Hammons says Oak Hill will push him

INDIANAPOLIS — The weakness in the game of A.J. Hammons is obvious. When you’re 6-foot-10, 7-foot with an ever-expanding afro, you can tend to coast.

Hammons admitted that Tuesday during the Hoosier Shootout. That’s why he said transferring from Carmel to Oak Hill Academy in Mouth of Wilson, VA. is the best move for him.

“I like going against competition,” Hammons said. “If I don’t go up against competition, I’ll just sit there and have fun.”

The junior said he was at between 260-275 pounds now, but he seems to have trimmed up in the chest. He still struggles getting up and down the court in a high-pace game, indicating a team with a half-court offense might be the best route for Hammons.

For now, he said he remains open. He has offers from Indiana, Illinois, Minnesota and Xavier.

The move to Oak Hill, he said, would not affect Indiana’s chances of luring the prospect to Bloomington with the promise of playing close to home.

“I am still from Indiana, so that would be my home state,” Hammons said.

The focus for July, Hammons said, is helping Spiece Indy Heat to a title in the last leg of Nike’s EYBL.

“I am trying to win Peach Jam, to tell you the truth,” Hammons said.


  1. So should we disregard the best centers in the game because we want to play small ball?
    That is a great formula for winning.
    Hammons is a stud.

  2. “He still struggles getting up and down the court in a high-pace game, indicating a team with a half-court offense might be the best route for Hammons.”

    I don’t think Laffy was saying he’s not good — He posed a legitimate, open ended question: how will a slower, half-court player fit in with an up-tempo, transition offense team?

    It’s a valid question. Stop being an ass.

  3. Remember what Shaq did to the Phoenix Suns when he got there, some people just do not fit in some systems.

  4. Come on people…catch up. 4guards wants a player that fits HIS idea of basketball. Half court, motion offense. Tough man-to-man defense. You know the way IU USED to play under Bob Knight. The only problem is…that train has left the station.

    The guy lives in the past and has no concept of the present…..

  5. For Hammons to be a stud he would have to be able to run a full court game, which at this point he does not do.

  6. You also can’t compare cole aldrich and Hammons….that is like comparing Hussain Bolt and some fat guy.

  7. if you are insinuating Hammons is fat, you obviously have not seen him lately.
    Aldrich is a back to the basket player who is not designed for transition and small ball dribble drive. That is the comparison.
    This argument is irrelevant because Crean can’t recruit bigs anyhow. Hammons may also end up a 5 star and we know Crean has never landed a 5 star either in his entire career.

  8. 4 guards is right….we need to get the motion offense back…..it has worked well in the 90’s and 00’s

  9. Great argument! Aldrich just left Kansas after 3 years in Self’s dribble drive offense.

  10. Aldrich is a gazelle compared to Hammons, even with his new 2010 svelte figure he cannot run the court for a full half. He may get there with more conditioning.

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