Goff visiting IU on Aug. 2, and other recruiting news

Jason Knight, Robert Goff’s recruiting advisor and former AAU coach, confirmed Monday that Goff will take an unofficial visit to Indiana, likely on Aug. 2. Goff, a former star at Broad Ripple, is going into his sophomore season at Hutchinson (Kan.) Community College and will be looking to transfer to a four-year school for the 2011-12 season.

Goff has toured Indiana before, attending an elite camp on campus between his junior and senior seasons at Broad Ripple. IU showed recruiting interest then, but his grades forced him to go the junior college route.

Knight said Goff will also be taking an unofficial visit to Xavier this week in an attempt to visit local schools with interest before he returns to school.

“It’s close by, so we can go and see the campus,” Knight said. “This gives him another opportunity to do that.”
Knight said Indiana’s interest in the 6-foot-9, 240-pound power forward has increased lately. Early this month, IU coaches watched him at a junior college camp in Tulsa, Okla., In between following high school recruits at the Adidas Super 64 tournament in Las Vegas this week, the Hoosiers also made sure to send coaches to Goff’s games in a tournament for junior college prospects nearby.

“They were there every game,” Knight said. “Coach (Tom) Crean extended his stay to come to the second day of it. He extended his plans. Between him and (assistant coach Steve) McClain, one of them was there for each game.”
Knight said the Hoosiers have done everything but offer a scholarship.

“They haven’t formally offered,” he said. “But they’ve made it known that he’s a top priority. I think if he called them right now and said he’s coming, he would be going there. Without making a scholarship offer, they’ve said they definitely want him to be a Hoosier.”
Goff also has scholarship offers from Xavier, Oklahoma, Houston and Wichita State and interest from a list of other major league schools. Knight said he wasn’t yet sure of his timetable.

“In a perfect world, we’d like to get it over with in the first signing period,” Knight said. “But we’re not going to do it just to do it, either. Right now, there’s a ton of interest from several schools and we want to get it to a manageable number here in the near future.”

Rivals also reported last week that Indiana has shown strong interest in DeOndre Haynes, a 6-foot-2, 170-pound guard from Calera High School in Alabama who is rated the No. 54 player in the Class of 2012.

Robert Burdette, Haynes coach at Calera, said he could not confirm Haynes interest. However, he said whoever gets Haynes will get a point guard who can score. Haynes averaged around 24.5 points per game last season, Burdette said.

““People have a difficult time staying in front of him,” Burdette said. “He’s very crafty with the basketball. He can get to the rim strong and he has an outstanding intermediate game. The one thing he probably has to work on is being more consistent with his 3-point shot.”


  1. Sounds interesting? Now, who wants to be a Hoosier? Some
    of these “high interest” guys have got to start committing. More so, which one of these wants to be a Hoosier, which one understands the honor, would die and have always dreamed of being a Hoosier. I understand the program has been down and out over the past several years, but give me a break……. there are five national championships hanging in the gym.

  2. Vslice,
    I completely agree with you, unfortunately I don’t think tope players care about banners and winning anymore. It seems that all they want is the quickest route to the money and NBA. Apparently that route currently goes through Lexington, KY and Calipari. I hate that college basketball has come to this, but it does seem that way. I am counting down the days until UK gets in some sort of trouble. I never thought I would miss the old days of college basketball, but I really do. I can’t even stand to watch the NBA anymore. It is just pure garbage ball. Agents, money, and greed have really taken a lot out of college and pro ball.

  3. Do you really want Goff to commit? That means no one else can commit in November until Cody Zeller decides. The only recruits we want right now are BJ Young and if he says no then Aaron Thomas. All of the rest, except Cody Zeller, can wait.

  4. Totally agree. History holds a place for slime balls like Cal. There are still good kids out there, its just wading through all the trash in order to get to them. With enough time I really feel Crean will establish a trend or style to the players he brings in. Something that Hoosiers fans will hopefully be proud of. May not be five star after five star, but kids that go to class, produce on the court and more importantly become positive outstanding productive adults after scool and basketball are long gone.

  5. BeatPurdue,

    I think he is the backup plan to Zeller. Probably why IU hasn’t offered a scholarship yet, once Zeller’s decision is made, IU will probably make their decision on Goff.

  6. One potential issue I see with Goff coming to IU is that I think he would be in the same class as Creek, Watford… et al. This is already a large class, and adding Goff makes our scholarship situation even more unbalanced.

  7. Goff is no ones back up plan. The kid is good and here’s to hoping Crean can actually close the deal. Goff might be the best JC big man right now. He’s exactly what we need in the post right now.

  8. I saw Goff play with Gordon and Crawford before they were freshmen, and he was a beast. Very Athletic and a hard worker. I trust the coaching staff is making the right calls. I agree to let the guys who respect IU basketball play here, and the others to go somewhere else. I know Thomas and Goff seem to “get” IU.

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