knows about this guy that makes you feel like this is a step down. I mean other than your usual hunches.

  6. The guy is coming in as a secondary coach for a football program. It was his first year and he quits before the season starts. The head coach said he didn’t want to put in the hours. What exactly do you like about the guy?

  7. So you’re taking the coach’s word for truth? Another coach of whom you have little to no knowledge?

    Of course the head coach is going to be upset. Think about it in the context of the normal working world – if you’re suddenly presented the opportunity to take a job you know you’d absolutely love (assuming that’s the case here), you might make the decision to jump ship – even if your boss isn’t necessarily thrilled about it. It happens all the time.

    When he took the secondary coach job, the IU spot wasn’t open. Suddenly, it was, and he was given an opportunity. It’s not as black and white as you so frequently like to make things.

    I don’t like anything about him, and I don’t dislike anything about him – because none of us knows anything about him as a person, or about his abilities as a strength coach. Thus, to say we made a mistake before he even begins working with our players is absurd.

    If after a year, it’s clear that our players aren’t well conditioned or strong enough, then make that argument. But let’s give the guy a chance first.

  8. Obviously, I know as little about the guy as anyone here so I’m not going to speculate on the quality of the strength coach, but come on fellas.

    A football strength coach has to work on many versatile goals. The guy getting corners to be quick also might be asked to get a defensive tackle to put on 40 pounds or to get a 6’5 240 pound linebacker more strength while adding to his burst. It isn’t as simple as “he’s a football guy, that’s different from basketball”. Truth is, each kid they work with has different goals and a guy like this should be good at getting a lot of things done. Few of the things he’ll be asked to accomplish in basketball would be things he wouldn’t normally have to work on.

    As for the comment about the hours, that is the sanest thing I’ve ever heard. These assistant coaches in bball and football put in the grossest hours I’ve ever heard of. If you don’t want to suffer for 10 or more years and neglect your family then getting a job where you may “only” be asked to do 50 or 55 hours is a very human and a very wise decision in my opinion.

    I’m as eager to see IU return to the big time as anyone, but acting like everything is hopeless all the time is just vaginal.

  9. Chris M,
    That was a post filled with insightful opinions everyone on here can digest, save for one that is and he can only identify with the last word of your last paragraph.

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