Day 2 and 3 at the Adidas Invitational

For all the tweeting and writing I did the past two days, not much of it has shown up on this here blog. So here are some thoughts, most of them random, from my days at the Adidas Invitational.

— As I write, I’m watching the end of the first half of the 17U championship. The Dallas Mustangs, led by top 10 recruit LeBryan Nash, are up 31-22 on the New Heights team from New York City that has been the talk of Day 3. New Heights knocked off both Indiana Elite and the New England Playaz of Naadir Thaarpe, Alex Murphy and Kaleb Tarczewski. A significant accomplishment even if it probably isn’t going to end in a title. New Heights doesn’t have any superstars, in fact I’m not sure they have a top 150 player, but they get after it and they’ve made big shots.

— The Indiana Elite team’s defeat brought their tournament to an end in disappointing fashion. The squad had to play most of the game without Cody Zeller who was in foul trouble. A weary-legged Austin Etherington missed two crucial free throws late in the game that would’ve cut a 65-61 deficit to 65-63, and instead Indiana Elite had to foul the rest of the way. The 17U team will play in a tournament in Minnesota next.

— Indiana Elite’s 16 and Under team will play in the finals in about an hour despite playing this tournament without D’Vauntes Smith-Rivera (knee surgery) and Hanner Perea (ankle). Forward Kenny Kaminski has been huge, scoring 18 points in their semifinal victory.

— Kaminski said he still plans on making his decision on July 31. He’s choosing between Indiana, Michigan State and Wisconsin, which recently offered a scholarship.

— Perea said he should be back for Kentucky Hoopfest, which begins this weekend.

— Both Jeremiah Davis and Yogi Ferrell said their recruitment hasn’t changed much. Ferrell is still picking up offers and Davis said he’ll make a decision when it seems like the right time.

— Coaches have mostly ducked out for the tournament’s last day, most likely heading for the King City Classic. Just handful of assistants around. most of the head coaches have taken off. Indiana assistant Tim Buckley was there for Indiana Elite’s 17U game but took off shortly after.


  1. Random responses to Dustin’s random reports.

    1. What type of knee surgery did DS-R have?

    c. Has Jeremiah Davis failed to prove he can play point in the B10? I’m asking.

    * I think you pronounce it Tar-Zoo-ski.

    If Kaminski doesn’t commit to MSU I would be so very surprised.

    We need cereal

    Last item: Any thoughts on who is better: Nic Moore or Naadir Tharpe. No, living in the state of Indiana doesn’t make a Moore better player, although it might make him a more desirable recruit.

  2. Love it GF Dave. I’m going to go ask DS-R after this game what the deal is exactly. I’m up in the air on Davis. Sometimes I think he’s good, and I think his faults are correctable. But sometimes you wonder.
    I haven’t seen Nic Moore play yet. I’m impressed by Tharpe, though. We’ll see.

  3. Having not seen either in person, what I read leads me to believe Tharpe has more potential. A young man I know who has played with Moore feels he has almost reached his potential.

  4. Nic Moore is a stud….tough, great shooter, tough, great leader, strong, and whomever gets him will be thrilled. Ask DSR how good he is…if he didn’t foul out he would have had 40

  5. Well, just take a look at which schools and coaches are interested in both respectively.

    I think Moore, because of his size limitations is projected to go to a mid major or low high major. His offer sheet isn’t overwhelmingly impressive on a whole — which doesn’t necessarily confirm anything about his abilities, but it has to be somewhat indicative.

    Tharpe’s stock is rising, and he’s getting some pretty significant looks from some good programs. He also seems to have had a great showing this week, from all accounts. I think it’s safe to say he’s probably a more sure-fire D1-caliber player.

  6. TheRegion,

    I think Casey expressed my thoughts more clearly than I did. Both young men are going to get rides.

  7. for someone to say that new heights does not have any superstars or top 150 you are crazy , new heights of new york knocked off all the teams that did supposly have superstars top 150 so please do not under shadow them , you are right that might do not have one they have many and that is why they knocked off the teams with the so called superstars. go new heights!

  8. Beatrice (a.k.a. one of the players’ moms),

    By “I’m not sure they have a top 150 player,” Dustin is referring to Rivals 150 — an official college ranking service that determines the top 150 players in each class. Those rankings have nothing to do with Dustin’s opinions. In fact, I think he was actually praising New Heights’ for their ability to outwork players who are more highly regarded than they are.

    Instead of interpreting this as some sort of stab at the team, why not recognize it as a compliment?

  9. The difference between Nic Moore and Tharpe are height and where they play basketball. If you have seen Nic Moore play, you will quickly see his height is not a limitation at all.

  10. I agree with TheRegion on this one. Nic Moore would be a top 50 recruit if he were 2 inches taller.

  11. Beatrice,
    Casey summed up my reasoning pretty well. I was really impressed with how hard New Heights played and how it managed to beat teams with more supposed blue-chip prospects. Like Casey said, I don’t make the rankings, and I know Jermaine Sanders has ACC and Big East offers. I’m sure others on that team do too. But they don’t have anyone that EVERYONE wants. At least not yet. If they’re this good all summer, that could change.

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